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This section of our website contains many of the best UFO photographs ever taken. The list is by no means complete. We do not assert that all of the images on these pages represent extraterrestrial controlled spacecraft. New pictures are added as they are found and verified, so please come back to see updates.

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2007 - Van Buren, Arkansas - Taken by retired Air Force pilot Col. Brian Fields from his backyard.

"At first I thought they were landing lights from an aircraft," he said. "As I continued to observe them they began to slowly disappear, then suddenly one reappeared, followed by two, then three. On at least one occasion four or five appeared. Each time they would slowly fade and eventually disappear. This occurred several times and when they would reappear they might do so in differing numbers and in different positions, sometimes in a triangular shape, sometimes stacked on top of each other, sometimes line abreast, etc. When the objects appeared they might stay illuminated 10 or more minutes."

© Col. Brian Fields

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2007 - Youngwood, PA - Researcher: Stan Gordon reports, "On the evening of January 3, 2007, something unusual was observed in the sky by three people traveling in a vehicle in Westmoreland County. The witnesses never officially reported their experience."

Soon after the sighting, the witnesses were having dinner with a local businessman. During their conversation, they mentioned their sighting. They also showed the man the photo of the object which had been taken on their cell phone camera."

The businessman suggested that they talk with me about what they had observed. I was put in touch with the family and conducted a detailed interview."

image copyright unknown - witness remains anonymous

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2007 - Herning, Denmar k- Unknown Object photographed over Herning, Denmark. You know the picture I sent to you the other day with the "object" in the sky? I just took picture another of these "things." Again, it was not making any sound that I could hear. It was very bright as you also can see in the photo, and it kinda looks like "something" is there in the light. Maybe a craft of some sort?

Jakob Ahler

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2007 - United Kingdom - 02 February -he mysterious lights in the sky over Archway. DOZENS of mysterious lights were spotted hovering in the sky above Archway - spreading panic among residents below. Unidentified flying orange objects stopped traffic and left residents staring skyward in disbelief at around 5.30pm on Thursday. Islington police received four calls within a matter of minutes.

Witness Alix McAlister, 34, a market stall trader from Bredgar Road, Archway, said: "I just picked up my son from nursery in Bredgar Road. I had just come out of the door when I noticed what was going on in the sky.

Islington police informed Contact International UFO Research about the sightings. Soon after another witness contacted the Oxford-based organisation, which is devoted to solving the mystery of UFOs, and described what he saw.

A spokesman for Contact International said: "He told me he was picking his daughter up from school and he saw many people looking up in the air. Traffic had stopped and people were staring.

"He said he saw between 12 and 15 orange lights travelling across the sky. Then they would stop and then they went upwards.

source - Photograph © Alix McAlister

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2007 - Texas - The UFO Casebook received this photograph from my good friend Larry. He tells me that he was taking photographs on April 19 & 20.

He did not see the object as he took the photographs, but later discovered this picture with an unknown object. source:

© lawwalk 2007

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2007 - Australia - After deciding to go away for the Easter long weekend with the family, I stumbled on some interesting photos. I am unsure as to what the object in the sky is, but I will try and give you as much details as I possible can.

These pictures were taken on 6th April 2007. We were in a little town called Moonta in South Australia, about 2 hours drive from Adelaide City. I took these photos from the local scenic railway tour. They were taken at 2:15 PM on the date mentioned above.

After stopping on the train with guided tour, he preceded to tell a story about the local mining town. I noticed an object in the sky just to his left, and I managed to snap of the photo, after looking at it for a couple of seconds. I went in for a second photo, but by time I grabbed my camera I could not find the object.

The object made no noise and it was completely stationary. As I mentioned in the heading of the email, I have no idea what this is, it could be something as simply as a plane, but then I would gather we should have heard some noise.

I spoke with the tour guide to ask if there were any airports about, because it could have been a glider, but he told me that there were none around.


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2007 - Oregon - 03-06-07 - I was outside my house when all of a sudden I looked up and there I see it! There was a bee hive on a tree above me, but then right by it a shape appeared out of thin air. It was kind of like the ship on Star Trek, how it jumps to hyper space.

Then it started performing weird patterns and such. Meanwhile I was frozen with terror. then it erupted with fire and a very loud obnoxious scream / noise. I fell down and said,"Lord Almighty, save the Earth!" Then it charged at me and swooped up and disappeared.


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2007 - Mexico City - March 15 - Video frame captures from the video belonging to Carlos Rodriguez Lopez, who saw a possible UFO to the north of Mexico's capital city.

This evidence was secured on February 17, 2007 from the Progreso Nacional district.

source: Inexplicata-The Journey of Hispanic Ufology

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2007 - Brazil - This photograph has but a few details. It was submitted through the MUFON open files by a man, submitter 6902, who only states that the photo was snapped by his wife in Brazil on April 26, 2007.

Very interesting to say the least. ©

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2007 - Texas - This photo was sent through the MUFON submission files. It was taken in Texas in late April of this year. I really had to do some zooming on this one, but the results were worth the efforts.

