THE A70 ABDUCTION CASE, by Brian Allan

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The A70 has been the site of the East 2 West Ufo Society Skywatches for many years now and has a strange mystique all of its own. Below is the complete article by Brian Allan of this famous Scottish incident.

The A70 Abduction Revisited

An P-E-G Case Report

© Brian Allan 2000


My special and unreserved thanks goes to my friend, colleague, and paranormal researcher Malcolm Robinson for supplying invaluable original research material used in this article, particularly a transcript of Colin Wrights original hypnotic regression session.

I also wish to express my thanks to Garry Woods for his willingness to be interviewed, recorded and once again relive this remarkable series of events.

This particular incident unlike so many others is in some way ‘different’. There is an indefinable sense of ‘rightness’ about it, a feeling that something utterly bizarre and unearthly actually did happen.

This case like no other was a catalyst for many people, particularly for those who chose to sit on the fence refusing commitment to the idea of beings from other worlds visiting ours. That the purpose of these visits is totally altruistic is highly debatable, indeed, that the beings are from another world even more so.

In this article I will attempt - based on new research into particle physics coupled with a highly controversial psychic experiment - to show that rather than being extraterrestrial, these humanoid creature are extradimensional and exploit this ability at will.

Not only that, but governments the world over are aware of this and are attempting to simultaneously co-operate with them and develop our own version of their technology.

While I am convinced that this incident did happen, I have written this article primarily in the hope of stimulating debate in the minds of the general public. My research indicates that there other, less well charted regions of human consciousness and by presenting these alternative explanations for what occurred, perhaps I can cast some light into areas that we have previously regarded as magic.

The A70 Case Revisited

In 1992, at around 8pm on a quiet country road on the outskirts of Edinburgh, two ordinary men experienced an extraordinary event that has become enshrined in the annals of Scottish and world UFO mythology. The event, known as the A70 case, was the alleged abduction of the two men by extraterrestrials.

Neither of the two men, Garry Wood and Colin Wright, expected anything out of the ordinary to occur when they set out on the fateful night of the 27th of August 1992. Their journey was from the south of Edinburgh on the A70 to the village of Tarbrax in East Lothian, a drive of some 15 miles.

The journey, which normally takes around 30 minutes, was in connection with a domestic appliance repair. At around 10 pm they drove through the clear summer’s night at about 40 mph chatting about family and other general issues. Rounding a blind corner, in the vicinity of the Harperrig Reservoir, Colin abruptly leaned forward exclaiming, “What the hell’s that?”

Garry peered through the windscreen, there ahead of the car; floating about 20ft above the road was a two-tiered disc-shaped object. He remembers it being about 30 ft wide, wider than the road, smooth, black and shiny with no windows or illumination.

Garry, a motor mechanic by trade, is familiar with mechanical devices and a range of metal finishes, found the appearance and finish of the object unusual.

Wanting to get away as quickly as possible, he floored the accelerator urging their vehicle up to almost 70 mph. In Colin’s words, Garry was “Driving like a bloody madman.” As they passed below the hovering craft a shimmering curtain of light descended on the car, Garry describes it as like looking at a detuned TV set, just flickering lights. Instantly they were enveloped in total, complete darkness.

Later under hypnosis Garry recalled standing (presumably) outside the car, it was still totally and utterly dark, not a hint of light, he could not even see the car; briefly he thought they had crashed and he was dead.

He blacked out for what subjectively felt like a few seconds, then abruptly he was awake and the car was veering all over the road. Garry could hear Colin shouting at him to watch out then thankfully, he was able to bring the car to a stop. They looked at each other in disbelief, what had happened?

The cool night air was a relief as they gathered their wits. Setting off again, they arrived at their destination still discussing their bizarre encounter.

Arriving at Tarbrax they pulled over at their friend’s house, Garry slipped his hand down to free the seat belt: it was already undone.

He was briefly puzzled but thought no more of it at that moment. Assuming the time to be around 10.40pm they unloaded the items from the car and carried them to the door of their friends house. They knocked on the door, several minutes went by, then they heard an upstairs window open and their friend’s head emerged. He enquired none to politely just what they were doing and informed them that it was quarter to one in the morning. Naturally they thought he was pulling their legs, but no, he was not, they had ‘lost’ two hours.

The men had made the journey to Tarbrax several times and knew it normally took around thirty minutes. Entering the house in a state of some agitation, the men attempted to describe what they had seen; even sketching the craft they had witnessed hovering above the deserted stretch of road.

It was well into the small hours when Garry and Colin left for Gilmerton on the outskirts of Edinburgh; not surprisingly they did not return by the same rout and neither man recalls much about the journey.

When Malcolm Robinson originally interviewed the householders a few days after the event, they both agreed that Garry and Colin were both clearly agitated and from past experience knew neither man was prone to either lying or dramatics.

The following day Garry felt utterly drained of energy, more than just the result of his late night, he felt really worn out. The following few days did not help matters, he was not sleeping at all well, he experienced vivid, disturbing dreams and his sleeping patterns changed for the worse.

Eventually consulting his doctor because of severe headaches, he was advised to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, this proved negative.

As an additional precaution in addition he underwent the uncomfortable procedure of a spinal tap but once again nothing untoward was diagnosed. Fearing ridicule, neither Garry nor Colin reported the incident to the police or media, they did however inform BUFORA (the British UFO Research Association).

As a result of the event, Garry became engrossed in UFOlogy in an attempt at understanding what he had experienced. Eventually, heard of SPI and contacted them to arrange a meeting.

This was arranged and after two preliminary meetings, Malcolm, SPI’s founder, suggested using the controversial technique of hypnotic regression to access what had occurred during this ‘missing time’. Although Garry and Colin had some misgivings, an initial session was arranged using Scottish hypnotherapist and psychic Helen Walters.

During the first session, Garry became very emotional and burst into tears, there was nothing specific, only vague images and impressions, later regression sessions were to prove much more revealing. In later sessions both men remembered sitting in the car, which was stopped in the middle of the road, small humanoid creatures, three to each side, opened both front doors.

Colin recalls Garry being placed on a type of stretcher or carrier: none of the entities were supporting it; the ‘stretcher’ was free floating. Garry although he remembers none of this, does recall creatures approaching the car then a searing pain in his abdomen, as if his stomach muscles were being torn apart, as he says, “You know if you’ve been electrocuted, your muscles all cramp up and it’s really painful, you can’t let go, it was like that.”

