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Chemtrails and UFOS - Possible Scenarios
UFO and Chemtrail

Published: 2:30 AM 7/30/2014

by Bob Spearing July 29,2014

I am a Field Investigator in New Jersey for MUFON. Recently I was given case 57295 to investigate. It was a 17 year old sighting from 1997 of a large orb interacting with a jet spraying chemtrails over Mullica Hill, NJ.

Two things about the report were startling. The highly polished silver sphere was the "size of a penny compared to the jet which was the size of a period," claimed the witness.

One of the primary jets identified in chemtrail spraying is the Air Force’s KC-10a with a length of 181 feet and a wingspan of 165 feet. If, as an example, a period represented the length of one KC-10a and ten periods equaled the diameter of one penny, then the sphere in question would be an enormous 1,810 feet in diameter.

But even more astounding in the report was the interaction the sphere had with the jet. It approached the jet from a right angle and forced the plane to divert its course a full 90 degrees in order to avoid a collision.

The sphere then chased the jet until they were lost from view. This brings us to the question of what was the motive in the sphere’s intelligent, deliberate and aggressive action?

Much has been written about the link between chemtrails and UFOs since 2000 when the phenomenon became obvious to UFOlogists. Filer’s Files has approached this subject on several occasions. In FFs’ 2008 #12 issue, MUFON Case # 9971 from Huntington, West Virginia tells a similar story of an orb intercepting a chemtrail jet.

The witness stated "At one point in the beginning, I thought the object was going to crash into a jet as they approached each other from opposite directions."

Yet not all interactions with UFOs and chemtrail jets have been violent, however. There are also accounts from 2000 from investigations by former Louisiana MUFON State Director Gregg Avery of orbs and spheres seemingly dancing in and out of chemtrails in a non-aggressive manner.

So are these orbs and spheres friend or foe? For that matter, are chemtrail jets friend or foe. Let’s examine some scenarios.

The first hypothesis would make the UFOs hostile. Perhaps our government is aware of aggressive life forms in our upper atmosphere and are attempting to eradicate them by poisoning the atmosphere to a certain extent to make earth inhospitable to them. This would explain their aggressive behavior.

The second hypothesis would involve a friendly alien race or secret manmade DARPA-type military robots deriving energy or nutrition in our atmosphere from the chemtrails (more on chemtrail composition later). This would explain them dancing in and out of the aerosols ejected by the planes.

This leads us to either an extremely disconcerting or an effusively joyous revelation. The joyous revelation would be that alien races are already here and are benevolent but cannot yet interact with us humans because their pathogens would be detrimental to our health.

As a result, prior to full disclosure by our world governments, they are enhancing our immune systems with chemtrail cocktails in anticipation of First Contact!

Of course, there is another darker way to look at the last scenario also. And it is chilling. Could our governments already have been subverted by a hostile alien race seeking to control, enslave or diminish the human race? Could our own jets be spraying chemicals into our atmosphere to make our immune system weaker so that deadly pathogens will effectively neutralize the human race prior to an advanced hostile species subjugating earth?

The chemical composition of these chemtrails is surely intriguing. They consist of heavy metals and human blood cells among other things. Food perhaps? Or poison?

One organization in pursuit of answers to these questions is the Carnicom Institute in Wallace, Idaho which has been investigating the link between chemtrail discharges and the mysterious disease known as Morgellens Syndrome.

They have found causal links between the mysterious fibers growing on parts of Morgellens sufferers and chemtrail spraying. Extensive testing on these fibers has detected the presence of artificial blood in their composition.

The Carnicom Institute’s position is that there is a mass poisoning of the world public by a consortium of governments for reasons unknown. Long gone are the days when chemtrails were thought to be simple weather modification techniques.

It has been close to 20 years since chemtrails have entered the public’s consciousness and we are getting no answers from our leaders. It has been even longer, much longer, that the world has sought answers to the UFO phenomenon. We will continue to wait with eyes wide open.

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Westerville, Ohio April 20, 2014 orb near chemtrail with photo case 55616 filers files #17

Filers files #23 2013

Dr. Bruce Cornet writes, hypothetically, the reason for spraying could be in preparation for contact. As a biologist I am very aware of what foreign viruses and bacterial agents can do, and so is the government. Whole tribes of Indians were wiped out by contact with the disease germs carried by the Spanish to the Americas.

"If there is any possibility for cross contamination and disease, an alien species could not land and make contact, period! Unless they remained suited up in decontamination outfits.

"One way of building our immunity to their diseases is to inoculate us, but doing so by airborne particles is the slow way - not as good as a shot in the arm. If these ETs are benevolent, they would not attempt contact until a significant percentage of our population is immunized against all their potential diseases.

" If these ETs were here to exterminate us, why not just land. Their contamination would spread like wildfire, and the confusion resulting from contact would disrupt any attempt by government to control the spread of that contamination. Large and expensive projects to inoculate populations are usually not done by diabolical leaders intent on destroying their resources. So, don't be so paranoid. Keep looking."

Thanks to Dr. Bruce Cornet

Filers file 12 2008 with photo (see at top of article)

Huntington, West Virginia -- I felt drawn outside around 4 PM, on February 28, 2008, and was looking at a few jets spewing out chemtrails when I noticed a silvery football shaped orb with no exhaust nor features.

It was a very clear blue sky with the exception of the chemtrails. I yelled for my girlfriend to come outside and she spotted it also. We both agreed it was an oval football shape with silver luminosity that stood out in contrast to the chemtrail jets that were close to it.

At one point in the beginning, I thought the object was going to crash into a jet as they approached each other from opposite directions. I caught one good photo with my digital binoculars as it faded into the distance. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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