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Mass UFO Sightings in Texas in Stephenville Area - Jets Chasing UFOs
Texas Wave, Feb. 2001
Published: 5:49 PM 2/11/2011

All Texas Reports from 02-10-11

Report #1

Upon arriving at home at approximately 1900 hours. I observed to the east of the city of Deleon, towards the city of Dublin what appeared to be a single, running light of an aircraft.

But upon further observation, I observed two more lights flashing in unison in a triangle pattern. The object was being followed by two aircraft which I perceived to be large, jet-powered craft.

While observing the triangle craft, I came to the conclusion it was massive in size compared to the two aircraft that were following.

The triangle moved from north to south at a rapid pace, the two "chase" aircraft broke off and headed west toward Abilene. The triangle continued south, and after about five minutes on this course, the three corner running lights lit up red.

The closest thing I can compare this to is afterburners or flames. The object was soon out of view, and I could no longer see it. After the craft was out of view, a third jet-powered aircraft approached from the west from the Abilene area, and was on course to intercept the triangle in the last place I saw it.

During the time I observed the craft, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I could hear the neighborhood dogs barking, and making more of a fuss than usual.

Report #2

I was getting in my vehicle and noticed a bright glowing object in the sky southwest over Dublin. I looked at the sphere and it disappeared, then a second one appeared, just left of the where the first one disappeared.

It glowed for about 5 to 10 seconds then it disappeared as well.

After it disappeared then I noticed 5 or 6 of what I think are military jets right in the same area all in a very small area just where the spheres were.

Within 30 seconds or so the jets (I can tell by their flashing lights) started dispersing in all different directions.

Then they all generally moved to the west for 30 to 60 seconds, then they all turned around and headed back east, all 5 seemed to group up again in a smaller area and all were traveling east.

I watched another minute or two and never saw anything else except the jets, so I went on.

Report #3

I was passenger in auto driving between Mills and Brown counties and glanced up to see two bright objects moving at the same speed across the sky.

At first glance I thought of UFOs since they were climbing together at about a 20-degree angle; then both just disappeared.

I was mystified at seeing such objects; however a few miles further, I again caught sight of seven objects; ascending at about a 30-degree angle; and they too disappeared within a matter of seconds.

Report #4

I went for a drive around Lake Leon tonight. Truthfully, I just had a hunch that I would see something tonight, and I did. I was making a loop around the lake going south on Ranch Rd 2461 (I was at the southeast corner of the lake).

I was making the bend right before the road meets up with Ranch Rd 2214. While taking that bend I saw the orange lights.

They were in the southern sky, were quite low in altitude and quite close. There was a string of 4 or 5 orange lights in a row with two "stray" orange lights above and out to the sides of the main row.

The lights came on slowly, burned brightly, then dimmed out. The lights were in the same formation and behaved in exactly the same way as the lights I reported over Eastland Cemetery in November of 2008.

After the lights had disappeared I noticed a large swarm of military jets in the area. Their white strobes covered the sky, and they seemed to sweep the area farther south after the sighting towards De Leon, and eventually seemed to split up into pairs and sweep north.

Immediately after the sighting, I stopped the car at the intersection of 2461 and 2214 and texted some friends who had seen the same type of UFO with me 11 months earlier over the nearby town of Cisco.

One of my friends texted me back and said he was on his way to the nearby town of Ranger (northeast of where I was). I told him to keep his eyes peeled.

A few minutes later at 7:50 PM, he texted me and said he just saw two UFOs. A few minutes later at 7:52, he texted me again and said he saw the UFO again.

I texted him and told him that what I had seen was a row of orange lights like the ones we saw over Cisco last year, and asked if he was seeing the same thing. He texted me back and said "Yes," he was seeing the rows of orange lights like we had seen together over Cisco.

Later at 8:27 PM, he texted me stating he was seeing jets everywhere. I have seen these same orange lights in Eastland county for several years. I'm curious about them ,but can never deduce anything about them except that they are arbitrary lights in the sky.

The lights always appear disembodied - no visible craft they appeared attached to, but seeing the lights in the similar rows of 4 or 5 with a few extra above makes me wonder if they aren't actually attached to a fixed-shaped craft that happens to be "cloaked" in some way.

The lights seem to hover or creep along at a snail's pace and are totally silent. Military jets always accompany the sightings.

One more thing. I also have noticed that the sightings tend to occur when the moon is in its quarter phase (tonight is first quarter - this is what gave me my "hunch" that I would see something).