For his part, Colin recalls walking up a ramp into the craft, which was lit by a dazzling white light. He remembers being in a circular corridor being led by one of the creatures. Although some of his recollections are hazy and seem to jump from scene to scene like a series of snapshots he distinctly recalls a room leading from the corridor.

The room was utterly featureless except for an unusual chair; it was curiously curved, almost organic in shape. He was stripped naked and placed unresisting in the chair and subjected to some form of non-intrusive physical examination. He also remembers lying back in the chair looking at the ceiling, it was corrugated, translucent, there was soft, diffused lighting filtering through.

This memory segued seamlessly into being naked in a transparent container made from a material rather like glass or Perspex; straps at the feet and ankles secured him.

Outside the container he could clearly see other men and women, all naked and all in transparent containers like his. Blowing around outside the container was a mist rather like the ‘fog’ created by dry ice for stage and film visual effects. He also saw a number of tall, humanoid creatures, one was standing framed in a doorway opposite him, and another three were approaching the container in which he was imprisoned.

Abruptly the transparent material of his container began to frost up, he became alarmed and began to weep, no sooner had he done this than the frosting began to retreat, almost like film sequence running in reverse, until the material was once again perfectly clear. Colin nervously watched as an angular device rose from the floor. It was long and thin, like a rod with a small triangular head; two glowing red lights were set into one of the sides.

There was a peculiar appendage about half way along the length of the device and the base was jointed at the floor. The entire machine moved up and down continuously and the appendage swung from left to right; although there was no pain, Colin thought it might be scanning him.

After Garry’s initial session his recall improved dramatically. Like Colin he described being in a featureless circular room lying on a flat table, he was unable to move although he does not recall being physically strapped down. He was aware of a black, lens shaped device in the centre of the room, the device was twisting and turning almost as if it were folding in on itself. It reminded Garry of a mobius strip. Although he had no idea of its function he heard it make a ‘whooshing’ noise as if air was being displaced.

He had a further impression that the device was ‘tuning’ or stabilising itself. Prior to the steady whooshing sound he had the distinct feeling that the sound emitted by the device was ‘wrong’ and lopsided, almost as if it was in some way out of balance or synchronisation. The even whooshing noise indicated that it was now functioning normally. As he watched the device in fascination he suddenly became aware of a long, thin translucent arm extending over his chest towards his head, the arm abruptly dropped onto his chest near to his shoulder.

This particular trauma affected Garry quite powerfully and he jerked out of the hypnotic trance his body convulsing. On another occasion, he remembers a hole forming in the floor; it was filled with a viscous liquid of some kind, like a gel. While he watched this, a small column rose from the floor, Garry described it as resembling a tin can. It continued to rise until it was around three feet above the floor; the device gave out a noise rather like an electric motor and began to rotate slowly. Part of the cylinder rose from the main body and extended towards him until it was level with his eyes.

The tip of he extension had two red, glowing dots, at this point Garry noticed the pool of liquid start to vibrate. From the liquid a tall, incredibly thin frail looking creature slowly, almost painfully, emerged. Although bearing a marked similarity to a traditional ‘grey’ it appeared emaciated, like a skeleton covered in skin. He remembers that the skin over its ribs looked discoloured and bruised.

He later discovered that all the creatures had difficulty with the gravity and atmospheric pressure on, particularly the tall, thin translucent creatures that frequently tended to fall over. It was his impression that due to the bruised appearance of the creatures, the pool of gel was some form of therapeutic agent designed to treat the damage caused by their frequent falls. Bizarrely, he also recalled a small man apparently quite human dressed in a neat black suit complete with collar and tie who was watching the proceedings. He was standing among the entities all of which seemed quite deferential towards him.

alien depictionIn all, Wood remembers there being around 20 or 30 creatures present, the majority tall, a pallid grey colour and frail looking. One notable variation from this was a smaller, rather bizarre looking being with an odd heart shaped face. On its face were some strangely familiar markings, these comprised coloured facial stripes, three, diagonally on each cheek.

These were reminiscent of the tribal markings normally associated with members of the Native American tribes. He looked at the creatures and mentally ‘asked’, “Why are you doing this”.

The answer that appeared in his mind was surprising and not a little disturbing, one word: “Sanctuary”. While he was in telepathic communication with the creature he was able to ‘see’ fragments of its existence as if the process was a two way street, the creature found this amusing but could not prevent it.

In a further mental communication the being ‘said,’ “In many was you are more advanced than us but you have been ‘capped’. Our existence is much like your own, we also have concerns and needs”.

Just what ‘capped’ means is open to question, but it is quite given what had already been communicated that the inference was, our development either psychological, physical or both, has been deliberately slowed down. Were we likely to present a threat to someone or were we perhaps too immature to deal with the responsibility that our development would bring? Rather like handing a child a loaded gun…perhaps.

Garry is certain that at one point they were taken underground; from the table where he lay, he could see tunnels leading off from a huge, central chamber hewn form solid rock, there was also an enormous machine close to him, possibly it was another flying machine like the one he had witnessed above the road Perhaps Gary’s most worrying memory was seeing a young woman seated naked on the floor, facing the wall; one of the tall creatures was standing beside her.

As Gary looked at her she turned her head towards him; her hair was in a loose shaggy perm with blond highlights. She was sitting shivering with her knees drawn up to her chin, her arms were wrapped around her knees cradling herself, she had been crying and was clearly in the same predicament as him. He is convinced that should they meet again he would recognise her instantly.

It should be stressed that Gary is totally sincere in his belief and his sincerity shows, he certainly does not give the impression that he concocted the whole thing.

Following the alleged abduction and subsequent regressions, Gary and Colin dealt with their ordeal in different ways; Gary became deeply involved in the study of UFO’s and the paranormal to the extent of setting up his own research group.

On occasions he has collaborated with another Scottish researcher, Ron Halliday. Colin on the other hand went in the other direction entirely and has effectively rejected the event and refuses to discuss the matter, but given the trauma associated with the incident this reaction is not totally unexpected.

The Hypnotic Regression

What follows is a transcript of a session in an A70 related typical hypnotic regression supervised and conducted by Helen Walters:

Helen: “I want you to relive that night Colin, see it, feel it where are you?”

Colin: “Nowhere”.

Helen: “Where is nowhere”. Colin: “Just nowhere, complete blackness”.

Helen: “What are you looking at, what are you trying to see?”

Colin: “I feel I’m going up”.

Helen: “Going up?”

Colin: “Uh huh”.

Helen: “See it, feel it, can you hear anything”?

Colin: “Nothing” Helen: “See it Colin, nothing can harm you at this moment, listen to the sound of my voice”, Colin’s body jerked suddenly.

