UFO photographed in Basil, Switzerland, 09-18-04

The UFO Casebook received this UFO report and picture via email.

My family and I were staying in Basil 6 days for the World Karate Chempionship, never having a chance to leave the city until the 18th. This mountain top is where James Bond chased an airplane off a cliff while riding a motorcycle in Goldeneye.

I was facing southwest about 5:00 PM. I took this photograph with a Sony camcorder on a memory cars. I did not discover the unknown object until I transferred it to my computer. I never saw the object at the time of the filming. This particular photograph has a wide view, elevation 6,500 ft where we were standing.

(click on picture for full size image)

The witness and photographer of this sighting also related a sighting from the 1970s.

I am the youngest of 5 kids that grew up in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. All of my siblings had moved out from my parents home except me. My parents came in around 5:00 PM to tell me to go outside to see 3 strange orange glowing lights in the northwest sky. Three separate brilliant lights formed a triangle for one minute or so.

Suddenly, one of the lights lasered off to the EAST in a split second making an orange trail that disappeared immediately. The other two lights remained. When one of the lights descended slowly behind the treeline joining the other light, they streaked off in the same direction and manner as the other one did, making no sound at all.

A big thanks to Evanleake

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