Italian Astrophile Films Hovering UFO
Italy, September, 19 2007 - Ischia (NA - Italy)

Strange oval object with a hole underneath filmed while hovering.

"On September, 19 I was on holidays in Ischia near Aragonese Castle and we sighted this strange object. It was hovering about 100-200 meters high, and it was really big in size. Too huge to be a classic balloon...

At first glance we thought it was an aerostat balloon, due to its big size, but we noticed that it spinned around in all directions (this can be seen clearly from the videos) so we put aside the "aerostat balloon" or any other "man-made" device option.

We noticed also that it seemed to change colors in the yellow-gray scale and it seemed to be a "compact" object not a lightweight one.

It had a hole beneath but it can be seen only in the second video that my girlfriend took with her movie camera, while I was filming with my mobile phone, taking shots with the digital camera (attached) and I managed to take a short video with the digital camera as well.

(Editor's Note: I rarely comment on postings, because our readers like to make their own decisions. However, in this particular case, to me it is fairly obvious that we are looking at a balloon. If this turns out to be something else, I will admit that I was wrong.

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