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Recent UFO Sightings in Area Show an Active Ozarks

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Published: 3:32 PM 6/27/2015

UFO sightings near the nuclear power plant...

Sam Uptegrove

The month of May and the first few days of June have produced some interesting UFO activity here in the Ozarks region of southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas. The activity began on the night of May 9, when four flashing lights repeatedly spread out from a central point in the skies above Bentonville, Arkansas, flew around in a limited area of the sky for a brief time and then clustered in the center again.

This had been going on for a half hour and was still continuing when the report was sent to National UFO Reporting Center.

Ten days later, a trio of anomalous red glowing spheres flew over London, Arkansas, at 8,000 feet or more, faster than an aircraft at that altitude and devoid of any audible sound. Pope County has a long history of aerial phenomena, including UFO sightings near the nuclear power plant at Russellville, Arkansas, repeated apparent abduction experiences by a local lady, whom I found to be quite believable, and the “Dover Spook Light” that has puzzled viewers for decades — also a NUFORC report.

The most spectacular incident yet reported during this recent period, however, took place on June 3 in a rural area of Taney county, a few miles northeast of Branson. In midafternoon, the male witness and his wife went outside to check on their dog, who was recovering from a leg injury sustained earlier that day jumping off of the porch to chase a stray cat out of the yard.

After the couple found the dog getting around fine they remained outside watching the clouds passing overhead and discussing the chance of more rain. Suddenly a black object with a dull, non-reflective surface emerged from in or behind a relatively large cloud and stopped in a large open area of clear sky to hover motionless. “You know how a cigar looks on the front, like it tapers down and then is clipped off straight?” the male witness asked. “This was a cylinder that was like that on both ends.

"Its size from our point of view was about half the length and diameter of a cigarette held at arm’s length and it was at least as high as and maybe even higher than the clouds, so it was large enough to make me dismiss the idea of a drone immediately. I also briefly considered the possibility of a blimp, but it was the wrong shape and had no fins on the back or cabin underneath. I stepped over a short distance where it was directly above a small tree and confirmed that while the clouds were moving past it, it was absolutely stationary.

“It remained motionless in that spot for about five or six minutes, and that was when things really got weird. There was a cloud probably about three or four times as long as it was that passed over it, blocking it from view. I couldn’t tell for sure if the cloud covered it or blocked our view by going in front of it, but when the cloud moved away the object just wasn’t there anymore. The only two possibilities I could think of is that it either stayed inside of or behind the cloud, moving with it to remain out of sight. I don’t know why it would do that, though, after being out in clear view for so long.

“I have read UFO reports that mentioned animals reacting in different ways when one is around, but our dog gave no indication of even being aware of it. We never did hear a bit of sound from it, but because of its distance from us and how high it was anything but a truly loud noise would have been hard to hear. My wife, after it was gone and it was too late, said something about she should have tried to take a picture, but with it being that far away her cell phone camera probably wouldn’t have shown much anyway.”

I agree wholeheartedly with the points the witness made in his email. The object was too far away to have been a drone, given the actual size it would have to have been to appear as large as it did at that distance. His arguments against it being a blimp were just as convincing. What we are left with is an apparently solid object in the sky that cannot be identified in terms of what we are familiar with.

If you have had an encounter with any type of paranormal or unexplained phenomenon that occurred in Missouri or an adjoining state, I would like to add it to my ever-growing files. Send me a complete account, with as many details as you can.

Include your name and a telephone number or email address I can reach you at if I need more information. Complete anonymity, if requested, will be observed if your experience is used for publication. Send accounts and comments to samuptegrove@gmail.com and I will respond.

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