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The Roswell UFO Crash, Part3

What about the alien bodies? There are many rumors about the "little men." Some say there were three, some say four, some even count 5. Let's see if we can find the truth behind the rumors by relying on eye witness testimony.

Ray Danzer, a plumbing contractor, was working on the Roswell Base.

He was standing outside of the emergency room, when he saw alien bodies being brought into the base hospital on stretchers. Dumbfounded by the event, he was shaken back to reality by military police who warned him to leave, and forget what he saw.

Steve MacKenzie saw four bodies around the crashed UFO. He said that another one was out of sight.

Major Edwin Easley was commander of the Military Police who cordoned off the crash site. He related to his family that he made a promise to the President that he would never speak of what he saw that day.

Herbert Ellis, a painting contractor at Roswell AAFB, reported that he saw an alien "walking" into the Roswell Army hospital.

Edwin EasleyMajor Edwin Easley

Mary Bush, who was secretary to the base hospital administrator, told mortician Glenn Dennis that she saw "a creature from another world." She was called on to assist two doctors in a hospital room where three "alien" bodies were being examined. Though suffocated by an overwhelming odor from the bodies, she clearly recalled that the aliens had four fingers, and no thumbs.

Joseph Montoya, Lt. Governor of New Mexico, told Pete Anaya that he had seen "four little men."

One of them was still alive. He states that they had oversized heads, with big eyes.

Their mouth was small, like a cut across a piece of wood. "I tell you they're not from this world."

Sergeant Thomas Gonzales, with the 509th, was a guard at the crash site, and saw bodies he called "little men."

A member of the Army COINTEL, Frank Kaufman, saw a "strange looking craft embedded in a cliff." He also states that he saw debris being put into crates which were stored under heavy military guard at Roswell AAFB.

Frank Kaufman

Frank Kaufman

Again, we must ask the question. Are all of these witnesses lying? Are these stories simply fabrications? What are the odds? How far would this kind of testimony go in a court of law? The conclusion to me is obvious.

Although every tiny detail can be put under a microscope to find fault and error, it is only a normal human assumption to believe this story.

There is just too much evidence to support it.

Many researchers have, in my opinion, wasted countless hours trying to find fault in a report by one witness or so. At times, there have been discrepancies found in a date, a name misspelled, a time of day an hour or two off, and these researchers believe that the ability to discredit one witness makes it logical to assume that ALL of the other witnesses who say essentially the same thing are not to be believed.

On the contrary, when so many agree on one general concept, even with small errors in detail, all the more reason to believe the consensus of the gist of the whole.

There can be NO doubt that a flying craft of unknown origin crashed into the deserts of New Mexico. At least three dead bodies were found, and examined. It seems that possibly one of the aliens lived through the crash. Many theories abound about the location of these bodies, and the crash debris.

I have no answers to that end. There are just too many first-hand witnesses to the events of Roswell not to believe their accounts. The saga of Roswell continues even today.

B J Booth

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