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Strange Happenings over Saratoga County, NY
Published: 3:45 PM 8/29/2010

Saratoga County, NY

I live in Saratoga County on The Great Sacandaga Lake, and like a recent video taken over Saratoga, last summer with some black helicopter activity, I took a shot of what I believe is the exact same barbell-shaped craft (See Attached, but I'm searching for a better one with a I believe is a plane and helicopter that was buzzing around the lake, (to and fro, on a very busy day) in it).

Strange thing is neither craft was visible to the naked eye and appeared only on the camera with no infra-red filter. I might add that I am a photographer who has shot many rock stars.

I also have a picture of a rectangular object from the spring of 2008 which was captured over the lake from our beach front home. I was ready to right it off as merely some kind of camera artifact although, it is a brand new expensive digital, until similar objects were captured over the coast of Istanbul, Turkey, and Brian Vike displayed one taken over water somewhere in the UK taken nearly the same time as ours, then one was photographed by a person completely unknown to me, somewhere further upstate.

In fact, seeing my photos, several people around the area have now confided in me some incredible stories which range from seeing a "chupa"- like craft take off from a farm field, watching a disc take up water from the lake, and even an alien being darting across a local road at 5 AM wearing some type of pack on its back.

Unbeknownst to the reporter of this tale, this took place right outside the home of the person who said the "Chuan" or boxy RV-like craft had landed in his field.

He was actually on his way to yell at what he thought were trespassers, when to his astonishment, the thing rose off the ground and flew away out over the lake. This however was several years back.

Just over the mountain from our home and between myself and the actual city of Saratoga Springs, there lies a defense contractor, a nuclear propulsion lab run by Martin Merrietta & GE, as this area was instrumental in nuclear and stealth technology development and testing, I also have a photo of a sky zipper contrail and have seen donuts-on-a-rope over my home many times - as have many others, who also have photos.

UFO - Saratoga County, NY

Occasionally we are buzzed by unidentified helicopters, (calling town hall and airport officials), as well as fighter jets flying armed at only a couple hundred feet over my home.

There's even the occasional sonic boom, as happened this spring, as well as a flurry of UFO sightings over Saratoga County, Schenectady, and Albany, NY, in the last couple of years.

One, this spring, I was told by a PhD, doctor friend, was said to have been witnessed by a state trooper, although I have not been able to confirm this.

This happened right outside GE on I-88 and was in the same exact spot where my wife, her mother, and my step-father-in-law saw a silver "carpenters square-like" object hanging at what had to be a couple thousand feet in the air 10 years ago.

Sometimes we'll even hear a strange thunder or rumble or motor sound, when the sky is completely clear. In fact, I had been sure the sounds were just wind currents, until we brought our camera out one such day, and caught the odd rectangle thing over the lake.

Of course, the Chinese as well as many cultures connect thunder and weather changes to their dragons in the sky.

An avid sky watcher since a kid, when I was about four or five, (b.1959) my mother and I watched something which may have been the Kecksberg object flaming thing streak across the dinner time sky heading to the west.

Since that experience as a kid, watching the skies whenever I can, I have seen many strange things, and am now finding, as my photo gets out on the net, that many of my neighbors and business aquaintances up here on the lake, as well as in nearby towns, are still seeing them. I guess that's what's giving me the incentive to share our story. Many see the zipper contrails.

Around 1980, I and about twenty others were pulled off I-90, just outside Nassau NY, when to our amazement, three moon-sized red orbs, one after one, rose from and then crossed the morning horizon, until finally "hyper spacing" out into space.

It was a clear April 1, morning, and it may have been 1981 or 2, it seems the beginning of the Hudson Valley Flap, when the others told us that they had seen several other such UFOs before our arrival, and shared it by yelling frantically to us as we pulled over.

UFO - Saratoga County, NY

We were thinking it was an accident (at the time I was an Albany Airport fireman and EMT). But it was something else entirely... something that would prove life-changing. These objects stopped in mid air, made right angle turns, and paced back and forth like a quarterback, before shooting off at thousands of miles per hour out into space.

The story made the cover of UFO Magazine two years ago, when I reached out about our lake, but the story they ran was about the I-90 sighting, as it fit with something else they were doing at the time.

I thought they'd get to the lake, but it didn't happen.

What did happen was it attracted a few phone calls from people who had seen similar objects in the exact same area, but did hear from even more people about recent events here on the lake. Now with these new photos, especially the contrails, I was hoping maybe you who find it interesting.

One evening last fall I watched through night vision goggles, with other investigators, as what appeared to be infrared laser beams shot from the a general area of the contractor over the mountain out into space, and the next week a red orb appeared over the lake.

Another time I watched and took photos as a red circle appeared in sky, nearly over the contractor, and was also stunned to see what appeared to be a small Cessna type plane materialize from inside of it and flew away...

I took photos and will include them. One looks empty but if you fiddle with it you'll see the reddish circle.

Besides being an avid sky watcher, I should add that I was a top DJ on the number one rock station in Albany, NY, for almost a decade - before I walked away from fantastic ratings to open my own blues club, and move to what I thought would be a quiet Adirondack Lake.

Luckily, I have many photos to back up these strange tales, and have attached them for your reference.

Well, I guess I spilled a plate full on you for now, but I guess I felt the need to share.


Brett Allen, Great Sacandaga Lake, (Yes, the same lake as the X-files episode).

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