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Shame on the UFO Fraudsters with Video
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:02 PM 5/8/2014


This weekís tale has less to do with cryptozoological creatures and more to do with strange airborne vehicles.

A well-meaning soul sent me a link to some footage of an alleged firefight between US Special Forces in Afghanistan and, well, some ďspecial forcesĒ from somewhere a lot farther away than even Uncle Samís military might has exercised its presence.

The scene is dramatic. In spectacularly eerie night-vision, troopers from the good olí US of A can be seen shooting it up with what are presumed to be aliens from somewhere else. {You can view the footage here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db5qkKcVU4E}

Now please write in and correct me if Iím wrong, readers, but I donít think Iíll be the only one whoís reached the conclusion that this piece of film has all the authenticity of a Hollywood 1950s B-movie, which contains some authentic action cut with what looks like a distinctly wobbly mock-up of a UFO whizzing through the ether. I laughed Ďtil I cried.

And thatís the trouble with the internet, these days; in amongst the genuine footage thereís a lot of bunkum. Fortunately, much of it can be identified for what it is by a toddler let alone a grown-up.

But wait! Thereís more! A dead alien has also been found by Special Forces in Afghanistan! Not only that, but two UFOs are buzzed by a helicopter at the same time! {Settle down, take a deep breath and watch it for yourself, folks! - www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuI1wnY6eyk}

Give me strength. No wonder the sceptics have a field day when it comes to pondering over the possibility that weíre being visited by unearthly creatures from the fifth dimension, or whatever.

Thereís a war going on in Afghanistan. People are being killed, including innocent civilians.

Kids are being blown to bits, for goodnessí sake, and someone thinks itís funny to take footage of peopleís doors being kicked in during the middle of the night and make a spoof UFO movie out of it? Amazing.

These short clips come a dime a dozen, and I find them nauseating, to be honest. The words cheap and tawdry come to mind. It almost makes the run-of-the-mill UFO hoaxers who use fishing line and an old hub cap look saintly in comparison.

Now, to be fair, there are a lot of people out there who post this material in the knowledge that people will realise itís faked, and so they arenít really trying to deceive anyone. But some people post it thinking itís genuine. They themselves have been suckered. And thatís a shame.

And why do you think all these spectacular pieces of footage are coming out of Afghanistan? Because thatís where itís easiest to get real, live action shots of soldiers doing ever-so-exciting things to use as a template for your dodgy UFO footage.

For £50 you can get software that will turn it into a Close Encounter of the Stupid Kind, and the next thing you know itíll be plastered all over the internet.

I asked someone I know who has created and posted several pieces of faked UFO footage on the internet if he had no shame. He didnít care, he said: ďI get a laugh out of thinking people are duped by it.Ē

Some people will do anything for 15 minutes of fame.

Mike at wraithscape@mikehallowell.com

See one of the faked videos below:

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