Colin: “ Creatures, I’m telling them to get lost”.

Helen: “Where are you”?

Colin: “I’m in a Bright room”.

Helen: “What are they doing”?

Colin: “They’re trying to undress me”.

Helen: “Tell me what’s happening Colin”.

Colin: “I’m sitting with no clothes on”.

Helen: “Where are you sitting”?

Colin: “A metal chair, it’s smooth and cold”.

Helen: “How do you feel”?

Colin: “Just cold”.

Helen: “Tell me what is happening Colin”?

Colin: “Something’s in my right eye”.

Helen: “What’s in your right eye”?

Colin: “I don’t know, it’s uncomfortable, like a red hot poker in the centre of my eye, it’s really sore”.

Helen: “Who is putting this hot poker I to your eye”?

Colin: “I can’t see anything”.

Helen: “Is your left eye open”?

Colin: “Uh huh”

Helen: “Why are you shaking your head”? At this point Colin was moving his head from side to side.

Colin: “I’m trying to get a good look at the thing, the thing that’s doing this to me to me”. Helen: “What’s Happening now”?

Colin: “Just took it out of my eye, my right eye’s really burning, my eye’s really watering, it’s gushing”.

Helen; “What kind of material was it, what did it feel like”?

Colin; “It felt like there was something clamped on it, that there was something going into my eye”.

Helen: “How did you get there Colin, how did you get there? I want you to relive your journey”

Colin: “The car is in a big, bright, metallic room”.

Helen: “How did it get there”?

Colin: “It was lifted”.

Helen: “How was it lifted”?

Colin: “I don’t know, I just feel it juddering and being lifted”.

Helen: “OK, go back to the beginning of your journey”.

Colin: “Just passing the reservoir on the left hand side, just passing the farmhouse on the right. Doesn’t make sense, there’s no road, nothing; the car is definitely off it. There seems to be some kind of force, there is nothing physical that I can see. I’m cold; I’m getting carried along at some rate”. Colin’s body gave a powerful twitch. “I’m in that chair again…something’s looking at me back in the corridor, it’s…it was…ahhh…it’s ugly”.

Helen: “Describe it Colin, describe the ugly thing”.

Colin: “It’s ugly and it’s lurking in that corridor, it comes and goes, it seems ancient to me. Ugly…it’s really badly deformed, I’m not scared of it any more”. Colin began to laugh. “It seems that this thing has been in a fight and it’s the loser. I think it’s trying to manipulate me”.

Helen: “In what way”?

Colin: “I don’t know, ii think I’m pissing it off because I’m not scared any more. I’m laughing at it, it’s weird it’s away”. Colin’s head turned to the right. “ I can hear a noise behind me, I can’t think of a word to describe it”. His body convulsed briefly. “I’m staring at a wee one”.

Helen: “A wee what”?

Colin: “ A wee creature, it’s not very happy with me, I don’t think I was supposed to look behind my chair for some reason. It’s looking at me with those black eyes but I’ll not give in”. Helen: “You won’t give in to what”?

Colin: “It’s trying to outstare me. It’s away; I don’t think it was very pleased with me. It just doesn’t want me to see what is behind me for some reason. If I try to do anything they’ll come round the corner and stop me”.

Helen: “What do you have on Colin”?

Colin: “Nothing, the chair is freezing, I keep wanting to get out of the chair but I bet it will be a big mistake”.

Helen: “Did they speak to you”?

Colin: “No, but I could tell it was pissed off. I’m looking at something, it looks like some sort of surgery tool, I think that’s what went into my eye”.

Helen: “Can you describe it”?

Colin: “It sort of comes down and bends to the left and then bends down again, it’s hard to describe. I’ve never see anything like it, it separates into four and there’s all just things hanging from it”.

Helen: “Move on from there Colin”. He convulsed again. “What’s happening Colin”?

Colin: “Two of them have got me by the feet and are dragging me toward a small archway”.

Helen “How did you get out of the chair”? Colin: “They grabbed me by the feet, I think I pushed them off”.

Helen: “What’s happening now”?

Colin: “They’re dragging me back to the car, they’re not fussy about hurting me”. More convulsions

Helen: “Where are you now”?

Colin: “Back in the car, back in the seat”.

Helen: “Do you have your clothes on”?

Colin: “Yes”.

Helen: “Go back to when you put your clothes on, what’s happening”?

Colin: “Putting my clothes on”.

Helen: “Who”?

Colin: “The wee aliens”.

Helen: “How many are there”?

Colin: “Four”. Again more convulsions. “There is a big alien in front of me doing something, my head is pounding. I don’t know if it’s giving me something or taking something out of my head. My mind goes black, then lighter, my head feels numb, it feels massive, it feels as if I’ve got a big forehead”. Colin’s hand came up and he rubbed forehead vigorously”

Helen: “What’s happening”?

Colin: “Shooting pain, I don’t know what they have done but it’s weird, my brain feels like it’s swollen and pushing my head out like it’s going to burst. I can’t handle this, it’s stopped, it’s weird”.

Helen: “Can you move on, where are you now”?

Colin: “Back on the road”.

Helen: “How did you get there”?

Colin: “Big bang then a thud”.

Helen: “Anyone in the car with you”?

Colin: “Gary’s looking at m, he’s bewildered, Garry’s asking me, did you see what I saw”?

Helen: “ Did you see Garry on your travels”?

Colin: “No, just now”.

UFO As part of a recent BBC TV programme, Garry agreed to undergo a polygraph (lie detector) test supervised by Bud Hopkins an American UFO abduction guru and Professor Susan Greenwood a lecturer in psychology and presenter of ‘Brain Story’, a BBC series dealing with perception. While he was attached to the machine Prof. Greenwood asked Garry a series of leading question: he passed the test.

Although this does not mean that he was actually abducted by alien beings, is does indicate that he believes something highly unusual occurred. It must be stressed that the use of polygraphs is a controversial issue, almost as much as hypnotic regression.

It is claimed that the machine can be duped into accepting a response to a question as the truth when it is not. In the A70 incident this is entirely justified because there is one overall flaw in the evidence presented: the hypnotic regressions.

A period of almost six months elapsed between the incident and the regressions, six months in which both men, because they were not conversant with the subject of UFO’s and UFOlogy, read all they could about the subject and the mythology surrounding the it, particularly Garry.

This alone must render the disclosures as presented under regression unreliable, add to this the predisposition for the typical hypnotic subject to please the questioner by saying what is expected of them and the evidence begins to fall apart. Without these crucial statements what is left is the undeniable conviction of both men that a real event took place, an event that they cannot otherwise explain.

