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Multiple Unidentified Lights Seen over Harmonyville, Pennsylvania

UFO Depiction

Published: 12:49 PM 11/21/2015

There was no sound whatsoever connected to the sighting...

Harmonyville, Pennsylvania - 11-16-15

Shape: Light - Duration: 5-10 minutes

We saw 11 bright orange lights moving slowly from left to right in formation totally unlike anything explainable.

I experienced a very unusual observation in the night of November 16, around 1930 hours EDT, in an area about 45 miles northwest of Philadelphia near Pottstown, PA. The sighting took place while I was driving with my wife on Harmonyville Rd., North Coventry Township, Chester County Pennsylvania. The exact coordinates of the location are: N40.18741 degrees W75.74.242 degrees

The sighting involved at least 11 bright orange lights moving slowly together, generally in a northwest to southeast direction, and lasted in the neighborhood of 5 to 10 minutes. I think there were a few more lights than 11, but I was counting as fast as I could because I did not know how much longer the lights would be visible and I wanted to be sure to get a rough count, at least, before they disappeared.

The lights were all a bright orange, equal in color and brightness. They appeared to be randomly arranged, with no apparent rhyme or reason in their relationships to one another. They appeared to be more than a pin point of light as you see when looking at a star or planet with the naked eye. They appeared to have an actual dimension to them using just my unaided eye.

The lights were all moving in unison in a northwest to southeast direction. They all moved at the same speed and did not change at all in their relationship to one another, as though they were physically connected. Nothing could be observed, however, connecting one light to another. It was the appearance an object would have if the orange lights were coming out of windows in an object that had windows but was otherwise invisible. But that isn’t is it?

They were moving very slowly from left to right. When I first spotted them, they appeared to be stationary, but after I stopped the car to get out and look closely I noticed they were in fact moving at a steady slow speed. They had an observable speed such as you would see when looking at a high flying jet aircraft or man made satellite passing over head.

The lights I saw were about 5 to 10 degrees above the horizon at the lowest and about 20 degrees at the highest. They appeared to be fairly close to me and absolutely were not stars, planets, man made satellites, flying aircraft or like anything else I have ever seen.

The light farthest to the left, from where I stood, was on a magnetic heading of 100 degrees and the light on the right was on a heading of 125 degrees, so they covered an arc in the sky of about 25 degrees. As mentioned above, the vertical development was only an arc of about 10 to 15 degrees, so the lights collectively were a good bit wider than they were high.

As we watched, the lights farthest to the right started to go dim and then became invisible as though they were either going into or behind a cloud or fog bank. We could not detect either, so I can not tell if they were going out or being obscured. Then, as the remaining lights approached the same area of the sky, they also slowly dimmed and disappeared.

There was no sound whatsoever connected to the sighting, I was in a remote rural area and there was no other vehicular traffic or local noises, so it was a very quiet setting.

I am a retired attorney with a rudimentary knowledge of astronomy, a private pilot’s license and in all my life I have never come even close to seeing anything even remotely like what I saw last night. My wife was with me and saw the exact same thing.

I have simply no clue at all concerning what we saw, but, I am totally certain we saw exactly what I described above.

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