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Two UFO Sightings Reported Same Day
... from Deming, New Mexico

Depiction of UFO

Published: 7:10 PM 9/21/2018

Sighting 1 - 6:30 PM

Shape: Teardrop Duration: 40 minutes

Deming, New Mexico - 9-04-18, 6:30 PM

My husband gets home from work exactly at 6:26pm. He kissed us hello and I said "let's go feed the ducks."

We headed outside approximately 6:30pm and my husband and I immediately saw this huge "star" hovering above the setting sun. We are always looking at the sky, my husband is a flight director at the Deming Blimp site, so I knew it was way too early for stars.

Mars is the first one in the sky and it appears over the Florida mountains. This "star" was the opposite direction over the setting sun. I took my son inside and grabbed our camera because phone cameras can't pick up stars well.

My husband and I called our neighbors and they went outside and saw it as well. We watched it for 40 minutes. During that time it never moved with the earth and never blinked like a star, just shown like a spotlight.

It did however, change from a circle to a guitar pick shape. We were extremely excited and nervous and that made for not great videos but we have videos and lots of pictures of it.

During the 40 minutes another bright light appeared above and to the left of the original light and moved straight down toward earth and disappeared. Then 3 lights appeared around the original light and moved straight down and disappeared.

The original light seemed to join them at this point and moved down and disappeared, but it shrank to disappear. All of this happened in less than a minute.

We rushed inside to download the footage into the computer because I have heard of weird things going on with equipment when things like this occur. While my husband was downloading the pictures and video onto our computer the orb came back in the night about 8:30 pm.

This time it was in the North. This time it was close to where the Blimp is in the Deming sky. This time there was another light with it hovering to its left. It was there for about 10 minutes and then disappeared.

Sighting 2 - 6:50 PM

Deming, New Mexico - 9-04-18, 6:50 PM

Shape: Diamond Duration: 35 minutes

Bright white diamond shaped object, not moving, during daylight, high altitude, other small lights approached it.

Depiction of UFO Around 6:50 PM MT, my wife and I were outside of our home in Deming, NM, when we spotted a bright white light, brighter than stars at night time, during day light hours. The sun was an hour away from sunset and the sun beams were still on the object.

Air traffic does fly in this region, but all airplanes traveling were visible and pictures were zoomed in and taken of them as well just to double check every little light we were seeing in the sky.

Many pictures and video were taken of white lights in the sky. A Canon Power Shot SX530HS was the camera used with a Tripod for stability. I began zooming little by little to keep focusing in on it.

The item appeared to be shaped like a downward pointing guitar pick with smooth rounded edges. No detail of body of the object, it was solid white. Smaller red and blue outline around object. This was not visible without zoom of the camera due to the brightness of the object.

Smaller light objects appeared near the object, some going up and some going down and disappearing. The photographs of these objects came out to be small white round lights. The regular commercial airplanes that fly in this region were easily able to be photographed and to see that they are indeed airplanes not to confuse them with any of the other lights.

I checked star maps and planet visibility trajectories around our area to see if we were perhaps mistaking a planet but nothing was due to be in the area or at the time of day we were seeing this light object.

The main diamond/pick-shaped object remained in place in the sky for around 35 minutes then it suddenly disappeared. The moment it disappeared my wife and I could hear packs of coyotes howling and yelping loudly, our dogs began barking, and our ducks began quacking very loudly. This bright white object did not twinkle like a star.

Shortly after it disappeared the first star southeast of that object started to appear and I took a zoomed in picture of it as reference of how a star looks from that same perspective near the same time frame. The two are very different. The object would have been southwest of Deming and South of Lordsburg.

Severe weather had moved into the boot hill region of New Mexico around 4pm. So the local aerostat was not in flight, the regional weather sounding balloons were not in flight, and it would have been a horrible time to attempt to fly a hot air balloon.

I would estimate the altitude to be between 25,000-35,0000 feet above surface. However distance was difficult to factor. Altitude being based off knowledge of cloud heights for the region at that time of day.

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