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Flying Saucers, Dead Aliens And The Military

Location: California

Published: 11:30 AM 5/5/2021

Republished: 5:53 PM 9/18/2023

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Reader Submits Father's UFO Experience with Photographs

Hi www.ufocasebook.com,

The information contained within this email and accompanying photography was given to me by my late father, I have no way of proving that any of what is contained within this email is true or false, all I can say is that my father was a serious man, a man of integrity and extremely honest and was not a liar.

My dad worked for the United States Air Force all of his life until he retired, it was only many years after his retirement and when he was in his later years that he told me this truly incredible story and showed me the photographs. He told me he worked as part of a small team who conducted top secret scientific research and that he worked on many highly classified deep black military programs and projects, most of which are still classified to this day.

One day in the spring of 1948 one of his colleagues pulled him to one side and said "get your shit together, something big's going down." He and his team were flown to an airforce base in Nevada, from there they were then flown by helicopter to a remote area were they were told to get onto a large bus with blacked out windows and along with roughly 30 other passengers they were driven to within 2 miles of the location, whilst on the bus everyone was ordered to remain silent.

When they got of the bus he and his team were then escorted to a mountainous area on foot which was very heavily guarded by armed soldiers, when he arrived at the final destination he said they were confronted with a very large metallic flying saucer shaped craft.

He said they were told that the craft had landed and had been there for some time and that the military had managed to gain access to the saucer by using diamond tipped drills. He and his team were taken inside the craft, he said it was unlike anything they had ever seen, nothing like any kind of conventional aircraft, no seats, levers, dials or instruments or anything like that was visible, he said it was like the whole interior was made out of some form of grey wax material, he said it was a very peculiar and a very eerie sight.

Inside the craft he said he saw 5 dead aliens, he described them as been about 4 to 4 and a half feet tall with grey hairless spindly bodies with large heads, huge black almond shaped eyes, no ears and tiny mouths, he said it wasn't apparent as to how they had died as they appeared to have no injuries, what his team found very fascinating and very strange was that they were all huddled together on the floor and it looked like they were almost organically attached to the grey wax material, almost as if they were plants growing from within it, he said it was a very peculiar and a very bizarre sight, he said there was also a terrible smell which no one could describe.

A small metallic bottle was also beside them which contained what looked like an unknown thick purple liquid. Eventually a retrieval team was put into place and the craft and it's dead occupants was flown out to a top secret location, my dad said he and his team were later briefed by military intelligence officers and were told that what they saw and worked on was nothing more than a top secret Russian remote controlled aircraft and the creatures were dummies, they were all sworn to secrecy and ordered never to speak about it to anyone. My dad said he can be seen stood in in front of the saucer on the photos, showing just how big this thing was.

12 months later the same thing happened again, only this time the location was Arizona. My dad told me it happened in the summer of 1949 and the set up was exactly the same as last time, flight, helicopter, blacked out bus, etc and finally they were confronted with what they were told was another landed Russian aircraft.

This time he and his team were confronted with a different style of craft, but saucer-shaped just like the last one and slightly smaller but still a huge metallic flying saucer by any stretch of the imagination.

He told me the craft had some sort of force field or energy field around it (see photo) and that no one could get close to it and everyone was ordered to keep their distance, only after 2 full days did the force field finally turn itself off.

It was at this point that attempts were made by the military to gain access into the the saucer, all without success, apparently they even tried explosives but nothing would penetrate it, they couldn't even make a scratch or a dent in the thing, he told me they climbed up a ladder and looked through the portholes and the craft looked almost identical inside to the last saucer they saw, no kind of visible instrumentation could be seen and the interior looked very similar to the last craft, completely covered in some sort of whitish wax material, 9 tiny seats could be seen arranged in a semi-circle, my dad said they looked like the size of chairs that you would expect to see at an infant school, tiny.

Roughly half a mile away there was a large military tent, when my dad and his team entered into it he said there was 7 dead aliens on the floor, all lying on a large sheet of military camouflage material, the creatures were almost identical to the aliens he saw last time, except this time all the creatures were all wearing what looked like one piece tight fitting silver space suits with what looked like skull caps on their heads, my dad said there was strange symbols on the suits which were completely indecipherable.

It appeared that the occupants had been out and about and walking around doing something and for some unknown reason had all just dropped dead, 3 of the occupants were carrying a small silver metallic rod with a small red light on the end of it, it was unclear whether these were some kind of instrument or weapon, what was strange was that all the creatures appeared to be frothing at the mouth and a hardened white froth could clearly be seen coming from to noses and mouths of all of the dead creatures.

My dad said that the craft and its deceased occupants was taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force base by a retrieval team, he said he and his team saw that exact same craft 3 years later in a large hanger when they were working at that air force base. Again my dad said he and his team were given the same spill as last time by military intelligence officers about what they saw been nothing more than a top secret Russian experimental spy craft and the deceased occupants been nothing more than dummies.

In early July of 1952 (just before the Washington DC UFO flap occurred) my dad and his team were working in California conducting and carrying out what he said was an ultra secret black project. He told me that he and his team witnessed a large metallic flying saucer suddenly appear in the sky from out of nowhere, apparently it landed on 3 tripod/telescopic style landing gear legs roughly 50 meters in front of them, then took off and flew off into the sky and disappeared at a high rate of speed, he said the saucer was also witnessed by 20 armed soldiers who were accompanying them on their mission.

I can only imagine that you find that story quiet incredible and remarkable and are probably skeptical? (Editor's Note: Actually I'm not, I have at least half-dozen of these stories in my archive.)

Location: Arizona Location: California
Location: California Location: California

Dead Alien Body Location: Nevada

Location: Nevada Wright-Patterso AFB

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Don't worry, when my dad told me I was like "yeah sure dad, that's one hell of a whopper," but when he showed me the photos and told me that it is 100 percent true, I knew he was telling the truth, plus what would he have to gain from making up such a tale? Absolutely nothing as he never told anyone about it except for me and mum.

If you find my father's story and photographs interesting and think that your readers would also, then please be my guest and use it, if not then I am sorry for taking up some of your valuable time. It was one of my late father last wishes to finally tell his story and he asked me to find a way of getting it out there. I hope to hear back from you as soon as is possible.



(Editor's Note: A big thank you to Emily for sharing her father's story and photographs.

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