Pacific Ocean / Airliner Sighting of 1989
UFO I'd like to make a report. I guess, I'm just curious. I'll try to answer all the questions but it happened when I was 7. It happened over the Pacific Ocean on my way to Japan. I don't know the date and time except for 1989.

My sister was the other witness, though 5 at the time. She does not remember now. I don't remember the weather conditions, normal or cloudy...nothing stormy, not perfect. no smells, no effects. nothing else. Here's the story.

My sister and I were restless on the plane to visit our relatives in Japan. We went to the back of the plane, where there was a smoking section. I remember looking out the back window, it was a 747, at cruising altitude and speed. Maybe it was a door I was looking out; No...I remember it had a bump under the window that we rested on.

So I looked down and saw a shape, and oval. It was silver/light gray, and it was approximately (from my memory) between 50 and 75 feet under the plane depending on its size...hard to tell, it could have been further, but at 50 feet it would be maybe 75-100 feet long, at 75, maybe it could have been 120-130 feet long. These are extremely rough estimates from my memory.

It was flying at the exact same speed as the plane, and staying in one spot under us. I didn't have a concept of physics at this age, so I ran back to my mother and said, "Hey mom! there's a blimp under the plane.

"No there's not she said," half asleep.

"Yes there is! no not, a blimp, we're too high."

So I said I dunno, maybe it's a zeppelin? She said no, it's the same thing. We're going too fast. So I went back to check it out...and it was still there. It had a marking on the top. I doubt you'll have much about this because I don't know how often UFO's are seen from the top, but it was like a digital 5.


Like that, in a slightly darker gray color. It was fairly big, like an insignia or something. So I went to get my older brother, since my mother didn't believe me, and I told him. He jumped up, like what?!? and then ran back to see it. When we got there it was gone.

Someone has told me I was seeing a distorted image of the plane in the glass? I doubt it. I saw it very clearly underneath the was under the plane and out a little. I could see the whole thing. I dunno, maybe it was a reflection.

If you can give me ANY information at all. Please do so, I'm very curious. Someone also told me it was an omio (?) or something strange like that, for a UFO first spotted in 1941. No idea. Thanks for your help.

thanks to Bob for sending in report.

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