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More Alien Photographs from Varginha, Brazil, Including Autopsy

Varginha Alien

Published: 4:29 PM 11/25/2022

photo is consistent and correct...

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Very recently I received an email from someone who saw my photograph of the Varginha creature, this is what he said.

"I saw your photograph posted recently, the creature in it looks very similar to a photograph I have. I have attached that photo with this email. Many years ago I was given a copy of this photo. I was told that this photo was taken in January 1996 in Varginha, Brazil, and shows some kind of small humanoid creature, possibly extraterrestrial.

I had several photography specialists check it, they told me that it is genuine, and that everything in the photo is consistent and correct, lighting, shadows, blur, edges, color, defects, exposure, film, etc., 100% authentic, impossible to fake, have it checked yourself.

What is it? It is not human. I also received a copy of a video from a different source, and was told it was taken the same day. I attached it with this email. I was told that this video shows one of the creatures, which was captured and killed by Brazilian authorities.

If you look very closely, you can clearly see something that looks like a small brown figure. Compared to the man's legs, you can clearly see that it is very small, could it be a small dead humanoid alien creature?

It certainly looks very strange, and it is clearly not a human. What is this thing? It is too small to be human, look at the size of the head, it is so small. I also include a black and white photograph of an old man, his name is Dietrich Hans Bierhals, and that he was involved and had something to do with the whole Varginha incident.

I was told that he was a research scientist and was involved in highly experimental research involving genetics, genes, DNA, viruses and diseases. No information is available about him. I was also told that he was conducting experiments on humans and animals, and that he was using a highly experimental chemical/drug known only as Substance B, with extremely dangerous and deadly side effects.

I cannot say who gave me this information, all I can say is that it came from a very reliable source. Also, a few years ago I had a very interesting encounter with a person, I can't say anything about him, I can only say that he was a high-ranking military man, he passed away several years ago.

He showed me an actual video of an autopsy done on one of the creatures from Varginha, it was amazing. He told me that the doctor who performed the autopsy said that... whatever these creatures were, they were certainly not human and definitely not animals. He said that they were some kind of biological entity, with tissues and organs similar to living organisms found here on earth, but at the same time unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Some time later, he sent me some still images taken from the autopsy video, showing the head of one of the dead creatures and several photos showing the strange biological tissue. I am sending you the images. I have never told anyone about this, please don't contact me because I don't want to get involved in anything, I just wanted to show and tell you what I heard. Good luck with everything."

I have no way to prove any of this and I have no further information on the matter. I have sent an email to this person, I have not received any response.

Thank you and goodbye.

Photos and videos used with kind permission of J.C, ©️ 2022, All rights reserved.

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