The machines currently in use today by various agencies are variations on a design devised in 1945 by John Edward Reid an American criminologist. All the devices rely on involuntary responses (emotional stress) generated by the body in response to direct questions, i.e. when telling a lie, in a normal person, breathing and blood pressure alter as does the galvanic response of the skin.

Before the session begins the operator asks questions designed to act as a base line response and calibrates the machine accordingly, in other words he or she asks the subject to deliberately tell a lie. The machine however is not foolproof and various physiological elements can render the findings at best doubtful and at worst totally invalid. Examples of this are nervousness and mental disorders; likewise if the subject is a pathological liar then they will generate no change whatsoever in stress patterns when lying.

Although widely used as an adjunct to criminal investigations, due to possible variations in response, evidence gathered from polygraph tests are not legally admissible as evidence. This is in no way intended to detract from Gary’s evidence or insinuate in any way that he fooled the machine, but merely to illustrate that polygraph derived testimony is not infallible.

The Alternatives

These then are the bare bones of the account, at the time no serious attempt was made to present the events in terms other than an extraterrestrial encounter. There are other equally valid explanations for what did or did not occur and none of them directly employ the ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) theory.

The bottom line is: ‘something’ happened! Something so traumatic that both men unconsciously rationalised their experience in the only way that made sense to them, an alien abduction. The list of possibilities therefore include,

The events are a total fabrication or,

This was an actual alien abduction, or,

A MILAB, (Military Abduction) or,

An encounter with a powerful EM (electromagnetic) anomaly, or

A ‘time or dimension slip’, in other words a rip in the fabric of space / time.

The first of the possibilities, a fabrication, is very unlikely, neither man wanted or needed the notoriety such a claim would bring both to themselves and indirectly their families. Neither was there a likelihood of any financial reward, the obvious sincerity of the men, the subsequent hypnotic regressions and recent polygraph test also serves to rule out a deliberate and premeditated lie as a possibility.

The second, extraterrestrial intervention while possible is in the light of the other options less likely than it was previously. Certainly the incident bears all the hallmarks of many classic abduction cases and in common with these it contains a wealth of detail, the electrical malfunction of the car, the incongruous mist, humanoid ‘greys’ and other creatures, the medical examinations, the (possible) implants etc. etc.

To be really effective though, one must first embrace the ETH as a reality to the exclusion of all the other possible explanations. While there are tens of thousands of people can and do accept this as a premise, there are equally tens of thousands more who do not.

The next alternative to alien abduction is a ‘MILAB’; this hypothesis while still remarkable is considerably more likely than the purely alien alternative. It is in many ways equally worrying, not least because the protagonists are not necessarily operating with the consent or authority of the British Government and are almost certainly working to their own, quite separate agenda, the potential for a political and military disaster is enormous.

The likelihood of governments to target their own people for experimentation is far from unique; there are several instances where certain covert agencies in the United States, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the NSA (National Security Agency) are typical examples, have perpetrated disgraceful covert experiments on specific ‘target’ groups of the American people.

This was particularly true of experiments relating to experimental nerve agents designed for biological warfare, the prolonged effects of exposure to microwave radiation and cynical attempts to influence how people think using ‘psychotronic’ devices developed under ‘black’ projects ranging from Project Artichoke (originally sanctioned by former CIA chief Allen Dulles) to project MK-ULTRA which was officially terminated in the early 1970’s. Not surprisingly, this official termination did not end the project, for from it. This along with other covert enterprises, most notably the ill conceived ‘star wars’ project went ‘black’ and disappeared completely into the shadowy maze of the government / military /industrial complex.

The manipulation of the ETH for government / military ends is both practical and logical, it is also likely that governments can and do set up ‘extraterrestrial’ close encounter incidents for their own ends, they have the funding, resources and technology to do so.

This is of course, only a smokescreen to disguise possible inadvertent sightings during tests of their own experiments involving cutting edge, experimental military hardware. Perhaps to demonstrate some feigned interest, the police and media sidetrack and pay lip service to any reports made by the general public then quickly forget about it.

What happened to Gary and Colin could easily fall under the heading of a classic MILAB scenario. In Scotland (and elsewhere) there are persistent rumours and sightings of large, totally silent triangular aircraft that have the uncanny ability to hover noiselessly one second then instantaneously accelerate away at remarkable velocities the next making no sound except a rush of air to mark their departure.

There are also leaked stories of microwave inspired devices and machines designed to paralyse the human nervous system and render the affected person unconscious. These devices are used in covert mind control projects pioneered under the previously mentioned ‘MK-ULTRA’ using ‘psychotronic transmitters’.

Psychotronics were developed by intelligence agencies in both of the superpowers based on earlier, less reliable methods. The US originally attempted mind control using ‘narcohypnosis’, a technique employing certain hallucinogenic drugs, hypnosis and altered states of consciousness. Early forms of mind control employed by the former Soviet Union are less clearly defined due to the obsessive secrecy employed by the communist regime in power at the time.

This policy was obviously re-enforced by the minimal civil rights implemented by the then Russian totalitarian state. Nonetheless, the former USSR did have programmes designed to investigate and develop possible methods of mind control, there can be little doubt that in many ways they emulated American techniques. For both powers, testing these methods in-house on ‘volunteers’ from the armed forces is one thing, but for various reasons, probably psychological, tests on selected unsuspecting members of the general public, the abductees, may be more valid due to the trauma experienced.

The means and will to perpetrate MILABS are in place and the desire to use them as a research tool is likewise present. The techniques employed to convince the unfortunate abductees rely on conscious altering techniques, chemicals, well-understood processes within the human brain and probably bio-electronic implants.

Everyone’s brain is ‘hard wired’ in a similar fashion and if a given input is applied, the brain will respond in a fairly predictable manner and produce the desired images, memories and impressions.

It is quite possible that repeat abductees are monitored on a regular basis to assess how well the experiment /implant /programming is progressing, and as a result experience abductions regularly.

Another factor tying this to the A70 case is the appearance of a human being, the man wearing a black suit, this is common in many reported a MILAB’s. Not necessarily a man wearing a suit, but the presence of human beings interspersed with the aliens, humans who appear to be either in control of the proceedings or immune from them. It should be borne in mind that this incident and the regressions occurred years before the SF film ‘Men In Black’ was made.

The shared mythology of grim faced, rather threatening Men in Black and UFO’s has been linked to sightings in various countries around the world. According to all reports, they always appear unannounced at the home of people who have had a UFO experience, particularly if the person involved managed to get a really good view of one of the objects and /or its occupants.

