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Betty Hill-alien star map-Marjorie Fish-Zeta Reticuli Interpretation

Published: 9:56 PM 9/8/2018

Where do you come from?...

written by Steve Pearse

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I’m writing this article about the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, the star map that Betty Hill drew, and lastly, the Zeta Reticuli version of the star map that was created by Marjorie Fish, a third grade elementary school teacher, in an attempt to break the secrets of the star map that was shown to Betty Hill by an alien doctor, as she asks him: Where do you come from?

My qualifications stem from my years of study, I’m a lay scientist, and I have extensive knowledge pertaining to the Betty and Barney Hills’ abduction case, and Fish’s ZR Interpretation of her star map. I also wrote an in-depth book on this subject titled "Set Your Phaser to Stun" that was released on the 50th Anniversary of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 2011.

Today, I’m sharing my knowledge with you. I’ve seen and read many internet websites covering Fish’s Zeta Reticuli Interpretation, articles featuring decade’s old information that is badly outdated. My goal is to update people on her theory. The abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill is extensive, and I fully recommend John Fuller’s book: "The Interrupted Journey-Two Lost Hours Aboard a Flying Saucer".

I had heard about Marjorie Fish’s Zeta Reticuli Interpretation of Betty Hill’s star map years ago, and I thought her Zeta Reticuli theory could be theoretically right, and that they might actually come from Zeta Reticuli as she postulated. I was an outsider, and not involved in the UFO community, so I didn't have any preconceived ideas that her research was solid. I was aware of the fact that Carl Sagan was involved in this in 1974, and that he had soundly rejected her theory. Marjorie Fish’s Zeta Reticuli theory has reigned supreme since 1974. I soon became aware of some major issues with her theory. Many theories eventually fall by the wayside for one reason or another; and the Zeta Reticuli Interpretation was long overdue for a serious course correction. I discovered much to my dismay that her theory had languished and was never updated. Then out of the blue my opinion was about to shift dramatically, as newer and better information suddenly presented itself, and once that I had the time to thoroughly investigate this new information; and compare it to her ZR version of the star map, it became obvious that she was dead wrong.

The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction (9/19-20/1961)

On a lonely road in the White mountains of New Hampshire, they became the victim to the perfect crime of a horrific abduction by the occupants of an unknown flying object late at night. The Hills’ story is a richly detailed CEIII-5 abduction case with a highly unusual epic tale of being stopped by a group of humanoids on a side gravel road and taken aboard their landed spacecraft for medical examination. It soon became the most thoroughly investigated UFO case study ever, and their story got worldwide attention. Dr. J. Allen Hynek would later describe Project Blue Book’s handling of Hill case as a “Hot Potato” it was literally too hot to touch.

Betty and Barney Hill

Image 01: Betty and Barney Hill (Public Domain)

Within a week after they arrived back home, both Betty and Barney Hill started having terrible nightmares, flashbacks to the missing two hours of time that they couldn’t account for.

They were taken back by the terrifying thoughts and images that they were experiencing, and the anxiety they were feeling was absolutely overwhelming. Barney was becoming very troubled with everything, and he later confided with his personal doctor, who then referred Barney to another doctor in the same building Dr. Duncan Stevens.

After treating Barney Hill for about six months, Dr. Stevens decided that the couple really needed to see a specialist in the field of psychotherapy who used hypnosis. Doctor Stevens then referred them to Dr. Benjamin Simon in Boston, Massachusetts, and their first consultation took place on a Saturday morning on December 14th, 1963.

Dr. Simon specialized in hypnotic therapy and he hypnotically regressed them individually so that they would have no personal knowledge of each other’s recollection of the events of that night. They were conducted separately to make sure that there was no cross contamination in their stories. It was very important that they tell their side of the events as they experienced these traumatic events without spousal interjection and input from the other party. Dr. Simon also made sure that when he regressed them back under hypnosis that they would have no fresh recollection of the commentary or revelations of the events of that night.

