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UFO Visit Terrifies Top End Family
Published: 7:54 AM 4/25/2010


A TERRITORY family has told how they held their breath when a UFO hovered over their home.

It was around 8 pm on Friday when Susan Clarke, of Howard Springs, heard her partner yell out to her "to come out quick".

"Myself and the lad were sober, and we saw a huge, spherical object that was moving horizontally across the night sky very slowly," Ms Clarke told the Sunday Territorian.

"It was amazing and unnerving at the same time.

"It was glowing red, orange and gold - none of us had ever seen anything like it before."

Ms Clarke said she grabbed her camera, but didn't manage to capture the mysterious flying object in a photo.

"I was shaking just looking at it, it was very eerie and made my knees weak."

The Howard Springs resident said she watched the UFO for about three or four minutes, together with her partner and his 16-year-old son, before the object took off into the night.

"It veered off at a right angle, then in another direction, then just shot off at a great speed (and) disappeared.

"We rang friends and asked if they had seen anything and we were totally shaken up by the experience."

The UFO is far from being the first to be seen in the Territory.

Only three weeks ago, UFOs had been spotted stalking the site of the proposed NT nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station.

In March, a Queensland businessman had an eerie encounter with "bright lights zipping around the trees" when he visited the NT's alien hot spot Wycliffe Well.

In June 2008 the community of Marlinja came to a standstill when UFOs descended on the town.

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