Once they arrive, they make it abundantly clear through either thinly veiled threats or appeals to the person’s sense of national loyalty, usually both, that the person should forget the incident, or their (the MIB’s) appearance ever took place. MIB’s are also recorded as a facet of UFO sightings, but normally they appear to threaten /cajole after the incident, it is most unusual for them to be observed during the actual abduction.

The third option, an encounter with an EM field, is much more complex and subtle, not least due to the subjective impressions of the experiencers. In the A70 incident there are a number of factors to be taken into account. First, the source of natural EM fields, the area of the abduction is close to a natural geological fault in the Pentland Hills, which is an excellent source of EM radiation.

If the tectonic plates flex or twist as a result of a micro-tremor a powerful discharge is created and pulsed to the surface. Next, the proximity of the Harperrig Reservoir; due to their ionising properties reservoirs and other stretches of water are another major factor in EM induced hallucinations. This gives rise to two possible scenarios, both based on the premise that the men and their vehicle had passed through such an EM field on the road to Tarbrax.

The least likely of these two scenarios would involve both of the men being rendered unconscious, the car electrics malfunctioning and the vehicle stopping. Some time elapses and the men regain consciousness, the car engine restarts and they proceed and discover they have ‘lost’ two hours. For various reasons, not least the presence of other traffic, this is impractical, although the fact that the engine spontaneously restarts introduces another factor into the equation and it is a puzzle that is worth examining.

If the engine restarts because the ignition key is turned by one of the car’s occupants, then this at least makes sense, but if it just abruptly begins running without the aid of a starter, then this is something quite different. In fact, as we shall see, when we consider the possibilities opened up by quantum physics, this introduces factors involving time and the ability to halt it, because if the engine was somehow halted in mid cycle then this would go some way to explaining other phenomena reported by abductees.

The second and much more conventional explanation is; when they entered the magnetic field they suffered a paroxysm or epileptoform seizure, these could well be subclinical (i.e. not requiring medical treatment), temporal micro-seizures but in effect caused the men to perform and function as if on autopilot. These micro-seizures interfere with the consolidation of incoming information to the brain.

‘The condition causes electrical spikes and transients in the brain, leading to sudden tingling in digits, fingers and nose, flashes of light – hallucinations - coloured balls of light etc. Hearing sounds, ringing, buzzing, hearing ones name being called. Strange intense smells, pleasant and unpleasant and dizziness with no obvious cause’. [J Gilroy - Basic Neurology - Pergammon Press 1973]. In this scenario they could drive around for some time totally unaware of their surroundings, or conversely, Gary may have parked the vehicle and they just sat there. When the effects wore off, Gary restarted the car and resumed the journey coming fully awake seconds after setting off and causing the car to swerve violently, although seemingly unlikely this scenario is not unique and is medically possible.

The same or similar experiences have also been reported by persons suffering for the onset of migraines or migraines at (once again) sub-clinical levels (Gary’s severe headache), the effects of this include:

Noises, ‘hisses and rumbling, intense smells’, [extracted from ‘Migraine’ by Oliver Sacks pub. Picador 1973] Enhancement of Visual Threshold i.e.’ bright lights and increased illumination’

Sonic Enhancement; ‘faint sounds are unusually enhanced and thus misinterpreted’, Mosaic Vision; normal images become progressively degraded from normal through crystalline and iridescent, to grainy and almost cubist,

Still Vision; a rapid flicker of still images like a film run very slowly, at 6–12Hz. Or ‘no life’ all is still and dead, time is ‘fractured’, this is known as ‘Cinematic Vision’ to neurologists.

Lilliputian Hallucinations; e.g. a male 38 years old reported seeing small grey humanoids crowding into his room. He was not afraid because they ignored him. Such hallucinations are typically followed by feelings of curiosity or amusement. Elementary Hallucinations include; blobs of light, stars and complex geometrical shapes. The electrical malfunctions lodge in the lower cortex, and visual and tactile regions of the sensory cortex, the condition can last for half an hour. Another effect created by this condition is of a blinding light, which moves outward across the visual field and can last for 20 minutes’.

The effects of EM fields on areas of the brain and particularly with people who are EH (Electrically Hypersensitive) can and does cause all manner of unusual and undesirable neurological and physiological symptoms including, ‘visions, hallucinations, fear, anxiety, being OOB (out of body), unconsciousness, feelings of being touched and watched etc’.

This therefore demonstrates how external EM stimuli can and does affect the normal operation of the human brain by interfering with inherent bioelectrical processes within specific areas of the brain cortex.

The fourth and last possibility, that of experiencing a dimensional slip, although at first sight a complete outsider, is, when examined closely and current research into ‘string theory’ is taken into account suddenly becomes a distinct possibility, even a probability. Although theoretically possible in terms of quantum mechanics it was not until a recent unconnected series of amateur experiments revealed the distinct possibility of such contact.

The theory is based on parallel universes and dimensions existing alongside our own, normally invisible and inaccessible, but during specific sets of circumstances the two interface with one another and a point of contact is established allowing transfer between the two realities.

‘Our universe seems to have four dimensions: three of space (up-down, left-right, forward-backward) and one of time. Although we can barely imagine extra dimensions, mathematicians and physicists have long analysed the properties of theoretical spaces that hare any number of dimensions’ [Graham P Collins, staff writer on ‘The Universes Unseen Dimension’, ‘Scientific American’ Aug 2000].

‘Amazingly, in the past two years physicists have begun seriously examining the idea: that everything we can see in our universe is confined to a three dimensional ‘membrane’ that lies within a higher dimensional realm. The physicists may soon be able to detect and verify the existence of reality’s extra dimensions, which could extend over distances as large as a millimetre. Experiments are already looking for the extra dimensions effect on gravity.

If the theory is correct, up-coming high-energy experiments in Europe could see unusual processes involving quantum gravity, such as the creation of transitory minute ‘black holes’. The theory is based on some of the most recent developments in string theory and would solve some long-standing puzzles of particle physics and cosmology’. [Nima Arkani-Hamed, Savas Dimopoulos and George Dvali, The Universes Unseen Dimensions, Scientific American Aug 2000].

The exotic concept of ‘string theory’ and multidimensions actually arise from attempts to understand the most familiar of forces: gravity. More than three centuries after Sir Isaac Newton proposed his law of gravitation, physics still does not explain why gravity is so much weaker than all the other forces’.

