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American Soldier Reports UFO Sighting during Gulf War
UFO Hi, my name is William C. I am from Texas and served time in the US Army. My sighting happened during the Persian Gulf War in March 1991, while pulling guard duty in the middle of nowhere about 50 miles from the Euphrates River.

I was attached to a communications unit while other troops went further inward into combat. It was very late at night after midnight. I and another soldier were back to back, and we talked about different subjects. We were told to keep an eye out in case Iraqi enemies would ambush us. Our unit was in a circle formation with only a couple of sand dunes around us. We started looking up at the sky, it was very clear that night, and all the bombing had ended the night before, we heard no gunfire whatsoever that clear night.

We spotted a greenish ball of light high in the sky and moved very slowly towards the horizon, we stared and wondered what it could be; it pulsated a bit and continued on. Now, we were in the middle of a conflict with another country and smoking was prohibited along with cameras. Our supervising SGT came from behind us and asked what we were doing, we explained and he also wondered what it was.

Since we were a communications unit, we radioed in to see if any fighter jets or commercial flights were anywhere in our area, the answer came in as negative. We stared in amazement and right before it hit the horizon, it sped off like a bat out of hell, it was so fast we forgot to blink, and as soon as it hit the horizon, I say about a distance of maybe a mile or so, everything lit up in that greenish light, as if a hundred cars suddenly turned on their head lights, and then vanished.

We made some calls to see if scud missiles had been fired or a plane crash, all negative responses, our commander left it at that. Next morning, about 200 Iraqi soldiers surrendered, gave up their weapons. Weird huh,…all true, I still wear my uniform today in this US Army, but, I will never forget what a couple of us saw that night.

A big thanks to William for sending in his report.

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