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What Are UFOs Made Of?
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:50 AM 5/13/2014

What would you think UFOs are made of? This is a great question because in reality no one really knows. Or do they?

There have been some people who came out and said that they have worked in area 51 or happened to be abducted and have actually been on board an UFO.

Now one can wonder if that holds any weight. But lets dig into this question anyway, with the assumption that the people who came forward with their testimonies about UFOs were real, because you never really know, maybe they were telling the truth and you know what, why not!

According to some, UFOs come in many different shapes. One shape that is a very popular shape is the disc shape UFO. This has been very popular since the early 20th century and still is today.

The second shape that is very popular is the jellyfish shaped UFO. This UFO is not as popular as the disc shaped UFO, but it still is a very common UFO sighted.

Another UFO that has started to be more common is the cigar shaped UFO. This UFO is seen going at low speeds and is usually very large in size.

Now one may ask, why the different shapes? what does it mean? are they from different planets? are maybe they are like our own air force, where we have many different types of planes.

It is very hard to answer this question, but one thing is certain, they arenít ours. Or maybe they are? But that debate is for another article, lets stick to the question posed, what are they made of?

Ok, so we have the very basic of UFO shapes, now lets dig a little deeper and explore some people who actually have eye witnessed an UFO first hand.

First there is the famous Travis Walton case. There was a movie made from this guys sighting, 'Fire in the Sky'. Travis Walton described the UFO he saw as a large, silver-colored disc-shaped craft. He said the disc shaped craft was 8 feet high (2.4m) and 20 feet in diameter (6.1m).

Another person who have claimed to see a UFO was Bob Lazar. He claimed to work at area 51 as a scientist and engineer Bob claims that he worked on an UFO and that this UFO creates its own gravitational pull and can pull the fabric of space towards it.

He claims that the UFO was disc-shaped and he referred to this type of UFO as the sports model. He claims that the fuel used on this type of UFO was called Ununpentium.

There actually is a type of fuel that exists by the same name. He claims also that the craft was powered by an anti-matter reactor that powered the craft.

Then there was a guy that went just by the name of Kit. He claims that he worked for the Air Force and that he as well worked on an UFO.

He claims that the UFO was actually very small. It was the size of a medium sized rock. He said that the UFO was unoccupied and it was like we know now as a drone. His story was documented in 1942, when there was no idea what a drone even was.

He claims that the rock-sized object was metallic and had a bluish glow to it. He claims that the object was found next to a farmers house in Idaho and the farmer thought maybe it was something from the Germans or Japanese, as we were in a war at that time, U.S that is.

Kit said that the object was unbreakable and that in order to open the object, they had to use certain types of sounds to open it. This all sounds very familiar to the movie, 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' where the aliens responded to sounds. That movie did not come out until years after this account.

It seems that whatever these UFOs are made of, they are definitely more advanced than anything we know of today. It all seems very exciting to know though that there may be some technology that we may see sometimes in our lives. NEAT!

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