The ‘strings’ and ‘superstrings’ mentioned in these quotes are at the heart of this revolutionary concept. In particle physics, at the very core of the atom, along with the neutrons, protons, leptons and quarks etc there are ‘strings’, sometimes called ‘superstrings’.

During experiments using particle accelerators, physicists noticed that one particular class of sub-atomic particle, the quark, never appear singly, but invariably in groups of two and three. Sometimes they are in a row and on other occasions turn in on themselves to form loops. These loops and rows vibrate at different frequencies. To give an idea of the scale: a string is to an atom as an atom is to the universe.

‘They are the basis of all matter, but the mathematics of superstrings gives nonsense answers unless space contains some extra dimensions beyond the usual three, or four including time. These extra dimensions were believed to be too tiny to worry about, smaller than a virus to the same degree as an ant is smaller than the universe.

Any motion in an extra dimension would return to its staring point in too short a time to be measured. Experiments designed to detect such tiny dimensions would require energy far exceeding that available in the most powerful currently available atom smashers.

In 1996, Dr Joseph Lykken of the Fermi National Accelerator in Batavia, Illinois, USA suggested that superstrings might have affects detectable at much lower energies. If so, other physicists calculated last year (1998), the hidden superstring dimensions could be bigger than originally thought. In fact hidden dimensions could be as much as the size of a small ant – about 1mm across.

Hardly huge you will agree, and there is a universe in there. But the visible universe is huge only in the familiar three dimensions of space. In additional dimensions the universe would be thin, the way a sheet of paper is thick in two dimensions and thin in another.

In the hidden dimensions the visible universe’s thickness would measure on the order of one ten millionth of a billionth of a millimetre.

So countless such universes could fit in the extra dimensions. According to Dr Lykken, “The specific laws of physics would be different in each of these universes or ‘branes’ (membranes), Their law of gravity would be the same as ours, but everything else would be different… but maybe they could form galaxies stars galaxies and planets” such parallel 3-D universes, or three-branes might contain unusual forms of matter, possibly forming stars, planets and strange people – all less than a millimetre from the home brane of the sun There’s no danger of bumping into alien universes however.

Nobody can reach out and touch, or see, or send laser beams carrying messages to parallel braneworlds because light and matter are confined to each brane. “We are built of particles that cannot fall off and probe the extra dimensions,” said physicist, professor Dr Nemanja Kaloper of Stanford University’. [Tom Sigfried, (science writer) Dallas Morning Post, 5th July 1999]

The really bizarre thing about them is their properties. In other words, sometimes they are there and sometimes not, so, where do they go? Physicists have calculated that they enter a different state of existence in effect another dimension.

Thus far, using string theory equations they have located the existence nine possible dimensions but can only rationalise five of them.

Another explanation for parallel universes is based on the concept of ‘dark matter’ ‘Another example is the mystery in cosmology of what constitutes ‘dark matter’ the invisible gravitating substance than seems to make up 90% of the mass of the universe. This dark matter may reside in parallel universes.

Such matter would affect our universe through gravity and is necessarily ‘dark’ because out species of is stuck to our membrane, so photons cannon travel across the void from the parallel matter to our eyes’ [Nima Arkani-Hamed, Savas Dimopoulos and George Dvali, The Universes Unseen Dimensions, Scientific American Aug 2000].

In other words, the parallel universes and dimensions may coexist with our own but are invisible to us by nature of a) their structure and b) the frequency at which they function. This leads to the theory that ‘extraterrestrials’ are in fact ‘extradimensionals’, perhaps even reflections of us existing in a separate dimension. They glimpses we occasionally have of them are distorted by probable temporal difference between the two realities.

In this scenario the EM field may have created the portal and Gary and Colin either ‘fell through’, or the entities used or created a weakness in space /time to travel from their dimension. In this instance time would have no meaning at all, in effect the two men were in limbo until either rejected by the other dimensions, a reflex action as instinctive and involuntary as the human body rejects a virus, or, deliberately sent back into this time frame.

Whether the visions both men recalled under hypnosis were memories of the beings inhabiting these alternate dimensions or fantasies culled from their subconscious is at the very core of this debate.

It has been suggested by various groups of researchers that the entities described by both men during the regressions are in fact denizens of these alternate dimensions.

This falls into line with the train of thought that UFOs and their occupants are a trans-dimensional phenomena rather than an extraterrestrial one. These concepts are based on how some UFO’s act and perform when observed, i.e. instantaneous movement, vanishing and re-appearing in the blink of an eye etc. In fact both of these explanations may contain part of the answer; it has been claimed recently by an amateur research body, ‘The Scole Group’ that under certain circumstances it is possible to forge a link between the two (or more) dimensions.

During their five-year project, the Scole Group using mediums and psychics claim to achieve contact with discarnate intelligences from the ‘other side’, the ‘spirit world’ or for this propose, another dimension. Whether one accepts the reality and conclusions of these findings, some of the results do deserve close attention particularly in relation to the appearance of one of these entities.

Once the mystical trappings are swept away, what one of their experiments using video cameras and a device called a ‘double psychomanteum’, revealed the image of a being the group decided to call ‘Blue’. (A ‘psychomanteum’ is an arrangement of mirrors or other reflective polished surfaces e.g. copper or brass).

Those attempting to either communicate with the dead or consult oracles have used this system for centuries, the user sits gazing into the mirror and according to the theory, the image of the spirit /oracle appears. Because of the mirrors, they dubbed this experiment ‘Project Alice’. ‘Gradually the line turned sideways and the square screen came into view, now seen from the front.

The amazing thing was that as the screen rotated it had an image on it. This was a very clear view of an ‘animated interdimensional friend’ whose features, to say the least were not exactly our own. This friend has been named ‘Blue’. We leave you to decode whether the image is thought provoking. The group has no doubts.

For them this was a fantastic result, which has been achieved, in fully lighted conditions’ [‘The Scole Experiment’, pp138 Grant and Jane Solomon pub Piatkus 2000].‘Further experiments did produce an array of images. There were things that looked like shrimps, an orange and yellow flower unfolding, a comet, eyes, lips even a beak. Another image resembled a rotating doorway’ Whether one accepts the validity of this type of phenomenon is entirely subjective, however, in this instance a video camera was mounted to replace the human being and allowed to record any images that appeared in the mirror.

On this occasion ‘Blue’ appeared, during other sessions recorded a few days later, pinkish images of what may be planets suspended in space and pyramid shaped objects were captured on tape.

