Alleged Photograph of O'Hare Airport UFO
Note: This photograph has been sent to me by several people early AM, 01-24-07. The source was given to me, and I traced it back, and here is all the information I have. An individual who claims to have taken a photograph of the O'Hare Airport UFO on November 7, 2006 sent a copy to a friend of his who posted it on the www.abovetopsecret forum. He only states that the photo was sent to him, and it is from the O'Hare incident.

The UFO Casebook has no information to evaluate the photograph one way or the other. We are posting it here "as is"-nothing has been done to the photograph. If any additional information comes, I will post it. Thanks... B J

source and references:

Archived UFO Articles and News Items, 2007

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