The man who took the photograph stated that he did not see anything unusual when he took the photograph, but noticed the anomalous image when he uploaded some photos to his computer.

A very intriguing object. ©

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2007 - Texas - The photograph shown here was submitted to MUFON by submitter #6969. It was taken in Texas on 05-03-07. The photographer stated that he saw nothing unusual until he uploaded the photo to his computer.

Unfortunately, no other information is available at the present time. ©

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2007 - East Texas - Photograph 2-© lawwalk-2007-source:
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2007 - East Texas-Photograph 3-© lawwalk-2007-source:
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2007 - East Texas-Photograph 4-© lawwalk-2007-source:
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2007 - Texas - I took this picture at 6:13 AM on 5/10/2007 in Channelview, Texas on the San Jacinto River. Did not see the object in the upper lefthand corner with the naked eye, only after downloading onto my computer did I notice the strange object.

My son-in-law suggested it may be a weather balloon. Checked with local weather man and he replied that there were no weather balloons in the area at this time of day. Zoom in on it and it looks like a bell. What is your take?

Whatever, it is still a beautiful photo of a sunrise. Thanks for taking the time to look at it! Thanks to the gentleman who sent us an excellent photograph to ponder.


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2007 - Los Angeles, California - I visited the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens (in Arcadia) on Friday June 1st, 2007. My wife and I were looking to find a place to take our wedding pictures. We found this beautiful park; we were taking a tour of the place. I snapped several pictures and drove home.

When I was downloading the pictures and viewing them, I noticed an object in one of the them. I do not know what it is...I am very interested to know what it is. I hope you can help. Please share this picture with your listeners.

source: - --Cesar V.

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2007 - California-It was a relatively clear Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend and I were at the local High School (San Pasqual High) getting ready to jog on their track. We were on top of the hill that overlooks the stadium when we saw a bright star-like object approach from the East. As it came closer its shape became more apparent, more boomerang shaped but very smooth. The top side was made of what appeared to be a highly reflective gold colored metal. The bottom of the object was the color of dull bronze and didn't really seem to reflect the light.

I had my backpack with me and luckily inside it was my camera, so in haste I quickly retrieved my camera and ran closer to the object. It made absolutely no sound and it initially moved very slowly. Too slow for an airplane to fly. As it approached us the object banked to the north and after about 30 seconds reversed it's direction revealing it's side to us.

We watched if for some time as it banked back and forth, then all of a sudden it tipped it's nose to about a 45 degree angle and quickly ascended out of sight. It was completely out of sight after about three seconds. I wasn't afraid when I saw the object, just fascinated by its erratic movements and it's beauty. It truly was a beautiful thing to behold. source-MUFON Submitter 7257

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2007-California-Last month (April 2007), my wife and I were on a walk when we noticed a very large, very strange "craft" in the sky. My wife took a picture with her cell phone camera (first photo below). A few days later a friend (and neighbor) lent me his camera and came with me to take photos of this "craft".

We found it and took a number of very clear photos. Picture #4 is taken from right below this thing and I must give my friend credit as I was not brave enough to get close enough to take this picture myself!

The craft is almost completely silent and moves very smoothly. It usually moves slowly until it decides to take off.

Then it moves VERY quickly and is out of sight in the blink of an eye.

MORE THAN ANYTHING I simply want to understand what this is and why it is here?

As most of you know, this whole series of photographs has been found to be fake! They did their job by certainly gaining a lot of interest. (B J)


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2007-Lake Tahoe-05-05-07-My husband and I were in Lake Tahoe over the weekend. We left on Friday afternoon and came back Monday morning. On Saturday at about 7 PM, I was walking out to my car to get a sweater when I saw this thing in the sky. It was pretty close I think, but still above the trees. It was moving and spinning slowly, heading towards my right.

I was startled and confused at first and wanted to take a picture, but our camera was still inside so I took two pictures with my camera phone before it passed behind the roof of the house. I ran around to the other side and was yelling to my husband to come out. We came around the other side and saw it just as it was going down behind some trees. He didn't get a good look at it, but he saw enough to convince him that it was something really strange.

We decided to take a drive around the area to see if we could see it again, but we never did. We didn't see it the next day either. Since we were renting the cabin for the weekend we didn't know any nearby residents but I would bet at least a few other people saw it. It was very visible and very strange looking. I was definitely a little freaked out but my husband didn't seem very bothered by it. He was more interested in it than scared.

source: MUFON Submitter 7013-

As most of you know, this whole series of photographs has been found to be fake! They did their job by certainly gaining a lot of interest. (B J)

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2007-Capitola, CA-05-16-07-This week I was visting my fiance's parents in Capitola (we were actually there to tell them about our engagement, in fact). We were eating dinner on the back porch when we noticed this "object" sort of hovering in the sky. The camera was still out from earlier so I grabbed it and tried to get some clear shots of it.

It took off over the roof shortly after, so I ran into the street in front of the house to follow, trying to get more shots without wobbling around too much (which was harder than it sounds). It then came in lower over a telephone pole, where I was able to get a few more pictures, before it finally took off into the distance pretty fast. I thought it was gone but noticed it was still visible, so I grabbed a few more pictures.

