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UPTEGROVE: UFO Sighting over Cedar County Stirs up More Questions

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Published: 7:51 PM 12/4/2015

It didn’t seem to reflect light at all...

Sam Uptegrove Sam Uptegrove has been fascinated with the unexplained since childhood. He began actively investigating paranormal incidents in his late teens and has continued for more than four decades. Now retired and a cancer survivor, he has lived in the southwest Missouri Ozarks for over 30 years.

On Tuesday of this past week, I received an email from a friend in Cedar County, who I will call Kenny — not his real name — to maintain the anonymity he requested. He lives in the southern part of the county not far from Stockton Lake, and has always been an open-minded skeptic concerning my research into the unexplained. He conceded that there were a lot of things being seen and experienced by otherwise credible witnesses, but had not formed any firm opinions concerning the nature of these phenomena.

He began his account by saying, “I am not ready to say that I saw a spaceship full of aliens, but what I saw last night (Oct. 23) was something I could not identify. It was flying and gave every indication of being a solid object, so it was a UFO. Beyond that point, you can try to figure it out, because I don’t have a clue.

“I went outside to make sure my pickup was locked and was just standing there looking up at the moon, which was almost right overhead and looked like it was full or close to it. It was a clear night and the temperature was pretty nice for this time of the year, so I was just enjoying the view. Then I noticed something start to move across the sky almost directly in front of the moon, maybe just a hair closer to the bottom.

"It was going from south to north. It was perfectly round, as near as I could tell, and it looked black, but of course it was a silhouette and if it was any dark color it would have looked black. Whether it was a flat circle on edge or a ball, I don’t have a clue. It would have taken between three or maybe a hair more in a row to stretch all the way across.

"I can’t say how high up it was either, but it gave the impression of being up there quite a ways, which would make it fairly large. There was no sound and no trace of a vapor trail behind it. Once it got past the moon, it was invisible, due to being dark against a dark sky. It didn’t seem to reflect light at all, so it must have had a dull surface. It wasn’t moving very fast at all, because it took it at least eight or 10 seconds to get all the way across.

“I tried to come up with an idea of what it might have been, but it has me stumped. I have no way of knowing how high it was, which would tell me at least an approximate idea of its size, but I got the impression it was maybe a few thousand feet up there. Not real low, but not up in the stratosphere either. I thought about a weather balloon, but they are light-colored enough that I should have seen some moonlight reflecting from it as it approached or got past, especially as it moved on past and was aware of its presence.

"I thought about an asteroid flying between the Earth and the moon, but it was way too perfect of a circle besides, as big as it would have to have been and inside the moon’s orbit, it would have been all over the news. It damned sure wasn’t an airplane or a blimp. I even thought of a drone, but I have never heard of a perfectly round one and there is nothing around here to be of interest anyway. Do you have any suggestions?”

Kenny’s observation is going into my files as “unexplained.” His careful and thorough analysis of his own sighting left no stone unturned that I can think of and his reasoning behind rejecting each conventional explanation seems irrefutable.

UFO sightings are certainly nothing new in the area over and around Stockton Lake, but most of them in recent years have taken place farther north, in the general vicinity of the dam. This situation is not confined to the one body of water, however; large impoundments throughout the entire Ozarks region seem to be hotbeds of UFO activity. Table Rock and Lake of the Ozarks are prime examples.

This appears to hold true throughout the rest of the Midwest as well.

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