Under hypnosis, one of the more memorable events that took place while they were on board the alien spacecraft was Betty Hill’s impromptu question to the leader Being as she asks him: Where do you come from? She was very curious about their origins, she knew he wasn’t from Earth, and she wanted to know where his home port was, so she asked him where he was from; he deferred his response, didn’t tell her where they came from, instead, he asked her if she knew anything about the universe, and she advised him that she knew practically nothing, and told him that in grade school, they were taught that the sun was at the center of the universe, and we had nine planets. Then in response to her question, the leader being in the room with her walked across the room and pulled out the map from a hole in the wall, put it up on the wall, and then he asked her if she had ever seen a map like this before? obviously not---then Betty then walked across the room, and looked up to view the star map that was put up on the wall three feet away from her, and she said it was a three dimensional holographic image of the heavens.

Betty says she leaned against the table that was in front of her. Under hypnosis Betty described the star map as being oblong shaped. The star map that she was looking at had dots scattered all over it, some were little, some just pin-points, and two others were as big as a nickel. She went into further detail as she then said that she saw curved lines going from one dot to another. When Betty asked him to explain what the lines indicated, he told her that the broken lines were expeditions to other worlds, showing six trade and six exploration routes. Betty see’s a triangle on the map and says: “it appeared to be quite prominent.” He never stated where they came from, and then turned the question around and asked her: “Where are you on this map?” Betty chuckled and told him that she didn’t know; and then he replied, “If you don’t know where you are, [then] there wouldn’t be any point in my telling you where I am from.”

He never volunteered any specific information as to where their home world was at. He took it down, then she asked him to put it back up to let her try again, but he refused. The conversation from him was all telepathic; they don’t have vocal cords.

A verbatim quote from Betty Hill while under hypnosis: "I walked across the room and I leaned against the table, and looked at it. And it was a map--it was an oblong map. It wasn’t square. It was a lot wider than it was long. And there were all these dots on it. And they were scattered all over it." The key words: “It was a lot wider than it was long.”

Betty Hill was saying it was a lot wider than it was long, which means it was elongated and oblong in the shape of a rectangle whose length is greater than its width. Oblong is just another word for rectangle. I’m certain that they do not use our measurements, so any estimate of size is approximate at best. As far as the true size, a proper revaluation is that the estimated true size of the star map that was shown to Betty Hill could have been up to 36’ X 48’ to conform to her statement that it was a lot wider than it was long. Betty said “it was almost like looking out a window.” The statement that it was a lot wider than it was long is accurate enough to establish its true appearance. This comes in to play, as I examine the location and relationship of these two stars to one another.

shape and dimensions of the star map

Image 02: Visual example of the shape and dimensions of the star map (Public Domain)

Betty Hill said it was a flexible holographic like apparatus taken from a hole in the wall. This device was not a projection, and it appeared to be 3-D in appearance to her. She said the “Stars glowed and they were tinted.” Betty stood about three feet away from the 3-D holographic display that was shown to her. There were heavy dark traffic lines between the two large stars.

The two large nickel sized stars are the central feature of the star map, they stand out and you can immediately sense that the leader Being was trying to show Betty Hill something very important, and he wanted her to understand the star map. Using the theoretical dimensions of the star map (36’x 48’), and using these given dimensions, gives us the estimated spatial distance between the two nickel sized stars as drawn of at least six to eight inches. The real question now is who do they really represent? Betty has no clue where we were on the star map.

Betty Hill’s star map

Image 03: Original copy of Betty Hill’s star map signed by Betty Hill/1964 (Kathleen Marden)

Betty Hill drew the map in 1964 under posthypnotic suggestion given to her by Dr. Benjamin Simon. It was to be drawn only if she could remember it accurately, and she was not to pay attention to what she was drawing -- which puts it in the realm of automatic drawing. This is a way of getting at repressed or forgotten material and can result in unusual accuracy. On March 21, 1964 while she was under hypnosis with Dr. Simon she starts talking about the star map, saying she could almost draw it. The doctor asks her if she wants to draw it. She comments that she isn’t good at drawing, and says. “I can’t draw perspective.” The Doctor tells her: “Well, if you remember some of this after you leave me, why don’t you draw it, try to draw the map. Don’t do it if you feel concern or anxious about it. But if you do, bring it in next time, all right?” Betty’s response: “I’ll try to.” Simon adds one more comment, saying: “But don’t feel as if you’re compelled to do it.”