At one point a car stopped to look as well. No one had any idea what this thing was but everyone in the car was visibly freaked out by it. Once it was gone they told me to call the news and drove off. :) I'm not sure who else saw it in the neighborhood since I don't live down there, but I'm sure at least a few others must have noticed it.

It was way too weird and way too close to go unnoticed. Once it was gone and I caught my breath I could barely stop my hands from shaking for the next hour or so. Needless to say, this is all we talked about for the rest of the night. None of us can figure out what it was (and that's saying something, because my fiance's dad is a mechanical engineer).


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2007-Big Basin, California-Okay, where to begin -- yesterday I was up around big basin for my assignment like I've been mentioning for the last couple weeks -- the theme for those that don't remember was photographing something at a small scale against a large scale backdrop to contrast scales and to play with depth of field etc -- I chose to photograph a couple of flower/weed things growing right on the edge of a drop off with the valley in the background -- I'm still using the rebel xt I bought off mark which is slr so I'm looking at everything through a viewfinder when I notice something _appear_ in the distance, like just pop out of nowhere --

I look up and there is this _huge_ who-knows-what-the-xxx _floating_ in the distance and rotating very slowly and jerkily (is that a word lol) -- almost by reflex I take another shot which is focused in on it this time and go to stand up but practically fall over because I cant even think straight --

I was able to get one more shot which came out kind of blurred and then the thing _vanished_ -- like, as in, now you see it now you don't -- I attached the pictures so you guys can check them out before I really decide to do something with them -- are these going to the 6 o'clock news or what -- any feedback would be great before i make a major decision here -- also btw I attached three pictures the first is when it _first_ appeared right as I was taking a shot of the flowers but I wanted you guys to see everything i saw -- sorry I only got 3 pix but this thing was seriously gone in like a matter of secs.


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2007-New York-05-15-Submitter 7210-Attached is a 5 megapixel digital photo taken in Vischer Ferry, NY near the Mohawk river. The coordinates are 42 degrees 48' 9" north and 73 degrees 50' 31" west. It was on May 15, at 10:10 am. I was just taking a picture of the dam.

The UFO can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of photo 1. Photo 2 is a blown-up picture of the object.

I only noticed the object after I got home and checked it out on the computer. You tell me what it was, because I don't know!

The dam in the photo is a hydro-electric powerplant.

MUFON submitter 7210

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2007-Brazil-Check out this amazing photograph take in the city of Tatuí-São Paulo, Brazil-148 Km from the capital.

It was sent to a local group of ufological research called "UFO Gênesis".(

The name of the author is not given. He is a friend of one of the group collaborators. He says he took the picture at a birthday´s party. It is an scanned analogical photograph, so the investigators can verify the negative in order to attest to its authenticity.



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2007-July 3-United Kingdom-I'm soliciting opinions on this object, photographed by myself outside my home in Stafford (ST16 area) yesterday. Does anybody else in Stafford use these forums? Have you seen anything similar? It's very odd, but I'm not convinced it's extra terrestrial in origin. It just seemed so... real.

Well it would wouldn't it? Despite the weirdness of the object though, I'm skeptical. Maybe it does have a plausible explanation.

The picture was taken around sunset yesterday. It was a funny day. Cloudy one minute, rainy the next, the clouds clearing... before returning and raining again. The weather got stuck in a loop.

But around sunset this amazing affect occurred with (as you can see) strobes of sunshine piercing through a thick cloud across the entire sky.

My wife noticed the stationary, very reflective (like blue chrome) object behind the dark grey cloud first and being completely flummoxed about it, told me to grab my camera. As I raised the camera and increased the zoom, the object suddenly started moving at an incredibly fast speed (seemed to be heading in our direction but going upwards) so I just pressed the button several times.

We got several pics, but it only appeared on the first one.

The object was definitely cylindrical, but with a strangely contoured convex base. There was a cross of incredibly bright light across the base, but a blinding (bright as the sun) ball of light at the front.

(I say 'front' based on its trajectory.) I assume the whole top of the craft was bathed in this 'light' because you could see its aura around the entire thing.

It was gone in an instant... and we were left feeling a bit frightened for a few minutes. I suggested we look up a UFO site on the internet and post it anonymous seeking opinions because we have nothing to lose by doing so.

UFO Casebook Forum Member-Laughing Policeman

Published by the UFO Casebook

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2007-I have a question for you. My husband is a commercial real estate agent in Texas and last week he was taking pictures with a digital camera of a property one of his clients is buying. When he loaded the pictures on his computer, we were shocked when we saw two dark items in the sky. When we enlarged them, it was very clear that they weren't a 'normal' aircraft...

I sent them to my brother and he didn't believe us. He suspected that we had used photo shop to insert them, which we don't even know how to use...

What do you suggest we do with this picture? If my own brother won't even believe us, I'm a little skeptical to approach anyone in our home town. They will probably think the same! source:

See Best UFO Photographs, 2008.

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