Three Witness UFO over Belleville, Michigan, 08-20-06
UFO Belleville, Michigan-August 20. My daughter's boyfriend was leaving the house on August 20 at about 10:25 PM when he first observed this object. My daughter ran in the house to get me. They pointed the object out in the South East sky. We are located near the railroad tracks on Sumpter road in Belleville so it was above what would be the sky above Romulus towards Metro Airport.

The object was a shimmering yellowish/green with a white light near the top and a red light near the bottom. Both lights were blinking. The object was stationary when I first observed it. I asked my daughter to get her digital camera and she took some pictures but they did not clearly show the object.

It moved south a distance than moved back north, and than south again and began to recede to the east. There was no noise that I could hear and it was at a distance of about a mile, so we should have heard any engine noise. It moved east and then disappeared in the distance.

I've been looking on-line since then to try and find an explanation. I called the local police...they laughed at me, and asked if there had been any hot air balloons in the area or any reports of UFO's. No balloons and no other reports. This thing was clearly seen by all three of us, and we all looked at the picture from the report of August 21 and agree it's the same object.

If anyone else in the Van Buren Township area saw this I'd like to see the reports posted. I've de-bunked UFO's for my entire I'm not so sure.


D. E.

Note: Photograph above from Plymouth, Michigan, 08-21-06

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