Note: Kathleen Marden (Betty Hill’s niece) years later stated that Betty Hill had a photographic memory, which is why she was able under hypnosis to remember the map accurately. Or did they enhance her memory? This becomes a very important point later on as I delve into the question of what Betty Hill was really being shown.

Betty Hill’s star map

Image 04: Betty Hill’s Star Map (Public Domain)

If you look at Betty Hill’s star map above, you can see heavy bands of traffic between the two large nickel sized stars, and then please take notice that there are background stars that appear on the left side opposite of the heavy trade lines between the two large stars.

The question of where they come from has been a baffling mystery, and the next person to get involved in the Betty and Barney Hill case was an Ohio elementary school teacher named Marjorie Fish. She had read some information about the Betty and Barney Hill case having read about information on John Fuller’s book Interrupted Journey, but she didn’t take it seriously. By her own account she didn’t became interested in UFOs until after she had read Jacques Vallee’s “Anatomy of a Phenomenon” in late 1966. One of the more notable pieces of this story is the “Star Map” and Marjorie Fish’s highly controversial interpretation of the star map, and the creation of her “Base-Star” Zeta Reticuli Interpretation of Betty Hill’s star map. If the star map is accurate as they claim, then there is no legitimate reason to manipulate the spatial distance between the two large nickel sized stars. No traffic departed from the lower star. This is nothing new as Jeffery L. Kretsch spoke about their alteration in 1974.

Marjorie Fish’s story in her own words:

“I became interested in UFOs after reading Jacques Vallee’s “Anatomy of a Phenomenon” late in 1966. Previously, Interrupted Journey had been read in the Post, but I didn’t take it seriously, as I did not know about the many worldwide humanoid encounters.

Even if a similar set of stars were found, it might be coincidental. But, unlike most UFO reports, the possibilities could be examined and the data re-checked. Once my interest was aroused, I remembered the star map (supposedly shown to Betty Hill by an UFOnaut). Here was something that could be checked.

Either it represented a real set of stars which might be found and tell us something about the UFOnaut, or it might be remembered too poorly to help, or was totally fictitious, that could be examined and the data re-checked.”

“Two years passed before I finally found a source for the data needed to build the models. The data for the 10 parsec model was obtained in August, 1968; the data correlation begun; and the 10 parsec model completed in December, 1968. Most of the pattern was found in June and July of 1969. Betty Hill was contacted, and then visited in August. On Aug.4, 1969, Betty Hill discussed the star map with me. Betty explained that she drew the map in 1964 under posthypnotic suggestion. It was to be drawn only if she could remember it accurately, and she was not to pay attention to what she was drawing -- which puts it in the realm of automatic drawing. This is a way of getting at repressed or forgotten material and can result in unusual accuracy. She made two erasures showing her conscious mind took control part of the time. Gliese’s 1969 Near Star Catalog came out in December, and the stars rechecked, but the last three stars were still elusive.”

