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Frederich Valentich

Published: 3:42 PM 5/12/2019

The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich

Any time you step aboard an airplane, you probably think about the commonly held belief that air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation. While this is a fact, sometimes the high altitudes and fast speeds lead to incidents that are difficult to explain.

Some of the world’s most perplexing mysteries have started thousands of feet above the ground. One such case is the disappearance of Frederick Valentich.

The Disappearence

On October 21, 1978, Australian pilot Frederick Valentich set out on a 125-mile training flight over the Bass Strait. Valentich was no rookie: by this point in his life, he had flown approximately 150 hours. He held a class-four instrument rating, meaning that he was authorized to fly at night as long as meteorological conditions were favorable.

He had tried to become a member of the Royal Australian Air Force but had been rejected as he didn’t have the right educational background. Still, Valentich was determined to become a professional pilot.

It was likely this lofty goal that sent him out on a training flight that October. At 7:06 that morning, Valentich radioed air traffic control to report an aircraft flying about 4,500 feet above him.

He said that it was too far away for him to identify much detail about the craft. All that he could see clearly were four bright landing lights illuminating the craft. Air traffic control reported that no crafts should have been flying in that area at the elevation Valentich described.

Frederich Valentich

Valentich insisted that the craft was there. He stated that it had just flown by again at about 1,000 feet above him, moving at an extremely high speed, and was now coming back towards him.

He said that it seemed as if the other pilot was toying with him by taking their craft in circles above Valentich’s own plane.

Valentich stated that he could now see the craft more clearly. He told air traffic control that it was made of very shiny metal and had a green light on it. When the unidentified craft got close to him again, he reported to air traffic control that his plane was experiencing engine problems.

The air traffic controllers asked him one more time to try to identify the aircraft. Valentich’s reply was enigmatic. In his final transmission, he said, “It’s not an aircraft.” After that, the air traffic controllers could only hear a metallic scraping sound before the radio went silent.

The Aftermath

After Valentich’s contact with air traffic control was lost, authorities began searching the area for evidence of what may have happened to him. They searched for four days without finding a single scrap of evidence. Finally, they called off the search and declared Valentich lost.

Five years later, a piece of an aircraft of the same type Valentich was flying was washed up on Flinders Island. Although it can’t be definitively proven, authorities believe this may be a piece of Valentich’s lost aircraft.

While authorities believed this was a tragic, but normal, aviation accident, others were less sure. One of the staunchest critics of the official response to the incident was Valentich’s father.

His father publicly stated that Valentich was a firm believer in the existence of UFOs. According to him, Valentich avidly studied information about extraterrestrial activity. He believed that based on the radio transmissions received before the disappearance describing a mysterious aircraft, it is likely that Valentich’s plane was destroyed by a UFO or that Valentich himself was abducted by the aliens aboard the ship.

In support of this theory, others who were in the general area where Valentich disappeared reported seeing strange things in the sky that morning. Most described it as an erratically moving green light, which matches the description that Valentich gave of a craft bearing a green light.

Additionally, a group of amateur UFO-ologists from the United States claimed to have a photo taken near the area at the same time that shows "a bona fide unknown flying object, of moderate dimensions, apparently surrounded by a cloud-like vapour/exhaust residue."

What Happened to Frederick Valentich?

There have been many explanations over the years for Valentich’s disappearance. Many believe that it was merely a tragic accident. The official explanation is that Valentich became disoriented while flying over the water and that the lights he saw were just reflections of his own craft’s lights.

They believe that he was the victim of a phenomenon called the illusion of a tilted horizon, which may have caused him to turn his craft toward the water or even upside down. This would have allowed him to view his own reflection in the water and unfortunately send him into a downward spiral into the water.

Some believe that Valentich staged his own disappearance or even killed himself. They theorize that he was distraught over his inability to get his aviation career off the ground and chose to disappear or end his life. However, Valentich’s friends and colleagues insist that this isn’t possible.

Those who have studied the transmissions and the other reports of strange activity in the area are adamant that something not of this world was at play in the disappearance. However, unless more clues about the missing aircraft wash to shore, we may never know the true fate of Frederick Valentich.

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