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Unknown Objects Caught on Video over Rochester, Michigan

UFOs over Michigan
Published: 1:44 PM 11/6/2014

I saw what looked like a huge craft moving behind the clouds...

Rochester, Michigan - 11-02-14

On Sunday evening, 11/2/2014, I went on a CE-5 outing on the border of Auburn Hills, MI and Rochester, MI. The group met at the organizers house in Auburn Hills.

When we were heading out to the cars to make half mile journey to our selected field, we noticed the skies were perfectly clear. An excellent night to be star gazing.

It was fairly bright as the moon was overhead and about 70% full.

We drove to the site, which was only a 1/2 mile or so away.

We again looked skyward and this time commented on 3 chemtrails being visible.

We grabbed our chairs and walked a couple hundred feet to the middle of the field and set up our chairs and blankets. That process couldn't have taken more than 15 minutes.

As soon as we were situated, we again looked up, but now there were 15 chemtrails blanketing the sky. The entire sky was nearly completely obscured.

I brought along night vision recording equipment just for the occasion, so I began recording and continued recording most of the time we were out there.

Somewhere about 30 minutes into the session I saw a triangle craft appear from the north on a southerly trajectory. It was emitting light from each of its 3 corners (as you'll see in the attached video "Auburn Hills").

Its altitude seemed to be at least several thousand feet. I called out that I saw an inbound triangle and the guy next to me tried frantically to see what I was talking about. He didn't have any light enhancing devices and never ended up seeing the craft.

We remained in the field until about 9:15pm when we were collectively too cold to remain much longer. There were no more incidents that were noticed during that time.

The next day (Monday, 11/3/2014) I went through the recordings to show the craft to the others who didn't see it. The following day (Tuesday, 11/4/2014) I was considering making a story on the chemtrails, so I started looking for a good representative sections to pull from the recordings.

I hadn't reviewed more than 5 minutes of video when I saw what looked like a huge craft moving behind the clouds. I then created a program to step through the frames one at a time so I could see what was going on. It ended up being that what looked like a huge stealth craft was instead 2 or more fast moving lights.

They came in on parallel trajectories from the top of the video and split off towards the center (as you should be able to see in the attached video "hidden ufos"). Since I didn't notice the crafts during recording, I panned away earlier than I would have liked had I known they were there. If you step through the frames, you can see the lower craft initiating a hard bank to its left when I'm starting to turn away.

I returned home at exactly 10:00pm. Upon arrival I noticed the skies were perfectly clear, not a single cloud or chemtrail overhead at all. I looked back in the direction of the field we were at and noticed a thick cloud (chemtrail) layer starting around the Pontiac area.

If these had been caused from passenger jet exhaust, the trails would extend across the entire sky. But these were all contained in a tight group blanketing the Auburn Hills and Rochester areas, and likely extended beyond the range I personally witnessed.

I know it's up to you, the investigator to put the pieces together and nobody is supposed to draw any conclusions, but...

I've spent time on many nights looking at the stars looking for non-ordinary phenomenon.

It is a rare occasion to actually see anything at all. When there are 3 craft in two separate encounters within 30 minutes of each other is beyond coincidence.

Now considering the clouds that were specifically created (being chemtrails) and only over a relatively localized area, and there was a flurry of advanced technology overhead, it is undeniable that the chemtrails were anything but specifically placed there to shield us from seeing what was going on overhead.

Taking that one step further, what exactly are they filling the atmosphere with (that we all end up having to breath) to support these false cloud banks?

(Here comes the only speculation... )

Since these didn't exhibit out of this world maneuvering capabilities, I am hesitant to say they were of alien manufacture. Their speed and triangle shape indicates advanced technology which are within reach of our black projects, so all of this seems likely to be a military coverup of alien technology.

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