Sorry, no footage. Again, event happens within a matter of seconds with no time to grab a camera.

Report #5

I was sitting in passenger side of auto stopped at red light. I looked up through front windshield and saw one oblong trail of orange light; which broke into 5 - 7 individual star-like objects.

I was puzzled at the site of orange lights in sky. The objects disappeared one by one.

This was the second incidence of seeing foreign objects in the sky within a 30 minute time-frame. Two people in another car, pulled up beside my auto as I arrived at Early,TX, motioned for me to roll down the window and asked "Did You See The Lights In The Sky BACK THERE?"

I answered "YES," and the woman passenger said "OK, GREAT, Now I know we aren't going crazy"!

Report #6

I was on my way home from work, traveling on highway 377 from Stephenville to Dublin. I saw out of the corner of my eye some lights... I thought it was the cell phone tower, then realized that the tower was not there, it was on the opposite side of the highway about 1/2 mile or so back towards Stephenville.

I looked and saw 2 rows of lights, there were a total of 6 lights. These looked to be from the way I had seen it about the size of Volkswagen lights.

They seemed to be rotating around something, whatever they were on was ENORMOUS!

As I reached for my cell phone to call my husband, by this time I had slowed down to about 30 mph on the highway. I also noticed that the car beside me had slowed down as well.

I called my husband and told him to go outside. Then it was like the lights shut off, they did not fade or anything, not even get smaller, as if flying away. They just turned off!

Then it was as if they separated and there were more, my husband stayed on the phone with me until I pulled into the driveway. We stood in our front yard and watched.

There were random lights flying in all kinds of directions. One of them had a green light. I called my dad, who was in the Marines for the majority of my life.

I know that these were not F-18s flying in any sort of formation, for I grew up on a military base until I was 16. I am of sound mind, my father came to my house (he lives a couple of blocks from my house) he watched some of it with us.

Then the lights which seemed to have separated and had gotten smaller, got closer and took off.

Not much later we saw jets take off after them! It was the most amazing, and scary thing I have ever seen ever in my life!

WOW... we tried to record w/ our camcorder. I believe all we caught was one of the lights in the sky and the sound of the jets taking off after what we saw.

Report #7

I was driving with my parents northwest on Hwy 183 between Lampasas and Brownwood between 7- 8: PM. A little ways out of Lampasas, from the passenger seat, Dad says "There's a UFO"... I laughed and just kept driving.

A little while later, I spotted 2 bright yellowish/orange lights (like about the size of a headlight from a mile or two away) in the night sky ahead of us and off to the North towards Stephenville or Comanche.

I jokingly said "There's your UFOs." After a few seconds of us watching them just hang there at about a 45 degree angle from us in the sky, they were gone! Like a light being turned out. I said "Whoa, that was weird!" and kept searching the sky while trying to keep the vehicle on the road.

By this time, mom was asking from the back seat what we were talking about because she couldn't see anything from back there. As I kept driving, (maybe 5-10 minutes later) the lights appeared again, except this time there were more of them than I could see.

I saw a couple in front of me, and as I leaned in towards the steering wheel, I could see 4 or 5 more off to the right (North). Dad and I were watching in amazement, and pointing at them as mom tried to move around in the back seat so she could see.

A few seconds later, they were gone again, just like before. This happened one more time, that I saw, before we got to Brownwood.

If I wouldn't have been driving, I might have seen more. Dad, who had a better view from his side, kept saying he was seeing little blinking lights way up there moving around in the same area.

They were probably jet planes looking for whatever we were seeing in the sky.

When we got to Brownwood at about 8:00 PM, we headed west on 67 towards San Angelo. Another couple pulled up next to us at a stop light and rolled down their window and asked if we had seen the lights too.

(They said they wanted to make sure they weren't going crazy).

As we got halfway through town, we saw the lights again off to the northwest towards Abilene. This time Mom got a better view because they were lower, at about a 30 degree angle. It started out as what looked like one big light and then all of a sudden, as I said "Hey look!," it just split off into about 7-10 slightly smaller ones that were aligned in a perfectly horizontal row and evenly spaced apart.

A few seconds later, they just vanished again like a light being turned off, and that's the last time we saw them.

I mean I have seen lights in the sky before, but that was the craziest thing I've ever seen. If I wouldn't have been driving, I would have tried to capture the images with my Iphone.

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