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Dulce: More than Meets the Eye?

Dulce Base

Published: 5:31 PM 11/3/2023

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In the vast expanse of New Mexico, just south of the Colorado border, lies Dulce, a quaint town pulsating with tales that are as mysterious as they are captivating. With a backdrop of mesas and sunlit skies, Dulce isn’t just another southwestern town. It's the epicenter of a conspiracy theory that has intrigued and baffled many — a supposed subterranean base teeming with aliens, UFOs, and secrets that stretch the imagination. Dive into the Dulce diaries, where we unravel tales of unexplained phenomena, local legends, and the town's curious embrace of the extraterrestrial. Strap in and prepare for a journey through one of America's most enigmatic locales.

Beneath the unassuming streets of Dulce, New Mexico, where there's not even a single traffic light, there may lurk a mystery as deep as the darkest abyss. Most passersby would see just another tranquil southwestern town, but some curious souls whisper of a secret underground. The tales are out of this world—literally! Conspiracy enthusiasts suggest that this isn't just your average town, but the rooftop of a seven-level subterranean base.

So what's in the Dulce Base? Oh, just some casual human-animal hybrids, a few human-alien crossovers, and mind-boggling technology that could reshape our understanding of science. Rumors even float around of full-blown alien skirmishes happening down there. Move over, Roswell; Dulce might just be the next epicenter of extraterrestrial enigma in New Mexico.

Michael Barkun stated that the presence of underground missile installations in New Mexico during the Cold War made the rumors about an underground military facility in the Dulce area seem somewhat believable. Barkun stated that the former installations contributed to the Dulce base story becoming a story "well outside even the most far-fetched reports of secret underground bases."

Dulce Base Because the alleged Dulce facility is underground, theorists only have context clues to go off of when identifying its exact location. True believers state that the base is just north of Dulce, New Mexico on Archuleta Mesa, essentially on the Colorado state line. If this is true then a quick 35 minute car ride will get you from Dulce proper straight into the heart of a vast government conspiracy.

In the heart of the 1970s, amidst the backdrop of the New Mexico deserts, a series of perplexing and grisly tales began to unfold. As narrated in Michael Barkun’s "A Culture of Conspiracy", it was New Mexico State Trooper Gabriel Valdez who found himself at the center of these eerie events. From the quiet skies of Dulce, Valdez reported observing unidentified “sophisticated spacecraft”, hinting at a cosmic presence in the very place where legend says the Dulce Base hides.

However, the skies weren't the only bearers of mysteries. On the ground, Valdez stumbled upon an unsettling scene—a mutilated cow with an anomalous fetus within. This wasn’t nature’s usual course. The creature seemed to be an inexplicable mix: part human, part monkey, part frog. The surrounding debris and evidence, rather than clarifying, only deepened the enigma. To Valdez, it hinted at the unthinkable: government involvement and dark secrets kept from public eyes. Wild animals, he believed, were not the culprits. The riddles of Dulce were far more complex. Valdez said:

Dulce Base The evidence that was left there — you know, predators don’t leave gas masks, glow sticks, radar chaff. They don’t leave that stuff.

As national intrigue around cattle mutilations intensified and murmurs of mysterious electronic signals grew louder, the legend of Dulce Base started taking form. Enter Paul Bennewitz, the Albuquerque physicist and businessman, who, by 1979, had already been ensnared by Dulce's mysteries. But it was in 1982 that Bennewitz made a bold proclamation: he asserted the existence of the covert underground base through a bombshell report that shook the world of conspiracy theorists.

Driven by a combination of curiosity and courage, Bennewitz didn’t just stop at claims. By 1988, he penned a revealing paper titled “Project Beta”, offering a meticulous blueprint on infiltrating this clandestine facility. Were Bennewitz’s assertions a culmination of well-researched findings, or the fruits of an overactive imagination? As the electronic signals continued their dance between the earth and sky, Dulce’s enigma deepened, leaving many hungry for answers.

By the dawn of the 1990s, Dulce's mysteries had garnered yet another spokesperson, this time from the world of aviation and invention—John Lear. With a pedigree as the son of the genius behind the iconic LearJet and credentials that boasted of piloting and governmental associations, Lear wasn’t your everyday conspiracy theorist. By May 1990, he confidently stepped into the spotlight, claiming he had "four independent confirmations" backing the existence of the elusive seven-story subterranean structure.

But Lear's tales didn't stop at architectural validations. He ventured deeper into the cosmic realm, painting detailed pictures of diverse alien species that had supposedly graced our planet. For many, Lear's voice lent weight to the legends, setting a cornerstone for subsequent claims and speculations around the alien hub nestled in New Mexico's deserts. The Dulce story, it seemed, was far from over.

Lear's tales didn't stop at architectural validations. He ventured deeper into the cosmic realm, painting detailed pictures of diverse alien species that had supposedly graced our planet. For many, Lear's voice lent weight to the legends, setting a cornerstone for subsequent claims and speculations around the alien hub nestled in New Mexico's deserts. The Dulce story, it seemed, was far from over.

