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This section of our website contains many of the best UFO photographs ever taken. The list is by no means complete. We do not assert that all of the images on these pages represent extraterrestrial-controlled spacecraft. New pictures are added as they are found and verified, so please come back to see updates.

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Colorado - 01-06-10
2010 - Colorado - 01-06-10 - We were traveling from Manizales to MedellĂ­n, specifically between Caldas and Sabaneta, before Envigado, when we observed these flying objects which I cannot define.

At first, they appeared to be sitting in the sky, but then they began to move slowly. They also appeared to be spinning on their axes. We were able to take several photographs of the objects with a NIKON Coolpix L16 digital camera.

Wisconsin - 01-11-10
2010 - Wisconsin - 01-11-10 - I was traveling south on US-41 near Lomira, Wisconsin, and while observing some unusual clouds, I noticed what looked like a white rod or possibly the edge of a white disc towards the east.

It looked very solid and straight, and I could see both ends of it. I was able to take 2 photographs of the object, and then lost sight of it as I drove south. Source:

China - 2010
2010 - China - My name is Feng Bin Rui, and my English name is Brad Feng. I am a resident of mainland China. I am sending you two photographs that I took on February 27, 2010.

The object in the photographs looks to be made of metal. It circled our apartment and made a slight humming sound like electricity. We had seen several unusual lights in the sky recently, and we were also watching a fireworks display.

I can tell you the objects we saw came from the northwest and made some strange moves. The light from them was similar to a laser light. Finally, we saw this object in the daylight, and I took photos of it. Submitted to UFO Casebook

Belem, Brazil
2010 - Belem, Brazil - 04-12-10 - This photograph was taken with a Sony DSC-500. I took about 8 pictures from my backyard. In most of them appearing with this object, it seems solid, and there was no dirt on the lens.

This is very interesting because my camera captured the object, yet I did not see it at the time I took the photograph. by Henrique Costa

Washington - 09-18-10
2010 - Washington - 09-18-10 - While photographing a vintage car race at Pacific Raceways near Auburn, Washington, I heard an airliner climbing after take-off from the Seattle airport.

I looked up to locate the airliner and decided to take a picture of it. While taking the photo of the airliner, I noticed a bright spot in the sky.

After taking the airliner photo, I tried to find the bright spot. It was gone. I kept looking and saw it reappear. Aimed the camera at the spot and took a picture.

UFO - Tennessee
2010 - Tennessee - 10-26-10 - My daughter and I went out onto the porch to take photos of the rainbow after that big storm had about passed through. She and I were taking pictures at the same time, but she caught this disc-shaped object in one of her pictures.

We didn't realize what was there until we started to review on the camera the pictures she took. I immediately uploaded them to the computer. We were totally surprised to see this disc.

Tenerife, Spain
2010 - Here is a picture of a UFO spotted on November 5, 2010, at 11:08 AM in Acojeja, Tenerife, Spain. Photograph taken by Annelies Middel, the Netherlands. We heard no sound, while the object in the photo is relatively close by.

On Tenerife, we hadn't heard any sound of planes that week. The little airport is too far away to hear that. You can see a straight line at the bottom of the object. It's a diagonal stripe pointing towards 2 o'clock, and it is attached to the main shape with another line, on both sides, symmetrically. It looks like a machine to me.

Idaho - 2010
2010 - Idaho - 11-27- My son-in-law and I were deer hunting near Placerville, Idaho, around 11:15 AM on November 27, 2010. It was a clear day with some cloud cover and about 38 degrees.

After hunting for a while, I was getting bored and decided to snap a few pictures of the beautiful scenery.

At the time I hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary (except no wildlife), however, when I got home and downloaded the pictures off my camera, a Canon Powershot A550 71, I noticed something that I hadn't seen with my own eyes on the picture!

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