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Reader Submits Photographs of Strange Animals from Government Experiments

Deformed Animal

Published: 4:52 PM 5/15/2021

conducted strange and bizarre tests and experiments...

WARNING! The photographs on this page may be unsettling to some, as they show living, deformed animals. Caution before you proceed.

Hi Billy,

These photos are from my fathers journals and I thought I would send them to you. Please feel free to use them, I hope you find them very interesting? I certainly do.

Firstly let me say that my father had no connection, involvement or anything to do with these photos or what apparently went on to cause such freakish looking entities.

My father and his team had many, many connections and sources of information, my father explained it like their connections been very similar to the deep throat character in the TV show the X files, only he and his team knew lots of deep throats.

If anything happened that was connected to UFOS, aliens, the paranormal or anything considered unexplained or just plain weird, my dad and his team certainly heard about it one way or another.

Deformed Animal Deformed Animal

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One day he and his team had a meeting with a trusted contact of theirs. Basically they were given these photographs and told that a team of top secret US government scientists had conducted strange and bizarre tests and experiments on animals.

Apparently this was conducted at a top secret government ranch in the early 1970's. My dad was told that it basically involved extraterrestrials and UFOS, the scientists and the US military to some degree.

They were told it was some strange and bizarre experimental deep black project that involved genetics, experimental extraterrestrial DNA, extraterrestrial genes, animal genes, animal DNA, extraterrestrial chromosomes, cells, embryos, chemicals, human and animal diseases, extraterrestrial/animal/human viruses and computers and it was a bunch of top secret scientists playing god and it was basically a deep black program that went completely wrong and it was abandoned several years after it first started.

Deformed Animal Deformed Animal

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My dad and his team were given the photos and the basic facts and simply told never to mention it, so they didn't, they were also told that several people who were involved in the program died from "unknown complications".

I spoke to my dad about this when he was alive and he said it was a very bizarre case, he and his team weren't even sure what to make of it, they weren't even sure whether it was real or fake? But like my dad said, they are genuine and real 35mm photos and the monstrosities that they show sure look very real and biologic and that would be extremely difficult to fake back in the early 1970's.

Plus he said that they rarely got bogus information. He told me he had the photos looked at and examined by a photo expert and the guy said that the photos are real and do show actual objects that haven't been superimposed, he added that everything looks completely right and genuine, including perspective, lighting and shadows.

Deformed Animal Deformed Animal

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Dad said all he can say is that whatever went on and what the photos show is simply mind boggling and completely unethical. The contact told them that the entities only lived for a very short period of time and then died, after which time they were incinerated.

I asked my dad what he genuinely thought about the photos and what he was told? He just said that some things are just best left alone, however, he and his team did believe that whatever these photos show, it is certainly possible that what went on at that top secret US government ranch back in the early 1970's is in some way connected to the animal mutilation phenomenon, a world wide unexplained phenomenon for which no one has ever been caught for, or arrested or charged with and sadly still continues to this day.

Deformed Animal Deformed Animal

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I have to say they are probably among the weirdest photos I have ever seen, very strange and very bizarre, shocking and upsetting and that's how my dad and his team felt too.

There isn't really anything else I can add to what I have already mentioned above, as my dad just did what he was told and simply filed the photos away and just forgot about it and never once pursued it or looked into it any any further. My dad said that it wouldn't surprise him if what they were told is true, as he heard and seen many strange things himself in his career.

Anyway I found an envelope with 4 more photos inside, on the front of the envelope was written in black ink VTHTJD-Ranch 2000, I have no idea what that could mean?

Deformed Animal Deformed Animal

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Be sure to see Cattle Mutilations, Part 1, followed by parts, 2,3,4,and 5.



Another big thanks to Emily for her report and photos.

We look for more soon.

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