All very good except for one item: ‘Blue’. The entity which the group rather ingenuously named ‘Blue’ is to all intents and purposes a ‘Grey’, the ubiquitous occupant /pilot of UFO’s. The similarity is quite obvious, the elongated face, large, black, slanted eyes no discernable mouth or nose, the likeness is unmistakable. What then did the Scole Group record, the inhabitant of another reality/galaxy/dimension or an extraterrestrial?

If they did achieve an astonishing breakthrough then perhaps this is proof that other dimensions actually exist alongside our own and are accessible. The basis for their experiments was the intention to demonstrate scientific proof of an afterlife, it would be foolish to dismiss the project out of hand as superstitious nonsense, this is akin to ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’. Irrespective of their motives, if the video images captured by the group are of an interdimensional entity then it is feasible that Garry and Colin actually did find themselves, briefly, literally ‘out of this world’ in circumstances generated by the deliberate manipulation of space /time.

This concept also throws the standard idea of interstellar and intergalactic travel by means of ‘nuts and bolts’ vehicles into disarray and leads to other questions, i.e. are all genuine anomalous sightings recorded in the skies and on the surface of planet Earth the result of interdimensional visitations, or does the method of ‘travel’ involve dipping into an alternate universe.

One of the theoretical methods of transport involves literally taking two points in space and drawing then together, actually folding space and passing directly across between the two folded sections. In effect what was described in Frank Herbert’s classic book ‘Dune’ as “The art of travelling without moving”.

Or in line with contemporary theorising are controlled miniature black holes being used to punch holes in the very fabric of reality as we comprehend it and permit interdimensional travel?

It is therefore quite possible that in physical terms, the ‘UFO’ (if that is what it was) never actually moved from the spot where Garry and Colin were abducted, instead it merely ‘phased’ itself out from our point in relative space/time into one of its own choosing. Correspondingly, their return, along with that of their car, was achieved by ‘phasing’ back into our continuum and releasing them, truly, the art of travelling without moving.


What follows is a verbatim account from a recorded interview made on the Sunday the 25th of October 2000 between Garry Woods, my colleague Bill Devlin and myself. NB This interview was not conducted under hypnosis.

Assuming the results of the Scole experiments to be genuine, and the findings of particle physicists based in solid foundations, then the practise of spiritualism takes on a fresh and quite unexpected look. The prayers used in traditional spiritualism date from the 1950’s when, in order to deflect charges of witchcraft and sequent prosecution under arcane legislation, prayers were incorporated into services.

The actual prayers are unnecessary as are invocations of God’s blessing; the real miracle lies in the talents of the mediums who produce the effects. Whether they believe that their talent comes from above is neither here nor there, all that matters is that it works. It is therefore possible that to produce these effects, mediums are capable of retuning or realigning their minds to a different frequency and cutting between the dimensions to make contact with… something, acting as conduits for two-way communication. There is no reason that, once the mechanics of this are understood, devices could not be developed to facilitate this communication and even permit transportation.

The car driven by Garry on the night of the event car, the silent witness in this affair also was adversely affected by what transpired, I asked him about this and other matters raised in the interview.

BA: “ I know you must be pissed off with the constant questions over the years, them and the same answers, but if possible could you try to forget it and pretend it’s the first time you’ve discussed this with anyone, will you try this”?

Garry: “Aye ok”.

BA: “How did you deal with the after effects of the incident”?

Garry: “After what happened, Colin and I went back looking in the area and found stuff that had been in the car, dusters, rags and bits and pieces, as if someone had been raking around in the car. After this my car started growing a white ‘foost’, [a vernacular expression for fungus or dust] all over it. (The car was an almost new Vauxhall Astra).

You know the kind of thing that develops on battery terminals, like crystallisation, but all over the car. I was always at the car removing this growth, rubbing down the paintwork and repainting it. I couldn’t understand it. I know cars, it’s my job, I’m an ambulance mechanic. I thought maybe it’s a bad earth, so I changed the earths but it made no difference. I tried everything but it made no difference, inside the boot, it was everywhere, this white crystallisation”.

Garry also mentioned a dream experienced by both men,

Garry: “I spoke with Colin at great length, talking even before we talked to Malcolm (Robinson), the only thing we had in common was, like, we both sort of had a dream, I don’t know, like we were away for ten years, and we came back and our family had all changed and everything like that. I know this sounds a bit…daft, but that’s kind of like the way that he thought and I thought”.

BA: “Did you actually dream this while actually asleep or was it a general feeling”?

Garry: “ No, it was just a feeling, really odd, a feeling”.

BA: “How did Colin deal with the situation”?

Garry: “Well, Colin at first was interested in it, talked to a few neighbours and so on, then he said he didn’t want to carry on with it, he knew what he saw and now he wanted to get on with his life. I tried to give him books on it but he said he didn’t want to go into it any more, but if I found out anything to let him know. He still come and sees me, we’re still mates”.

BA: “Do you think Colin be prepared to talk about it”?

Garry: “Yes, probably, I could ask him for you if you want”.

BA: “Fine that would be fine, Garry, about the girl you saw in the craft, what about her, what became of her, did you see her again”.

Garry: “I don’t know how this must sound, but all I could think of was getting out of there. I wasn’t interested in her, I didn’t care what happened to her, all I could think about was me, I wasn’t thinking how could I help her, all I was bothering about was me. I would have murdered, killed, anything to get away from there, I just wanted away”

BA: “The hypnosis sessions, did the information come directly from the hypnosis or immediately after”?

Garry: “Yeah, aye, ahha, Colin would talk under hypnosis, I wasn’t as good a subject, I seemed to find it more difficult”.

BA: “The actual experiences of being underground, OK, obviously I wasn’t privy to the original sessions, why do you think you were underground”?

Garry: “The things I saw underground, I saw a big craft in a big, huge open space under the ground.

BA: “: Was it the same as the craft you’d seen”?

Garry: “Ummm, it’s very vague in my mind and it was just like tunnels, dark tunnels”.

BA: “It’s possible that this underground situation might not necessarily be on earth…it could have been anywhere…off this planet…could have been somewhere entirely different”

Garry, “Well, the creatures I saw…I saw different things, the thing I remember is a being, right in my face. It said to me, I’ve got a life, a life like yours but different, things happen to us, but what’s got to be done’s got to be done”.

BA: “Did they ever tell you why they were doing what they were doing”?

Garry: Well, ah, it asked me for something and I was crying, I said, I can’t help you I’ve got a wife and children and this and that, and what it said it wanted was sanctuary”.

BA: That was in some of the stuff I got from Malcolm, yes, sanctuary. When they asked for sanctuary did they think that you…that we could supply this sanctuary”?

