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Scientist Claims to Have Found the Origin of the Famous "WOW!" Signal

The Wow signal

Published: 7:32 PM 5/29/2022

in a constellation 1800 light years away...

Of all the events that science has detected in the depths of deep space, the famous signal “Wow!” It is one of the most mysterious.

It is a radio wave signal that lasts about 72 seconds captured by the Big Ear Radio Observatory August 15, 1977. Never before has a message like this been detected. And since then, nothing similar has happened.

The person in charge of noticing this signal in the radio telescope was the scientist Jerrt Ehman and when he captured said data He wrote down in his notebook, in addition to the recorded information, the word “Wow! hence its apt name.

However, this does not mean that there is an alien trying to be found. In fact, it is not even known with certainty where it comes from and there is a possibility that this is corresponding to a natural phenomenon; something that would also be excellent news.

So, it is the job of the generations that followed that discovery to try to decipher the origin of this unusual event.

Under this concept and responsibility, a new study has analyzed the data and suggests having found the origin of the signal; a star in the Sagittarius constellation that could meet the conditions to host life as we know it, located 1800 light years away.

Wow Signal, Where did you come from?

It is the question that everyone wants to answer, and it is not for less. The author of the study says: “The signal Wow! It is considered the best radio signal candidate for SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) that we have captured with our telescopes”, according to DW review.

But in addition, it is also logical to think that a possible alien civilization used this element to communicate.

The explanation of the study.

Over the years and different studies, a certain conclusion was reached that the signal came from the Sagittarius constellation or perhaps from some neighboring star clusters. However, working on this territory is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Big Ear

But the astronomer Albert Knight set out to analyze the information from thousands of stars in this region until the search was narrowed down. And that was how he found the star similar to our Sun called 2MASS 19281982-2640123located 1,800 light-years away in the constellation of Sagittarius, as published D.W..

“Although this star is located too far away to send any response in the form of radio or light transmission, could be a great target for observations looking for exoplanets around the starCaballero said in his final article.

The most surprising thing about the case is that the star that pointed is very close to the distance most likely for an extraterrestrial civilization to exist. “This star has an estimated temperature of only 5 degrees warmer than the Sun, and an almost identical radius and luminosity. It is an excellent target for searching for potentially habitable exoplanets.”, he pointed out.

This study causes good news for astronomy even if an extraterrestrial civilization is not the transmitter of this signal. We already mentioned that the fact that it is a natural event is productive since in this area there could be a world similar to our Earth. But it also provides a new observation tool towards other constellations in the eternal search.

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