Alien Being Caught on Photograph from Arctic Circle

Arctic Alien
On 03-28-06, the UFO Casebook received a photograph from a reader. The 2005 photograph purportedly shows an alien being partially hidden in some brush.

I enlarged the area in question, and enhanced the area which revealed in fairly good detail what does appear to be that of a being certainly not of human origin. Along with the photo, which is a really nice one I must say, a few details were given. I have written the sender asking for more information regarding the taking of the picture.

If and when I receive this info, I will post it to this page.

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Here are the details that I have at this time.

We didnít really take the picture for the alien, we realized afterwards that it was there. We were over the Arctic Circle, and we were alone, no one within 50 kilometers. We were traveling in a snowmobile. What you see as the main subject of the photograph is an iced over river.

Updated Information: 04-06-06 After sending a request to sender for more information, the UFO Casebook received the following information on April 6.

I donít really have much more details on that day. I can say that it was a snowmobile ride with some friends, we were 200 km up to north circle, between Sverige and Norway.

The nearest city was Kiruna. The photo was taken with a Nikon 5400 with no zoom and it was around midday, of the 20th of December 2005.

Nothing strange happened, it was -20įC, and silence all around with some wild animals.

That's all, we realized there was something showing in the photos some months later when a friend of ours kept saying there was something strange in that brush.

Alien Being Alien Being

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Note: A number of readers have written in saying that they can see a second being just to the left of the being out front.

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