“During the summer of 1972, I made a catalog of all the stars in the Gliese Catalog that might have terrestrial planets with native life. The stars were coded according to probability. Then new models were made using these stars, and in the fall of 1972, the last three stars with lines and the triangle stars were found; and work on the outer dimensions of the space represented by the map started. This was narrowed down within one light year in December. Work on all the stars in the map was tentatively concluded in February 1973.” Marjorie Fish started working on her star map project, constructing model after model in hope of making a breakthrough, and over the course of several years she made 26 different models that repeatedly failed the test. In December, 1968 Marjorie Fish had finally completed a three-dimensional model of the nearer surroundings of our sun. It included stars up to 10 parsecs distance (1 parsec = 3,262 ly (ly) is one light year). In building her re-creation of the star map she used different beads, which were then fixed on monofilament thread at the particular position of each star. The dimensions of her unnamed working display model that she had constructed were (3’ X 2’ x 3)’ smaller than the dimensions that Betty Hill had described. In August, 1969 Betty Hill met with Marjorie Fish in her home in Portsmouth, N.H. for the first time, to talk to her about her Zeta Reticuli Interpretation. Stanton Friedman met Marjorie Fish later in 1971. Note: The dimensions of Fish’s working display model is ok; but it appears that they sized it down to conform to Fish’s ZR Interpretation, because Betty Hill under hypnosis says that it was oblong shaped. In their book Captured! written by Marden and Friedman (Chapter 12-Pg 131) stating that when she reviewed this portion of the abduction (years later) with Kathy, the map became almost like looking out a window about three feet wide and two feet high, thus now modifying the size of the star map to adhere to Fish’s ZR Interpretation.

Filling in the earlier background details of her quest to break the secrets of Betty Hill’s star map, with help Fish was able to make contact with Walter Mitchell, Professor of Astronomy at Ohio State University (OSU), who allegedly studied it, and purportedly said to be "very impressed by the astronomy involved in Marjorie Fish’s work." On page 237 they mistakenly call him Dr. George Mitchell.

To the best of my knowledge the Fish star map drawing below is not connected to the Fish-Mitchell contact in 1966, and there is no direct information that Mitchell saw this version, or that he was really serious. The time frame of this map is 1969 as she finds Zeta Reticuli.

Betty Hill’s star map

Image 05: Fish Star Map (1969) Public Domain

Marjorie Fish is having problems matching Betty Hill’s star map. If you remove the lines there is very little similarity. A dot pattern of the stars proves this. Then OMG-the angle to our sun is wrong!

Issues: Fish’s ZR Interpretation vaguely looks like Betty Hills star map. The sideways upper arm V to Tau 1 is too short, and the bottom to Gliese 59 is too long, plus this star has three companions that were erased. Stanton Friedman acknowledged to me that she failed to match these two stars. So I cannot figure out how she could have claimed success with these two failing to match; and the route to Sol/Earth slanting in the wrong direction.

Her triangle is cockeyed, and it doesn’t match Betty Hill’s triangle. If you look at Betty Hill’s star map, Gliese 86.1 (Position 10) is supposed to be directly to the right of the triangle, but nevertheless, she is given freehand allowances, but bad news is on the horizon, as the progress of science upends her theory, it’s time for the grain of salt. It’s relocated below the triangle and fails to conform to Betty Hill’s star map. The worst is yet to come on her triangle stars, for now, Mum’s the word.

Fish ZR Map vs. Real Astronomy, the progress of science is knocking at their door

The star map has two very large nickel sized stars, and they’re the central feature and backbone of the star map. Fish claimed that these two stars represented what she would now call her “base stars” and the start point of her ZR theory. But has Fish significantly altered the spatial distance of these two stars to achieve her goal of naming the binary star system Zeta Reticuli as their home world. She claimed that they were single stars, violating her own rules of inclusion. Binary stars were out of favor then. What is really troublesome is the fact that she has moved them, relocating them in order to declare that the two large stars represented Zeta Reticuli. To really understand what she has done, you need to see what Zeta Reticuli looks like from Earth. There is nothing to suggest or imply that the two large nickel sized stars are in close proximity to one another. They become her short cuts to success. See image 007.

Statement: “In 1966, Marjorie Fish got help, through computers Mitchell and his students at Ohio State University (OSU) calculated the real positions of hundreds of nearby stars and found virtually no error in her findings. Per Marjorie Fish, the sources of the star map were aliens believed to come from the Zeta Reticuli solar system.”

Astronomy Magazine: In his book, author Steve Pearse reported that a professor who worked with Mitchell, Gerald Newsom, said of the map, “"i don't believe Walt Mitchell's work was ever held in high regard by the consensus of the faculty and grad students at Ohio State, and this point hardly anyone in the Department is even aware that the work was done."

