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Unusual Sighting Report from Florida with Drawing

UFO Depiction
Published: 2:14 PM 1/17/2015

The Entity was a single pilot aboard what was seen...

Lakeland, Florida - 01-10-15

Sighting Area: Out of Orion’s Belt. - Sighting: 500-1000 feet above house. Backyard, facing Southeast

Length: 10 Sec. - Degrees: 60. - Size: 2-hand lengths.

Weather: 60s - Air Traffic: Minimal.

A friend and I had attended a MUFON meeting and dinner earlier in the day and had just finished a long distance call with a researcher ending the call between 7-8:00 PM.

We took chairs and blankets to the backyard and faced SE with Orion directly within our view. We were enjoying a late evening gazing at the stars. It was cool and in the 60’s with occasional air traffic which took 2 paths: South – North, & NE – SW. Our local airport is W of his home.

There were thin clouds which blew slowly over the houses, but most of the sky was crystal clear where we were focusing, except for directly over our heads which remained somewhat cloudy. There are power lines beside his house which separate the houses at their high fence lines.

I decided to follow a protocol used when desiring a Sighting or Contact. It is: Intention/Request/Quiet/Focus. My friend did this procedure with me. After approx. 5 minutes, focus was placed at Orion’s Belt off to the right of the top star, Mintaka. At the same time, a Comm began. Like a RV, the Entity (Male-sensed as human/combination), clothed, at the panel, piloting this craft, came in clear & direct. Tall, slender, more of the Nordic type which have not been a main contact.

The Entity was a single pilot aboard what was seen (as in a RV) as a half circular type craft. He was sitting at the panel in the center of this half circular craft. His face looked directly at me as if in a RV. He looked a little startled and then jolted me by saying: “Oh… there you are, Becky.”

I asked my friend to focus in the same area to the right of the star, Mintaka in the belt. Within a few minutes, he said, “Look.” I focused at the spot where he was pointing and we both began the close up sighting of this craft from different perspectives.

The craft was observed at our SE, above us and the power lines, at approx. 500-1000 feet above, at 60 degrees. I am not the best judge at distance, so this is an approx. with a given arms distance of an Arm/2” w/index & little finger. From my POV, it began revealing a wavy movement of space like a ship going through water. This was familiar because I’ve seen this over my house before.

Sequence of Craft Decloaking:

Space was pushed forward with lines. Then, a gray, milky cloud. A form began to shape. Color of pink/rose began to surround the craft lighting it’s form which was then seen as a crescent of a moon shape/boomerang type. At 3 points on this craft, there were large round bulbous like circles which could have been lights.

The colors ranged from: white to gray into pink. Before entering the cloud, the color of pink/rose lit up and diffused the craft so that I could not see detail only a general shape with the large, round bulbous circles. No Comm during this 10 second sighting. No sound. No trail. It traveled in a straight path of E – W from my first observation point until it entered a thin, rounded cloud and disappeared.

My POV angle of watching the craft float into the cloud had a type of shadow as if into the cloud & on the craft.


This sighting was observed without apprehension. It was beautiful to watch the movement of space, the decloaking of a craft, trying to make out definition within a diffused form, the use of the colors (esp. the pink/rose), and a flight so smooth and steady it was almost ethereal.

The physical sensation in the body was of a gentle 'gravitational wave' along with what felt like space & time slowing down.

The only startling moment was the Comm with a pilot who was different from other Entities experienced since childhood. He used my nick name which was used only in childhood.

If the contact from Orion’s belt was the actual craft and pilot who entered our air space, then that would indicate a quick transfer of space in a short time. The only other occasion when this happened was in 2008 at 7:30 PM above my home.

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