An Alien in the Countryside?
Photograph Included

Photograph of Alien

On Wednesday, September 12th, UFOData received an email from a lady who wishes to remain anonymous.

Dear Steve,

Her message included a small photograph, taken with a camera phone. Here is the text of her email and we thank her for contacting us:

Dear Steve,

Hello, I am writing in the hope that you will be able to help me and also take me seriously. I am 46 years old, I have never had any kind of UFO experience, I am not mentally ill, I donít use drink and drugs, and I am not a liar.

Dear Steve,

The following letter is 100% true, although I would not blame you if you did not believe me.

I recently moved to a new area because of a job opportunity and one of the big attractions to the area was all the green land and woods as I love the outdoors, especially as I have a large dog which needs a lot of exercise.

On Monday the 8th May,2006, I had been out for several hours with my dog and throughout the afternoon I took a series of photographs of the area to send to my sister who lives abroad.

Later that evening I was downloading the images from my mobile phone to the PC [and] when I looked through the photos, I was very shocked to see that on one of the images there was what appeared to be a greyish figure either running or walking through the shot, all the other images were fine except this one.

The photo I have sent you is the original photo downloaded straight from my phone; the phone is a Motorola Razr with a VGA camera. The photo is very low resolution (160X120, 4.40kb) this is because the camera was set to full zoom (4x) when I took the photo. The photo was taken at 14.20p.m on the afternoon of Monday 08/05/06.

I showed the photo to my husband and asked him for his opinion, he said that the photo is a digital fault and shows nothing more than either a small child or a jogger, and because of the fault this makes the figure look unusual.

Dear Steve,

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard from my husband.

I pointed out that it took me about 2 seconds to take the photo and if anyone such as a child or jogger was in the area I would have seen them.

Dear Steve,

I have very good eye sight and I can clearly say without any doubt that there was no one there when I took the photo, plus I pointed out to my husband that the figure does not look anything like a child or a jogger or neither does it look anything like a human.

I havenít shown the photo to anyone except my husband because I donít think anyone would believe me, plus I donít want to be the subject of ridicule.

Dear Steve,

It was my husbandís sarcastic comments about "the aliens coming to get meĒ that sparked my interest in the unexplained, and over the last few months I have become very interested in the subject and carried out some extensive reading.

A single day has not passed since I took the photo that I havenít looked at the image.

Dear Steve,

I look at the photo on a daily basis and I am just as baffled as to what the figure is in the photo. I am sending you the image to ask if it would be possible for you to carry out some analysis of it to see if you can extract some information from it.

Under no circumstances am I trying to say that the figure is an alien, but I know 100% in my own mind that no one was visible when I took the photo and it does not show a child or a jogger.

Dear Steve,

If the photo is nothing more than a digital fault then thatís fair enough, but even that explanation sounds utterly ridiculous as the figure is too well defined in my opinion, and also I have taken hundreds of photos with my phone and never once have I had any faults or errors show up.

I hope you are able to help me and I also hope I am not wasting your time as I expect you are probably very busy. I look forward to your reply.

Sincerely, [name withheld]

(see enlargement below)

Is it a photographic fault, a normal object (a human or tree branch etc.) under peculiar lighting conditions, something paranormal or a hoax?

You decide.

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