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Reader Submits Two Sighting Reports from Burry Port, South Wales, 1970s
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Published: 1:00 AM 5/2/2013

Burry Port, South Wales - 1976-77

These two events took place around 1976-77. This was the encounter as described and witnessed by me and my brother. It was probably a short time before my dad's encounter which was about 2 years later.

Both happened in a very small sleepy village called Burry Port in South Wales in the UK where nothing ever happens!

But I swear to you both eyewitness accounts I feel are very genuine; I believe my dad's story not just because was my dad, he was never a bullshit liar type of guy and he had nothing to gain from such a story.

In fact he never mentioned it to anyone else just myself and when I brought it up rarely, he never wanted to talk about it, his body language said it all.

I once told him seeing is believing after what he saw which he himself often told me, but he in my opinion saw something beyond his comprehension and simply couldn't take in or understand what he explained to me he saw, he would backdown when I spoke about it.

He didn't deny it, but wasn't comfortable talking about it. My encounter as described had a slight twist, what I mean is as described in a few posts could well be the very first post I posted here on the forum.

When I saw this object I stood dead in my tracks, just behind me were around 50 or more pupils walking behind me; my brother was one of them. I pointed because I really wasn't sure what I was seeing.

I knew I had to get as many people as I could to witness this other than myself. I stood still in shock and shouted and pointed to everyone behind me and not one person batted an eyelid.

No one even looked and all walked past as if I hadn't made any gesture at all. I thought I was nuts, something wasn't right. Why didn't they see it and why didn't anyone notice my actions.

I yelled to my brother, "Do you see it?" He sure did; of all the people passing on that day just myself and my brother saw it, and he was the only person to listen to my gesture what I was trying to explain and show.

I swear to you that is 100% true; looking back at it you could say it was something out of the X-Files or The Twilight Zone. I have no idea why this happened the way it did, I, my brother and my dad do not have one shred of evidence to support this claim, only our eyewitness accounts and that's it.

I can only say what I saw that day was like something out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie, but the difference was it was there directly in front of my eyes, a beautiful, classic metallic looking flying saucer spinning; reflecting the sun's light.

It's imprinted in my mind to this very day, I will never forget it. It was a very beautiful experience those split seconds really did seem like minutes. If there was a plausible explanation then I would love to know what it was! I think when or if you ever witness something so different you just know it was just that... something that really doesn't look like anything else.

It wasn't that long after both myself and my brother witnessed our close encounter of the first kind including the very trippy X-Files / Twilight Zone experience in it back when we both were in school around the 76-77 that my dad had his experience. My dad worked at a local power plant on the night shift; around 3 o'clock in the morning he and a few workers would take a cigarette break on the roof of the building.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think on this night he was alone. He claimed to me when we both alone in the house watching TV and he was very coy about this, he said on the following day he witnessed not just seeing a UFO, but also claimed he actually saw occupants on board.

Now my dad was strictly a spade is a spade type guy; no frills, no bullshit man who loved his ale, a night out either playing bingo or cards; that was it.

He was a straight standing old fashioned guy who didn't believe in anything unexplained, in fact he often told me he would not believe in UFOs until he saw one!

Well, he knew I was into different subject matter in life including UFOs. This was the reason I believe he confided in me. On a clear night sky, he saw a stationary object just above the plant. He also claimed he could make out occupants in this craft with both his and their eyes face to face, but at a distance.

Despite being a confirmed UFO buff back then, I ran through every single plausible explanation, I wouldn't believe him for the sake of it even if it was my dad.

I think he saw something beyond his comprehension and never spoke about it again and when I did pull him up on it or when the subject arose he just didn't feel comfortable about it and when I said remember those words you told me I would believe it when I see it, he backed down.

For someone to claim just seeing a UFO can be a very a rare event in one’s lifetime, let alone claiming to see occupants on board. I have no reason to believe he would spin a yarn; it just wasn't his style.

His body language, mannerisms, etc. reflected his honesty. That's why I believed him back then and still do now. Oddly enough it was within about a mile or less in the very same area both I and brother witnessed the UFO a couple of years earlier. None of us have a shred of proof, just an eyewitness account.

To add credence to all this The Welsh Triangle/Broad Haven Triangle UFO activity not that far from my area was around this time. It was on the local news media and national news frequently in the middle to late 70s.

It was a spate of many strange events and sightings. Since then, neither I, my brother or father have never seen anything since.


PK, UFO Casebook Forum

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