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Cases of Alien Contact and Abductions

1896 Attempted Abduction; Lodi, CA

1930s Alien Picture from Alaska

1939 Alien Bodies Confirmed (Cordell Hull)

1941 Missouri Crash & Retrieval

1947 Wright Field Circular Craft Two Creatures

1947 Malta, Alien Entities Seen on Watercraft

1947 The Roswell, New Mexico Crash

1950 Alien Encounter at Varese, Italy

1950 Dr. Botta Enters Flying Saucer

1952 Maryland-UFO seen with Occupant

1952-Kansas, UFO with Occupants

1953 The Arizona UFO Crash

1954 UFO Landing in France / Occupants

1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville Alien Encounter

1957 Villas-Boas Encounter

1957 Old-Saybrook, CT, UFO/Occupants

1959 The Papua, New Guinea Sightings

1961 Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

1964 Socorro, New Mexico (Zamora)

1964 UFO Landing, New York (Wilcox)

1964 Alien Encounter at Cisco County

1965 UFO & Occupants, Virginia

1965 Valensole, France Landing (Masse)

1967 The Betty Andreasson Abduction

1967 UFO with Occupants, Ohio

1967 UFO with Occupant, Idaho

1967 Patrolman Herbert Schirmer Abducted

1967 Idaho, UFO with Occupants

1968 Buff Ledge Camp Abductions

1968 Lakeland, Florida Alien Encounter

1968 Hanbury, U K Entities in UFO Dome

1969 Brazil: Abduction of Josť Antonio da Silva

1970 Cowichan District Hospital Sighting

1971 Holloman AFB UFO Landing Film

1972 UFO Lands in Nazca / Occupants

1972 Isla del Lobos Encounter

1973 The Judy Doraty Abduction

1973 The Alabama Tin Foil Alien

1973 Pascagoula, Mississippi Abduction

1973 Lyndia Morel UFO Encounter

1975 The Billy Meier Videos

1975 Sergeant Charles L. Moody Abduction

1975 The Travis Walton Abduction

1976 The Stanford, Kentucky Abductions

1976 The Canary Island Alien Sphere

1976 The Allagash Waterway Abductions

1977 UFO Incident at Alsworth AFB

1978 Alien Shot Dead Ft. Dix / McGuire AFB

1979 Linda Cortile-Napolitano Abduction

1980 Bentwaters-Woodbridge (Rendlesham)

1981 The Lintel Lake Incident

1983 The Copely Woods Encounter

1985 Abduction of Whitley Strieber

1987 Hudson Valley Abduction

1987 The Christa Tilton Abduction

1987 North Canol Road Abduction

1987 The Gulf Breeze Sightings (Walters)

1987 The Ilkley Moor Alien

1988 John Salter and Son Abduction

1988 DNA Sample / Khoury Abduction

1989 The Voronezh, Russia Aliens

1989 Truck Drivers See Landed Craft / Aliens

1993 The Kelly Cahill Abduction

1996 The Varginha, Brazil Entity

1997 Alien Abduction in Wales

1999 Aliens Photographed in London

1999 Alien Abduction in Illinois

2001 Brazil, UFO / Alien Seen

2003 Alien Encounter at Long Bridge, UK

2005 Alien Photographed in Arctic

2009 Possible Humanoid Encountered in Oregon

2017 An Abduction in Clay County, Kentucky

2017 Possible Abduction in Pearland, Texas

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