Eyewitness Recalls Alien Abduction / Missing Time
UFO First I'll give you the missing time incident.

In November of 1964, my best friend (Robert) and I were returning home from a dance in Perryton Texas. We were teenagers and for the record didn't drink or do drugs. It was near midnight as I remember and fairly clear. Robert was driving and we had just gone through Stinnett. As we topped the hill and headed into the Canadian River Canyon it became very cold and an intense snowstorm began.

Our visibility dropped to zero. I was trying my best to help Robert navigate the road. Then I awoke the next morning around seven in the drivers seat with Robert in the passenger seat. We were parked in front of Robert's house-I lived two houses away. We were both confused and had no memory of what had happened but I KNOW I wasn't driving. I went home exhausted and went to sleep.

I grew up on the Texas Panhandle and it was common to see UFOs. I'll try to share more now.

I am now near 60 and my earliest memory of UFOs and aliens is when I was around seven. At that time I also started to have dreams and memories of floating, flying, and levitation. I remember standing in a very large cavernous underground base. I am holding the finger of a being that I would consider to be a grayish tint and feminine. I am not afraid and feel somewhat secure. We are watching a spaceship (disc) being loaded. I remember long tunnels going off in each direction.

Somehow and I don't know how, but I know this base is under the Canadian River. I remember how busy and easily they seemed to load the ship. Being young, it seemed very large then, maybe 200 feet and a silvery pewter color. Yesterday I was speaking to my sister about my experience and unsolicited she mentioned that her experiences started at about age seven.

She remembers floating out of our home and on to a ship. She was taken to a place that she began to call the "safe place", because she was told it would be safe in the event of nuclear war. I asked her where it was and she said under the Canadian River. I have several brothers and sisters and as soon as I can I am going to ask them about any experiences they might have had.

My next memory is riding in that very space ship or one like it. I remember being allowed to touch the controller that lurched the vessel forward. It seemed to lean forward and skittered about as it began to move forward and just as quick it began to fly smoothly. I can still feel the sensation of the odd acceleration. It was explained to me how the propulsion system worked-there were three engines and they worked off gravity and anti-gravity. I then started having missing time episodes, with the longest being the one I told you about.

Another odd thing is that I had a lump behind my right ear for years, up into adulthood and then it disappeared. I also remember that while I was six or seven my mother had a small piece of what looked to be a crystal removed from her thumb. I remember that she didn't know how it got there and I watched the doctor remove it.

About ten years ago I went to the dentist to have some work done. Understand, I have never had a cavity in my life until then. He made a comment about the filling and root canal that showed up on my X-ray that he hadn't seen before and wanted to know when I had it done. I told him I had never had a root canal or a filling and I don't think he believed me. A few years later, I had another X-ray and there was no longer a filling or signs of a root canal. I believe these to be some type of tag.



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