Dulce Base Phil Schneider's entrance to the Dulce narrative was nothing short of dramatic. While Bennewitz and Lear had already stirred the pot of speculations, Schneider’s claims brought a sizzle that was hard to ignore. Touting himself as an ex-government employee with expertise in explosives, Schneider added a tangible dimension to the theories, stating his direct involvement in constructing the Dulce Base.

Yet, it was his 1995 presentation that truly dropped jaws and raised eyebrows. Schneider didn’t just speak of bricks and mortars; he took the audience on a wild ride to the base’s inception. As the tale went, during the early days of construction, the military purportedly stumbled upon a startling discovery: alien beings lurking right beneath the surface. Schneider's shocking claims thrust Dulce’s mysteries further into the limelight, leaving audiences both mesmerized and mystified.

Phil Schneider's accounts took the Dulce narrative to another level. Beyond just discussing the base's origins, Schneider's tales ventured into cinematic territory, describing underground skirmishes and close encounters of the terrifying kind. According to him, it wasn’t merely about encountering otherworldly beings but engaging in a harrowing firefight. Schneider claimed that in the midst of this battle, he didn't just witness the clash between wary soldiers and perturbed extraterrestrials; he bore personal scars—specifically, a few missing fingers.

Regardless of the differing tales regarding the inception of Dulce Base—whether purposefully built or stumbled upon post-nuclear activities—a recurring theme emerged: the U.S. government didn’t merely discover these beings. They allegedly interacted, negotiated, and perhaps even brokered peace deals with them. Schneider's tales, with their tangible remnants, cast a long shadow on the Dulce saga, urging many to dig deeper into the heart of these mysteries.

The whispers about Dulce Base are as layered as its purported underground structure. There’s a colorful palette of illustrations and diagrams, each vying to paint the most accurate—or sometimes the most sensational—portrait of the facility's blueprint. Those in the know, the so-proclaimed experts, speak of a gargantuan seven-story edifice, plunging two miles into the Earth, its every descent marked by a heightened military presence.

Each floor is allegedly not just a deeper dive into the earth, but into the abyss of ethically dubious experiments. Some stories tell of mind control tactics unleashed upon unsuspecting humans, while others paint pictures of eerie laboratories where alien-human hybrids are birthed. The accommodations for the extraterrestrials themselves vary in description, with claims of segregated housing for the Grey and Reptilian visitors.

However, of all these tales, the legend of the sixth floor—dubbed the "Nightmare Hall"—is perhaps the most chilling. This is where, as whispers go, the harrowing cries of humans under experimentation resonate, their screams echoing in the haunting stillness. Schneider adds more fuel to this firestorm of conspiracy, speaking of territorial conflicts among different alien factions and the military. But perhaps his most audacious claim is that Dulce isn't unique; it's just one in a sprawling network of 129 similar clandestine facilities across the U.S. Whether myth, truth, or a blend of both, Dulce’s tales beckon the curious to uncover what lies beneath.

Nestled in the heart of New Mexico, the town of Dulce has become a hotspot for tales of the unknown. Home to roughly 2,600 residents, stories of UFO encounters, peppered with photographic evidence, have woven their way into the community's fabric. Residents like 78-year-old Geraldine Julian carry memories of otherworldly events from as far back as the 1960s, adding layers to the town's rich lore.

In the midst of these celestial mysteries, there's an earthly concern: the economy. The president of the Jicarilla Apache Legislative Council sees potential in Dulce's extraterrestrial tales. By promoting and embracing these stories, the hope is to fuel tourism and give a much-needed boost to the local economy.

The attendees of the Dulce Base UFO Conference are a diverse bunch, each bringing their own perspectives and theories to the table. But there's one debate that has proven particularly divisive: the very inception of Dulce Base. Was it an intentional construct, meticulously planned as a high-tech research facility? Or was its birth a more serendipitous result of nuclear play?

One side of the argument leans into the narrative of a 1967 incident where the U.S. government, in a bid to stimulate subterranean gas reservoirs, set off a nuclear detonation beneath the New Mexico sands. But instead of gas, they purportedly stumbled upon something far more unexpected and otherworldly: cave-residing aliens. Others, however, firmly believe that such an essential facility was no accident and was purposefully built for research.

Phil Schneider's claims about underground facilities and alien encounters, as sensational as they seem, are accompanied by speculations about how such covert operations could be financially backed. Enter the U.S. "black budget," a clandestine cache dedicated to covert military spending. Schneider and his band of believers alleges that it's this very budget that discreetly bankrolls the shadowy undertakings at these rumored facilities. Estimates on the magnitude of this budget, shrouded in secrecy, range between a staggering $50 to $80 billion, according to various investigative reports.

While skeptics raise eyebrows at Schneider's revelations and the conspiracy theories surrounding Dulce Base, the world of UFO sightings in the U.S. remains consistently alive and buzzing. These unidentified aerial occurrences, far from dwindling, have compelled the Pentagon to recently admit the authenticity of specific Air Force footage. The admission sent shockwaves, bolstering the claims of many UFO enthusiasts. Additionally, the Navy's newly drafted guidelines on reporting these enigmatic aerial phenomena suggest that the skies above us still hold mysteries that even the top echelons of the military seek answers to. Whether it's tales from the depths of Dulce or lights in the night sky, the quest for truth is unyielding and ever-evolving.

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