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1960s Report of Alien Abduction with Photographs

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Published: 4:16 PM 5/19/2021

confronted with a huge flying saucer...

Is it because you are crazy that you think you were abducted? Or is it because you were abducted that you think you are crazy?

Hi Billy how are you? Good I hope.

I thought I would send you this, a sensational report that I found in my father's archives.

My father and his team heard about this in 1965 from a very reliable contact of theirs. This incident took place on Friday 15TH November 1963, at just past midnight, on a deserted road located at an undisclosed location somewhere in the United States Of America.

Abduction Photograph Abduction Photograph

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Three men, extremely important, high senior government officials, were driving home after attending a party. As they turned a corner on the road they were suddenly confronted with a huge flying saucer hovering at just above tree top level in the very near distance.

They stopped the car to get a better look, one of the men got out and took a photograph, then suddenly the saucer vanished into thin air and was gone in a split second. The next thing there was a blinding flash of bright light and that's all the 3 men remember.

They claimed that they all woke up naked on a cold steel slab in a large circular room, which was very dimly lit, very warm, steamy and full of monitors, screens, computers and lots of other things that all resembled hospital equipment.

They all reported that they were completely paralyzed and could only move their eye balls. All 3 men remembered the blinding flash of light and thought that some type of accident must have occurred, such as a plane crash and presumed that they were in hospital.

Abduction Photograph Abduction Photograph

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They claimed that a very tall, beautiful brunette female dressed as a nurse, came into the room and gave them all an injection and this apparently rendered them unconscious and that's all they remembered, the next thing they found themselves arrived at their final destination and location with no memory of how they got there.

They also reported that 3 hours of time had also suddenly gone missing.

The next day the 3 men had the photographs developed, only expecting to see the one photo of the UFO they all witnessed (see photo 1). When they saw the other photographs the 3 men were completely shocked and had no memory of seeing any of the images that appeared on the photos, they also had no memory of taking any of the other photographs.

Abduction Photograph Abduction Photograph

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My father was told that the only memory that all 3 men had was one which was exactly the same, all 3 had a fuzzy, hazy memory of some kind of sexual encounter with a large breasted, beautiful blonde female.

My father and his team speculated that this was most probably the aliens way of extracting sperm from the 3 men, so it could be used later by the aliens to create alien-human hybrids. My father asked his contact who the 3 men were?

He was told this, "I am unable to tell you that information as it is highly classified and is above top secret, what I will say is this, ask yourselves just exactly what took place exactly one week later on Friday 22ND November at 12.30PM central standard time, in Dallas Texas? (Kennedy Assasination)"

Abduction Photograph Abduction Photograph

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My father said "so you are saying that.............?" His contact replied "NO that's not what I am saying, it's your puzzle, your crossword, you and your team fill in the blanks just how you like".

My father said "so let's be clear, just what exactly are you saying?"

His contact replied "look, these 3 men are all now deceased, they all died in very suspicious accidents, if you get too close to something they will have you exterminated, especially if you go around making suggestions that you are going to start singing to the general public like a canary, think about it Mr..........".

Abduction Photograph Abduction Photograph

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My father and his team were given this information along with the photographs and told not mention it to anyone, so they didn't. I asked my dad what he thought? He said "it is certainly very interesting and so are the photographs, but it's not the sort of thing you want to start sniffing around and digging and asking questions about, not unless you are looking for a wooden overcoat!".



Another big thanks to Emily for a very compelling report and photographs.

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