In 1969, the new addition of the “Catalogue of Nearby Stars” by Wilhelm Gliese was printed. With this new data some of the star positions could be corrected. After a long period of trial and error, and the repeated construction of the star map, her model configuration was finally seemed to fit the pattern of the stars that were in Betty’s star map. Marjorie Fish wrote a letter to Betty Hill dated October 7, 1972 source University of New Hampshire State archives), and she draws her Zeta Reticuli Interpretation set to Betty Hill’s star map. Her wild enthusiasm for her newest Star Map creation is obvious, and she writes the time of the letter as 3:30 am. She is ecstatic and bubbling in joy. “It looks like I won’t get any sleep tonight. I’m higher than a kite. (No booze, just pure joy – elation rather! I’m in a rush so I could show the pattern to Dr. Hynek* – if he gives me permission to come). I built a rough model of the pattern.” *J. Allen Hynek

Marjorie Fish’s star map drawing

Image 06: Marjorie Fish’s star map drawing dated October 7, 1972 (UNH Archive/Public Domain)

Betty Hill is quoted saying: “These triangle stars appeared quite prominent.”

Fish comment: “The triangle is prominent and tips in exactly this way.” this is suspicious since she claimed that Earth based maps were useless. Fish has copied Betty’s star map, and on paper visually matched Betty Hill’s triangle. She also identifies the other stars as her ZR candidate stars that formed her triangle, and her Zeta Reticuli candidate stars—but her working model fails to produce.

This is a very curious statement, because Fish didn’t have access to a computer, and she copy all of her astronomy coordinates research by hand out of the catalogs at the OSU library, since she couldn’t check them out. She’s fudging the truth, all of her information is hand written, she didn’t have access to a telescope, and never visually see’s anything. She is not an eyewitness. Betty’s observational statement is a personal comment. Betty Hill was the only person to see the star map; so it’s the eyes of the beholder. This appears to be Zeta Puffery.

Fish: “The background stars, with the exception of the triangle which has relatively bright stars near the surface of the map, were put in just to show there were background stars. These probably do not represent individual stars.” This is listed as a theory discrepancy, since they said that the star map was accurate as drawn. Fish’s contention that the background stars were just added for effect is bad judgment on her part. It was easier to just eliminate them.

The first publication about the “Star Map” was an article of Stanton T. Friedman in the July 1973 issue of SAGA, and he also discussed Ms. Fish’s work in his July 1973 MUFON paper. Marjorie Fish’s MUFON paper was presented in July 1974. After 6 years of intensive research Marjorie Fish goes public as she presents her evidence to the 1974 UFO Symposium and announces to the world that the aliens in Betty Hill’s abduction story come from a star system called Zeta Reticuli.*

Note: *Fish stated at the UFO Symposium that all of the stars in her Zeta Reticuli theory were, and I quote: “all single, non-variable, sun-like stars”.

But the problem is that Wilhelm Gliese never listed Zeta Reticuli as single stars in his 1969 Catalogue of nearby stars. They’re binary, and she violates her own rules of inclusion.

In the December 1974 issue of the Astronomy Magazine editor Terence Dickinson published an article about Marjorie Fish’s star map, and then he published another 32-page article in 1976 as a special edition in Astronomy with the title “The Zeta Reticuli incident.”

Marjorie Fish’s interpretation of the Betty Hill Star Map was very well received within the UFO community and was widely embraced and was considered as a major breakthrough and advance in our understanding of the UFO phenomenon. This is still hallowed ground in Ufology.

“The Zeta Reticuli Incident” in the December 1974 issue sparked even more interest among the readers of Astronomy more than any other single article in the magazine’s history. It sparked a heated debate with both sides arguing their pro and con viewpoints.

Note: In this December/1974 issue the large star in the upper middle was erased. This is a very prominent and conspicuous center feature of the star map, my opinion is that it’s far too conspicuous to just erase, but Fish removed it anyway, making her theory highly suspect.

