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UFO Sightings - Spotters: Are They Really Aliens or Unidentified Flying Objects?
Published: 10:17 AM 4/13/2010

Written by Andrew Braithwaite

With the recent UFO sightings hitting the headlines in the UK and USA it brings wonder as to whether UFOs are aliens from another planet or simply 'unidentified flying objects'.

For years it seems mysterious lights have appeared around the world with no real explanation. Some look like lights, whilst others round disc shaped objects which match the stereotypical alien space craft.

Many UFO spotters remain 100% sure that they have had alien encounters and have seen large UFO crafts at close range. However we have yet to have full evidence that they actually exist.

By now the 'UFO flying saucer' has become some what out-dated as human beings still regard an alien space ship as a round flying saucer which has been spotted since the sixties and seventies.

Surely in 2010 this super-advanced alien race, who can travel millions of miles to visit earth from an unknown place should be able to outstretch the imagination of a simple human being with technology we cannot imagine?

Rather than the standard flashing lights and saucers which have been the stereotypical definition for years.

Maybe humans in relation are progressing faster than the pilots of these alien crafts with the likes of IPhones, Hi-Tech computers and vehicles. The UFO's are still travelling about the skies making no real contact to earth or showing themselves.

Unless perhaps the pilots of these 'UFOs' are humans in advanced military aircraft that we aren't told about in the media which controls how we believe.

Andrew Braithwaite, UK

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