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Triangle-craft over Pasadena, Texas, Pursued by Air Force Jets
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Published: 12:10 PM 11/22/2011

Pasadena, Texas - 11-18-11 - 1800 - 2041 hrs.

On November 18, 2011, I was being driven back from Austin after receiving medical care for my leg on East Sam Houston Pkwy.

Prior to crossing the Houston ship channel, and when I looked into the mirror on the outside of my Buick Rendevous, I noticed a bright light in the sky.

I didn’t think too much about it then because I figured it was the front lights of an airplane. A few moments later, however, I noticed the same bright, glowing light at my 1500 position, and I the told driver to look at it as well.

It stayed motionless for about 30 seconds, then very quickly shot ahead and maintained its position at the new location.

Distance gained in this very quick “jump” was in my calculated opinion, approximately 20 - 30 miles. As we traveled, we kept maintaining visual contact on the object and once we reached Pasadena and got off the highway, we kept going south with our eyes still on target, where it was in the southwestern part of the sky in the direction of Hobby Airport, where it appeared to be hovering and maintaining its position.

At the intersection of Southmore and Preston in Pasadena, we pulled over into a parking lot to observe it more. It was at this location as well, that I called the Pasadena Police Dept. telling them of the craft. The dispatcher then said that he would notify the patrol cars on the street.

Within five minutes of placing this call, three air force planes were seen in the vicinity of the craft, and at the same time, the search lights from Ellington Airforce Base, were scanning the sky.

The searchlights lasted for only a few moments, as I believe they did not want to alarm the populace due to the fact that I believe that most people, when seeing search lights, would instinctively look to where they were pointing.

When the Air Force planes arrived (C-5, and C-17, plus an unidentifiable high altitude plane which appeared to be signaling with a very bright white light (pulsing,) the craft descended in position, after emitting a very bright white light around itself.

It was here, that you could discern the shape of the craft. It was triangular in nature. With a reddish/orange circular light located at the top left position of the craft.

At this time also, another man was coming out of the pawn shop on the corner, and asked what we were doing, and we pointed up to where the craft was. He was on the phone with his girlfriend and was telling her about the triangle he was now observing.

Another man came out of the pawnshop, and asked what we were looking at, and when he saw it, he first said “that’s a cell phone tower,” but when it moved, and he saw the triangle shape, he got pretty nervous and went back into the pawn shop.

After the aforementioned search lights came on, and the planes arrived, the craft quickly disappeared, then reappeared.

From one of the planes, there appeared to be a giant signaling light which was pulsating sporadically, as if it was trying to communicate with the craft. This plane was stationary, while the other two planes maintained a circling position, which I estimate to have been at about just outside of a mile from the craft.

Then, with a very quick “jump,” the craft changed positions and was in the southeastern sky approximately 20 – 25 miles away, with the Air Force following to its new coordinates. As we followed the direction it was going, it would suddenly disappear, and reappear at another location, seemingly using a N,W,E,S coordinate grid.

We drove around the city looking for it, and when we would finally located it, we would drive in the direction that we last saw it. This continued for quite some time, and wherever the craft went, the airforce planes were in that location.

One plane, higher up, continued pulsating a white signaling light the entire time as well.

For a little while, we lost visual due to its sporadic nature of travel, but then we finally located it again, while driving along a road parallel to south interstate 45.

We could see the craft in the sky due east of Pasadena (Red Bluff Road- Genoa Red Bluff). We then followed it to an intersection, where we observed it moving again due east, with one military craft about a mile behind it, and another circling back to join the same direction as the first.

We then followed it in the direction it went, and after that, both the craft and the planes disappeared out of sight. Although we continued to drive around, we could not locate anymore movement in the sky from either the Air Force or the craft.

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