Carl Sagan vs. Marjorie Fish and her Zeta Reticuli Interpretation

Terence Dickinson, Editor of the magazine noted in his own commentary about the article stating that the “Astronomical aspects of the case are sufficiently intriguing to warrant wide dissemination and further study.” While Dickinson did not endorse Fish and Walter Webb's conclusions, he was intrigued, and for the first time in the journal's history, Astronomy invited comments on what ended up as a heated debate over a UFO abduction case. The scientific communities acceptance of Fish’s theory was however, decidedly less receptive to say the least.

Once the article went public in the magazine it was immediately under attack from one of the founding members of the Society of Dolphins, none other than Dr. Carl Sagan and his graduate student Steven Soter.

Sagan and Soter wrote a three-page rebuttal letter into the Astronomy magazine, and saying that Fish’s Zeta Reticuli article was very provocative, and they claimed her interpretation of the map and the lines drawn between the main points was contrived. This was the first volley that initiated a heated and controversial debate that has continued to this day.

Carl Sagan and Steven Soter his graduate assistant, in their rebuttal to the December Astronomy also made the statement that the star map that Betty Hill saw and later drew from memory should correspond to similar maps of the closest stars resembling the sun based on stellar positions in the 1969 Gliese catalog of nearby stars. Then Carl Sagan goes on to say that the “Argument rests on how well the maps agree, and the significance of the comparison.”

One of the many zinger comments Sagan made about Fish’s Zeta Reticuli theory: "However, we can always pick and choose from a large random data set some subset that resembles a preconceived pattern. He has an agenda; his opinions are more about debunking the UFO phenomenon.

Sagan and Soter: “In challenging the possibilities discussed in "The Zeta Reticuli Incident", suggest that without the connecting lines drawn into the Hill map and the Fish interpretation, that there is little resemblance between the two. This statement can be tested using only X and Y coordinates of the points in the Hill map and a projection of the stars in the Fish pattern.”

Nevertheless they tried to match her ZR stars by using computers to check the positions of the 15 stars that Marjorie Fish had said matched Betty Hill’s star map. They say, “this produced a configuration that bore 'little similarity' to the Hill star map." The UFO community refused to listen, ultimately paving the way to enshrine the Zeta Reticuli Interpretation as the gospel truth.

Carl Sagan and Steven Soter pointed out that the apparent resemblance between the two patterns exists almost entirely because of the way the lines are drawn connecting the dots. View the two patterns as unconnected dots, and they appear as different as two patterns can be.

Carl Sagan took issue with the Betty Hill Star Map and Marjorie Fish’s interpretation of the star map. Sagan said that the number of random dots scattered about were not really prominent points, and that they were not meant to actually suggest an actual position; and Fish was at the liberty to contrive a resemblance to Betty’s Star Map. Sagan and Soter believed that Marjorie Fish and Dickinson, the editor of Astronomy Magazine had used shoddy research methods and had “contrived a resemblance” between two “nearly random data sets.” In other words, Fish had fooled herself, seeing a resemblance that was purely coincidental, and Astronomy had in turn been bamboozled by her mistake. Sagan was however still peddling his views that contact was a myth. In the end there is much more to this story, Sagan was a hired gun tasked to debunk UFOs. Dr Steven Greer's presentation "How the Secret Government Works" he mentions that Carl Sagan was, among other scientists, on the payroll of the CIA. Sagan was debunking UFOs.

Jeffrey L. Kretsch and the Zeta Reticuli Interpretation

Jeffrey L. Kretsch was an undergraduate student astronomy student at Northwestern University, working under advisement of Dr. J. Allen Hynek and he wrote an article titled The Zeta Reticuli Incident-The Age of nearby Stars. (1974) He told me after she died that he never meet her.

Kretsch: The controversial interpretation of the Hill "star map" conducted by Marjorie Fish includes the sun and 15 nearby stars. These stars make an ideal case study for stellar age determination as described in this article. Zeta Reticuli is a unique system in the solar neighborhood -- a wide physically associated pair of stars almost exactly like the sun. Based on the Fish interpretation of the Hill map, the Zeta Reticuli pair forms the base of the pattern. Speaking quantitatively, I discovered the two patterns are certainly not an exact match. Kretch then called her alteration of the spatial distance between the two large nickel sized stars as an incongruity.

