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Scientist Sees Two Spacecraft... One Circling The Other

Published: 10:21 AM 1/10/2010

Birkenhead, Wirral, England - Date of Sighting: 7th January, 2010 - Time: 19.50

Witness Name: Mark and Luke Wilmshurst

My son and I were watching the beautifully clear sky from our back garden. We could see some planes around at high altitude.

Then I spotted two dim, white lights (the leading one slightly brighter than the following one), in tandem, heading west, directly above us.

No sound, no flashing. The following light suddenly caught up with the first one, and "danced" around it at speed.

Their path then curved around... and they headed north... as they seemed to accelerate. The dimmer of the two lights faded, until only one was visible.

I am a scientist and have been interested in aviation and astronomy for many, many years, and have no difficulty in identifying planes, satellites, meteors and Chinese lanterns - what we saw was definitely none of these - nothing like anything I have witnessed before.

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