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Missouri Animal Mutilations: Possible UFO Landing Marks
UFO landing marks
Published: 1:19 PM 7/25/2013

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Blairstown, Missouri - 07-19-13

From Assistant State Director, MUFON - I am reporting this incident for information purposes at the request of Chuck Zukowski and State Director Debbie Ziegelmeyer. No UFO was seen, however, there is a possible landing mark and since UFOs have been seen in connection with animal mutilations cases in the past it may be useful to have this on record.

This is the third known mutilation on the same ranch. The case is ongoing; I am setting up camera traps on the site and have submitted samples for lab analysis through Chuck Z.

Date of discovery: July 19, 2013 Time: 9:30 a.m.

NW corner of Henry County, 84 miles SE of Kansas City


The rancher called me at 10:00 a.m. this morning to report that she had another dead cow that she just found on her property. She called the sheriff and a veterinarian and they were already on their way to the site.

The witness had been at the site on Wednesday and left at 6 pm. She took Thursday off and returned on Friday morning to find the dead cow. It had been 39 1/2 hours since her last site visit.

I arrived at 1:00 p.m. with another investigator. The site is approximately 75 yards from the second gate to the property, and it was another 100+ yards to the gate at the road. The vet just left the scene and he examined the cow.

The cow was found with a cut in the front of the body between the front two legs, and the heart outside the body. All of the teats had been cut off of the udder, the tongue was cut out, and one eye was missing (the eye may have been missing due to vultures or maggots, which were already on the cow).

The vet had the rancher roll the cow over with a tractor so he could examine the other side so when we arrived the animal had been moved slightly but was in the same location.

The men opened up the wound in the front of the cow between the front legs in order to view the interior better. This included moving the ribs. The vet said that there was no blood on the ground, the cuts were precise, and that the heart and chest cavity had little blood in them, which was very unusual and unexplainable.

He vet also said that he knew animals did not cause the wounds. He looked for bullet holes or other injuries to the cow but could find none, and he does not know the cause of death.

The rancher is going to obtain a copy of the report from the veterinarian and the police report in the next couple of days. The rancher said that this was another of her best cows, and that she produced a calf every year. The cow was 7 years old and valued at approximately $2,000.

What we found on site: A strange darkened outline around where the cow was lying on the ground, which looks like it has been burned. Also found an imprint in a cow pie that does not match up to any known animal or human boot print. No people should have been on the property besides the ranchers. It was not a tire print. Could this have been a landing site?


Received an e-mail from Chuck Zukowski about a cow mutilation case in Henry County. I spoke to the witness today and she stated following:

The rancher found the cow yesterday, July 10 in the North side of her property. It was lying dead on her left side, with her rear end, tongue, and udder removed. The witness did not raise the head of the cow to look at the second eye.

The witness had driven by the night before, but did not see anything, however, it was dark and the cow is black so it may have been there. The cow had maggots on it, so it had been there at least a couple of days. It has been very hot, up to 100 degrees and very dry.

The witness saw vultures on her on July 10. The witness said that normally birds will fly around when something dies, but they were not there before July 10. It was 100 degrees at the time she found the cow so it is decomposing rapidly. She has registered Black Angus Cows and this one was her best, a 7-year-old in her prime that would have produced more calves in the future.

The cow was worth $2,000. She wonders if it was random or if whoever/whatever did this was looking for the best of the herd. The witness has not seen any other cows going near this one.

Note: The witness says that as of today - July 24 - no coyotes have eaten on the carcasses. This is not normal.

Dec 2011

A mutilated heifer calf was found on the site with its tongue and female genitalia removed and part of the jaw tissue and muscle removed to the bone. The rancher buried the calf at that time.

Missouri Cattle
Missouri Cattle

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