Kretsch: “The evidence that the Zeta Reticuli system is metal deficient is definite. From this knowledge of metal deficiency and the velocities and eccentricities, we can safely conclude that the Zeta Reticuli system is older than the sun. The question of terrestrial planets being able to form remains open. A final point concerning the metal deficiencies is rather disturbing. Even though terrestrial planets might form about either star in the Zeta Reticuli system, there is a specific deficiency in carbon to well within the error range. This is disturbing because carbon is the building block of organic molecule chains. There is no way of knowing whether life on Earth would have emerged and evolved as far as it has if carbon were not as common here.” (1974)

“However, if one considers the question of match from the standpoint of how the Hill pattern was made as opposed to the derived pattern's means of reproduction, the quantitative data may not be a complete means of determining whether the two patterns "match" or not.

For example, the Hill pattern was drawn freehand -- so one would have to determine how much allowance one must give for differences in quantitative data. In such areas, I am not qualified to give an opinion. However, because the map was drawn freehand from memory, the fact that the resemblance between the Fish map and the Hill map is a striking one should be considered. In my work I was able to verify the findings of Marjorie Fish in terms of the astronomy used.”

Note: The age of Zeta Reticuli is now believed to be two billion years, too young to have sentient life.

Today Marjorie Fish’s Zeta Reticuli Interpretation is a badly outdated theory that has failed to garner the support of the scientific community. While her theory is still very popular within the UFO community, her hotly contested theory has produced few tangible results. There has been no confirmation or alien contact that can be shown to be a direct result to her theories, announcement or subsequent promotion over the last 44 years. No Planets have been found.

The Zeta Reticuli Interpretation has a major problem, over the last four decades her theory has been static showing little or no change at all. Sadly their supporters end up living in the past. Marjorie Fish wasn’t able to gain the support of the scientific community, and there is little information available of any continued effort by current supporters of her theory, to have her interpretation officially vetted by the scientific community. My personal belief is that she took the rejection pretty hard, didn’t make any further progress, and essentially moved on with her life.

Zeta Reticuli

Image 07: Zeta Reticuli (Your Sky/Public Domain)

This is a Hubble image of Zeta Reticuli as seen from Earth.

Separating wheat from the chaff

A fun exercise would be to re-create the moment as Betty Hill is standing three feet away from the star map. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate the elements of the star map. The dimensions are 36” by 48”, and our goal is to calculate the size of the elements that are on the left side of the star map, vertically from top to bottom. This is a portions test of the components.

Vertical analysis – estimates from top to bottom spacing of the elements (36 inches)
Spacing allocations of elements
The star to the right of the triangle is close to middle of the star map.
Size of the elements top to bottom
Top blank: 3” inches
Upper Trade route slanting to the left: 10” inches
Top large nickel sized star: 4.” diameter
Heavy Dark Traffic lines: 8” inches
Bottom large nickel sized star: 6” diameter
Bottom: 5 inches
Total: (3) + (10) + (4) + (8) + (6) + (5) = 36 inches

This exercise shows the true size of the elements as Betty Hill looked at the star map, the heavy dark lines represent the dimension of depth. Fish has cut out 98% of the trade route length to create Zeta Reticuli base-star theory. A quick analogy is comparing this element to a 12 ruler with 98% of its length cut off. (11.76”)

A quick examination of image 4 and 7 above is disconcerting, since Kathleen Marden has stated that the star map was accurate as drawn as she says that Betty has a photographic memory as discussed earlier. So I cannot give her a passing grade, once you start erasing stars, you automatically fail the test. The two large nickel sized stars are not base-stars. The integrity of the star map has been compromised by engineering a falsehood. Marjorie Fish’s Zeta Reticuli Interpretation has fallen into the abyss.

End part one

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