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Google Street View Captures UFO over Suffolk Castle

Published: 10:23 AM 3/18/2010

IT has captured images of swearing Suffolk folk, picturesque county beauty spots, a giant invading bug - and now Google Street View appears to have snapped a UFO hovering over Orford Castle.

The image, spotted by reader Adrian Chambers, show what looks to be a dark circular shape suspended in the air near the famous landmark.

It can also be spotted hovering above the village as one takes a virtual wander down Castle Hill road.

Street View went live for most of the country last week after a year of work to capture 360-degree images using car-mounted cameras across the UK. It also appears over houses in the village.

Since its launch it has already thrown up some rather amusing and controversial images across Suffolk.

In one shot, a van driver can be seen making an offensive hand gesture at the camera, while another appears to be showing a giant bug on the verge of invading Stowmarket from the air.

In Ipswich, a driver is being spoken to by police officers as the Google car sidles past.

The internet service sparked controversy when it first went live in other parts of the country because of its apparent intrusion of privacy.

Campaign group Privacy International said last year: “The Holy Grail is to know as much as possible but to protect to the greatest extent privacy rights.

“Google's halo has slipped for the very reason that it believes in the first part of the equation but not in the second.”

Google believes it has countered that argument by blurring faces and number plates. It also says there are no images that are not already visible from public areas.

The UFO can been seen 'hovering' to the left of the castle

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