The Rendlesham Forest Landings (Bentwaters/Woodbridge) 3

The extraordinary events of Rendlesham would have a profound effect on many of those involved. Though many have chosen to remain silent on the events of that late December, others have managed to step forward with their stories. Some, especially Larry Warren, have been accused of sensationalizing the events for profit.

Warren took criticism, not because he sensationalized reports, but because he had the courage to state his case through his book which he co-wrote with Ufologist and author Peter Robbins. He was only 19 years old at the time of the event, and was still seeking the truth. The claims he made were all fortified with government documents, physical evidence, and many corroborative eye-witness reports. Larry, in his own words:

"As my mind tried to register what I was looking at, the ball of light exploded in a blinding flash. Shards of light and particles fell onto the fog. Several cops ran into the woods. I couldn't move; I tried to cover my eyes, but it was too late. Why I didn't run, I don't know. But now, right in front of me was a machine occupying the spot where the fog had been."

OXFORD lighthouse As mentioned earlier, Charles Halt, though forthcoming with his account, has seen the day that the pressures of being involved in such an extraordinary event were overwhelming, and made it difficult to lead a normal life. Another witness who suffered from the events of those nights was Jim Penniston.

After Penniston's military days ended, he suffered from nightmares, a type of post-traumatic shock. To find relief, he agreed to undergo regressive hypnosis. He underwent two sessions under the guidance of a clinical psychologist. These sessions were videotaped. During the second session, Penniston revealed a haunting account of alien messages.

These were obviously revealed to him telepathically. He was given details of alien abduction and experimentation on humans. These experiments included the collection of sperm, which was taken to a planet in our future. This planet was in a world of darkness and polluted atmospheric conditions. The aliens were struggling to survive, having problems in procreating. He also added that certain individuals were targeted for these tests, both male and female.

These claims are impossible to prove, but there is no doubt in my mind that Penniston believed that he received these messages. It is to me, more likely that during the electromagnetic and/or radioactive conditions of the encounter in the forest of Rendlesham, these messages could have been a product of stress or emotional strain.

Normally, there is a line drawn in the sand so to speak, where some will not cross. I admit that I am one of those. This line divides what we can reasonably absorb as within the realm of believeability, and that which is one step beyond. Like many others, I am a nut and bolts man, that is to say, I can easily believe that an intelligence greater than ours exists, and has the capability to come into our atmosphere.

This may be from outer space, or through another dimension. But, to think that we can be contacted through telepathy is that step beyond. It is something that cannot be SEEN. Therein lies the problem. It seems that we must stretch our imagination a bit to arrive at where we need to be to fully explore the mysterious world of UFOs.

The taking of sperm and egg samples by aliens is of course not a new concept. Other abductees have asserted that they too, were victims of this seemingly hideous operation. The Betty and Barney Hill abduction, the Pine Bluff abduction, the Betty Andreasson affair, and the Stanford, Kentucky abductions, all involved reproductive system testing to some extent. Most of us would like to stop here, but if we examine a subject, we must look at the entire mystery, not just the part that is comfortable to us.

As to the numerous explanations given by debunkers to cover the events of Rendlesham, it is interesting to note that though some of them are reasonable, none of them even begin to explain away the accounts of the witnesses. Yes, a lighthouse beam pushing through a forest fog could be mistaken for some of the sightings, but what about a witness who actually TOUCHED the craft. A star or planet's light can be bent by different atmospheric conditions, but they don't explain a lighted object sitting on the ground, and then taking off.

The events of Rendlesham are real. Are all of the claims made by all of the witnesses real? Probably not, but the gist of the story is true. There are too many accounts by reliable, sane, professional individuals to say they were all mistaken. What did land in the forest that night. I do not know. I do think that there are those who do know. Maybe one day soon we will all know.

In closing, let's examine carefully this quote from eyewitness John Burroughs:

"We stopped the truck where the road stopped and went on foot. We crossed a small open field that lead into the trees where the lights were coming from and as we were coming into the trees there were strange noises, like a woman was screaming, also the woods lit up and you could hear the farm animals making a lot of noise and there was a lot of movement in the woods. All three of us hit the ground and whatever it was started moving back towards the open field and after a minute or two we got up and moved into the trees and the lights moved out into the open field."

"Everything seemed like it was different when we were in that clearing. The sky didn't seem the same... it was like a weird feeling, like everything seemed slower than you were actually doing, and all of a sudden when the object was gone, everything was like normal again."

Effects from a lighthouse beam? I think not. The events of that late December 1980 tell me that a number of individuals had, for a brief period of time, entered a realm where two different life forms met in the same place at the same time. The mystery continues.

alt="Halt, Penniston">

Halt & Penniston, 2003.

(B J Booth)

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