Poland-Ball of Light Photographed in Przemysl, 05-02-06

Przemysl, woj.podkarpackie, 02/05/06, 15:30.

Mrs. Anna from Przemysl was hanging out her laundry when she met a strange buzzing ball. She managed to take two photos before the camera went off. The ball also had some influence on the witness. Anyway it is hard to establish its true origins.

"I decided to write this letter because I want at least to liberate from all those empty thoughts that are bothering me for some days. I'm a normal, well-educated person. I've got my family and good work status. I have never believed in any UFOs or extraterrestrial forces but recently I experienced something I'm not able to explain rationally" - this is an introduction to a letter of Mrs. Anna from Przemysl, the witness of this extraordinary event.

"It was the 2nd day of May, it was about 3.30 pm. I was hanging out the laundry on a balcony of my house. All of a sudden I heard something resembling buzzing of swarm of bees and I noticed with the corner of my eye some shining ball that stopped maybe 2 or 3 meters away making its constant way up and down with vibrations."

"Suddenly I could feel a total emptiness in my head! Any sounds weren't reaching me. I must emphasize that I live on a busy street. I had a total silence in my head!"

"Scared I ran into my house and completely I don't know why, I grasped my son's camera that was lying on a desk. I managed to take two photos and the camera went off. I heard a quiet crack and then that thing resembling a ball simply vanished in plain sight."

"I know that it is hard to imagine the whole matter but I do my best describing it. I don't know what it was… Several tomes I had strange dreams but I'm not sure if it is connected with the phenomenon."

"I add also that after taking the second photo the camera went off by itself and I wasn't able to start it. It turned out that the battery was completely charged off. It is interesting because about an hour before the occurrence my son had put charged batteries to the camera."


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