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Coming Face to Face with Higher Intelligence
Published: 5:31 AM 9/18/2013

By Diane Tessman

We who are fascinated with UFOs and their occupants need to realize first and foremost that for one of human collective consciousness (a.k.a., a human), to come face to face with a being who is of higher intelligence than the human species, is traumatic and almost literally mind-blowing. Most humans cannot handle this truth, this revelation.

I believe this is slowly changing with the new generations of humans who are so computer/technology engrossed that they don’t even stop to watch for traffic, let alone to be upset by ETs. It has been mentioned many times that the younger generation does not see sexual orientation, color, or ethnic difference like older generations of humans do. Score one point for technology!

There are also a number of seasoned UFO researchers who might have been traumatized when they saw a UFO in 1970, but who today are probably mentally, emotionally, and spiritually equipped to meet beings of higher intelligence face to face. Or, if the higher beings don’t have faces but are sheer energy or plasma, then meet them consciousness to consciousness.

It’s no wonder that most humans are deeply traumatized to discover in one bizarre, pivotal moment, that their species is not the highest form of intelligence. Homo sapiens has reigned supreme over Earth since it appeared on the planet; it never occurred to us that any being is more intelligent than us – we never even collectively dreamed it!

We beat out the Neanderthals and other early hominids; in fact, Homo sapiens might have committed genocide on one or two of the hominid species which ran parallel in time. In other words, we wiped them all out with our usual efficiency and brutality, feeling this was our right as the fittest, best, and most intelligent.

We also have hunted countless animal species to extinction; some of us love to go hunting even today to kill something “inferior.” Christianity also taught that humans rule over all the Earth life-forms; almost all tribes of Earth hunt and even the most primitive among us have been able to be the lords who bestow death on fellow life-forms as if it were our right.

Of course in our belief that we are the superior ones, we have failed to even perceive or comprehend animal intelligence which is incredible but different than ours. To us, other life-forms are just “dumb animals.”

Graphic Our collective consciousness has never possibly thought of such a ridiculous thing as intelligence higher than ours. Oh, some of us follow various religions, thus we think there might be God or deities, but we place “the gods” (if we believe in them), in a safe place in our psyche.

They just don’t fly right overhead nor emerge from their craft. I firmly believe that the UFO phenomenon is more about humans than it is ETs (“ET” as an umbrella term). I do know ETs are real and they are here – probably always have been – but which species’ collective consciousness is facing a huge revelation and adjustment? Ours is.

“They” are here, I believe, to nudge us into that revelation and subsequent adjustment. It is the only answer that makes sense. They do not attack and yet time and again, it is left for humans to figure out, to handle – not only the existence of higher intelligence – but the threats of war, poverty, disease, greed, adverse climate change, mass animal extinction, and more.

We are left alone to truly perceive what we are doing to a diverse, unique planet which not only sustains life but has showered it upon us everywhere we turn. But just when we think we are left to tie our own shoe strings, the ETs are back overhead, and still more humans search their collective consciousness for what/whom they just witnessed! It could not be a higher intelligence, could it (?), because nothing is higher than we are.

One person at a time, we are being shown that there is an intelligence higher than ours and little by little, this is changing (upgrading) our collective consciousness.

When “enough” humans have had this trauma, when the final rock is thrown into the collective pool and ripples stretch outward, there will be a change in the collective consciousness; then, perhaps suddenly, we will be open to the fact that we can and will meet higher intelligence face to face and not be utterly traumatized. Slowly we are adjusting as a species.

Yes, this is more about us than them. This is about our evolution and they know it. Just a word on how the most defensive, reactionary among us reacted many years ago to ET encounters which had begun in the modern era. Who is most defensive and reactionary among us? Answer: The militaries, the powers that be, the governments and their black op brigades.

And so, military abductions began (MILABS), the drugging and abductions of both military people and civilians. The horrific animal mutilations began. The MIBS showed up (men in black who seem “almost alien” but are just men), and the whole negative nightmare began, staged by reactionary, frightened humans in power.

Today, there is more evidence than ever before that abductions and animal mutilations are done by humans, usually clandestine Special Forces. Why? To build fear in the human collective consciousness – raw, terrible fear. From there, it is one step to hatred and willingness to go to war. The human imagination is formidable, give it a shove and it is off to mind bogglingly bad places; that same imagination, when used intelligently, moves us a step closer to a positive future.

All of these really disgustingly negative efforts like abductions on the part of the powers-that-be, are and were simply to keep us and our collective human consciousness from becoming aware that we are not the highest intelligence. Once we are able to meet higher intelligence face to face, the powers-that-be know they have lost control over us. No wonder they worry about this and institute drastic measures.

If we can rise above the trees, we will see ourselves not as an individual but as a species. We see strange flying machines in our skies and perceive ourselves meeting the pilots of said machines, obviously smarter than us. Much of what ETs do, how they manifest and interact with us, is meant to help nudge our collective consciousness as a species along to a higher level.

Can our collective consciousness undergo this upgrade before we destroy life as we know it on our formerly bountiful, healthy planet? We will see, and so shall they.

Will the ETs treat us like we've treated "lower" intelligence? No, I don't think so, because the ETs know that there is still higher intelligence out there in the universe.



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