Garry: “I don’t know…ummm, it’s all…it said, your not living like you should be living, that’s what it told me, you’re not living like you should be living”’

BA: “Did it elaborate on that”?

Garry: “It said we were more advanced than them, it what way I don’t know, it said something about we were all capped, in what way I don’t know”.

BA: “Capped, as in stopped from developing”?

Garry: “Capped, I don’t know. They had a lot of trouble with the pressure because the big ones kept falling over but the wee ones weren’t”.

BA: “Like the gravity was too intense for them”?

Garry: “Like heavy pressure on them, they couldn’t handle it”.

BA: “Yes, ok”.

Garry: “Like pressure, I was two objects going away from my chest, just two objects going away…up in the…”.

BA: “You were lying down at this time”?

Garry: “ Aye, I was lying down and I saw two objects getting lifted away, physical objects lifted away. They turned me round, moved me, they were interested in my left leg. What it was, it sounds daft but these things were happy to see me, it was like they were glad, I don’t know but that’s what it seemed like”

BA: “Did they hurt you, do you think they went out of their way to hurt you or it was just incidental to what they were doing”?

Garry: “Between me and you I wasn’t terrible worried, I used to run out of my bed screaming at night, you can ask my wife.

BA: “ Was this prior to this or after”?

Garry: “After, it happened, I would get out of bed screaming at night, I would run out of the house, I would hug the covers. Kim [Garry’s wife] would say “You idiot, get back into bed”. What helped me; it’s why I’m in the nick [condition] I am today and have a better quality of life, is through Helen Walters and the hypnosis. If it wasn’t for that I’d still be scared.

BA: “So she helped you get it out, externalise it”?

Garry: “Whatever she did made me realise that whatever was done, whatever took place isn’t going to hurt me, that’s what I realise now and that’s why I’m not so scared now”.

BA: “The procedures they [the abductors] carried out on you, were they invasive”?

Garry: “It’s hard to…it’s…something took up the full width of my ear, it was buzzing, like interference, it was the full width of my mind and it was buzzing. There was this thing on the other side like a flap and there were two eyes on it. In this place there was like an object up on the wall and it was watching me and it was something horrible, I didn’t know what it was”.

BA: “Malcolm mentioned a lens type thing in the room with you”.

Garry: “Aye, yes, the black lens thing, about seven feet wide and it was the shape of a black eye and there were four packs, one there and there”. [Using his hands, Garry indicated the general shape of an eye with equidistant four objects framing it] “They were like, you know how you get a box of chocolates and some have lines on then the packs, they were like that? They were making this object fold in on itself like a black liquid and it would start spinning round and making a perfect ‘whooshing noise’. I’m used to listening to engines running and this was a perfect noise, a perfect like, whooshing noise”.

BA: “Whooshing, a whooshing noise,… like air being moved”?

Garry: “Aye, well like something, like it was all off balance then spot on like it was running perfect. They turned me round again and there was like a circular hole in the floor and there was a gel like substance like wallpaper paste, a clear gel and I saw something moving in it and one of these creatures climbed out of the gel. At this point I jumped out of the hypnosis. Now, some of these creatures looked like…they were bruised and had to be in this gel stuff, you know if you’re in water, it’s a good shock absorber say you were in a liquid it was in a vacuum. In a liquid you could move in dimensional arcs without being splattered, you know? I think this gel stuff was something to do with that”

BA: “You mean you thought it was something to do with protecting against ‘G’ force”?

Garry: “Yes like that, but it was connected with healing as well”.

BA: “What else do you remember”?

Garry: “I was taken to this place and I saw these things”. [Garry sketched out odd, almost sperm shaped objects]. “I saw these things like they were really, really thin and they had a funny shaped head and there were lots of them and they kept coming towards me, bending on themselves and going away.

Now, this place I was in, it was like a red mist and these things were swimming in the red mist and all these things kept coming, big ones and wee ones and they were all looking at me and then they were like, you know, an eel would do and they were all coming up looking. They would fold back on themselves and head away. I think these things; you know how you get tadpoles and frogs? Well.

I think these things were these bigger things, the tall things. [For clarification, I pressed Garry on this point: according to him, the reference to frogs and tadpoles is an earthly comparison to a pre-adult stage in the development of the tall, frail, translucent entities. We also discussed similarities between what Garry described and the phenomena of ‘Rods’, allegedly ultra fast, thin, eel like entities captured fleetingly on individual frames of film and videotape by researchers in Mexico].

BA: “ Garry do these images come separately like snapshots or do they flow smoothly into one another”?

Garry: “Like snapshots, even with the hypnosis it wasn’t clear, it jumped around”.

BA: “What about other hypnotic sessions”?

Garry: “Aye, I remember in one of the sessions… these things were strong… and they could move, oh yes they could move. This thing looked into my life, one thing I will state, right, put this on record, I meet people who know me and I don’t know who they are, its like certain sections of my life, years, are missing out of my memory, I can back this up with some of my friends. This thing looked into my life”.

BA: “Do you think it stole your memory”?

Garry: “Well, no, it never stole my memory, it looked into my life and I looked into it’s [life] and it couldn’t stop me… and it thought it was funny, it just… it thought it was funny. Then it said to me “I’ve a life like you but different, things happen to us” Like it was showing me. I don’t remember what it did show me, but it did, it did look into my life. And it couldn’t stop me looking into its and it didn’t like it.

It had a problem with it because I think in didn’t know I could do what I was doing to it. I was in a state, fear and this thing was you know trying to calm me down, like I was really freaking out. I would have done what I had to do to get away from there, I’d have stabbed, murdered, anything to get away. I remember rocks; somewhere they took us, like rocks. Have you ever seen slate? Jagged, all these rocks were like that, like slate sticking up.

These things were standing there behind the rocks, like they were waiting for us coming there. I also remember floating like you’ve no control over where you’re going. You can’t do anything because you’re just everywhere, no co-ordination, no control at all. I remember that because I was panicking.

There was another thing, later. Kim (his wife) took a seizure and I had to take the boys to her mothers. I was working and I couldn’t look after them, so I took them to her mums. It was half six at night I was heading back with the boys and I was worried, I was in deep despair, really worried and I was panicking and crying to myself.

Then there was this huge big, like thing, like a flash over the car, everything in the car, the whiteness, like magnesium white started to come in all over the car. It poured in all round us and the boys were screaming and…ahhh, I remember at the side of the road, stopped at the side of the road and I asked Garry (his oldest son) what he thought and he said “It was like being in heaven”. The youngest lad, he was being sick, but Garry, that’s what Garry actually said… “It was like being in heaven… like being in heaven”…

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