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This section of our website contains many of the best UFO photographs ever taken. The list is by no means complete. We do not assert that all of the images on these pages represent extraterrestrial controlled spacecraft. New pictures are added as they are found and verified, so please come back to see updates.

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Note: You will notice that in the last several years, there are less and less photos posted in our "Best of" series. There is a simple explanation for this; with more and more people with cameras on cell phones and video cameras, videos of UFOs have become the main.

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Porland, Oregon

Portland Man Photographs Semi-circular String of Lights

Portland, Oregon - 02-17-15 - We were driving from Portland to my son's house and saw several arching lights in the shape of a disc. We stopped to take pictures of the unmoving craft. It sat there as we watched it hovering. It sat there as we watched it hovering.

Amazed at the size of the ship, we had to stop and take a better look. It didn't move an inch even after we left back to on the road to Lewiston. Location: Next to exit 25 eastbound: Camera ZTE N9510

UFO - Indiana

Photos in Indiana Show Unknown Flying Objects

Logansport, Indiana - 02-06-15 - In Logansport, Indiana on a partly cloudy day the object appeared in the blue part of the cloudless sky around 3:00 or somewhere around. I first noticed it at 3rd & Market intersection while stopped at a stoplight heading east.

My honey took the picture, one picture straight on through the clean and clear windshield and then took two more pictures from out the side door (The window was rolled down). We didn't notice the additional objects until the pictures were developed.

Ruta Sur Cerrito, Mexico

Disc-shaped UFO Photographed over Ruta Sur Cerrito, Mexico

Ruta Sur Cerrito, Mexico - 03-19-15 - Day - March 19, 2015 12.30 pm approx. I finished my lunch after a morning of work and I had a few minutes to shoot pictures on the Ruta Sur Cerrito. I spotted this object clearly from the patio of my casa.

I had taken about 150 pictures and I started to go over them to see what all I had. The object I captured on photo is not conventional, has considerable size and was flying a route from south to north. Photo is somewhat fuzzy, object perhaps is circular (ovoid) and has in the top center of what appears to be spheres or colored balls.

Lake Wales, Florida

Object with Cupola Photographed over Lake Wales, Florida

Leaving Lake Wales, Florida - 03-15-15 - 10:00 PM - The lit object came to an abrupt stop and hovered in the sky. He added the inset blow-up of the object. He said he couldn't get a clearer blowup “due to lack of pixilation.” (sic).

Without the cupola, the object could be a streetlight except it was moving.

I learned of the sighting from a third party in Little Rock, AR. He told her he doesn't know what the two right-side light sources are because he didn't notice them until I prompted her to ask.

Kanpur, India

Boy in Kanpur, India Snaps Photos of UFO

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi

The Kanpur photos are of a stereotypical flying saucer... Kanpur is no California, but a boy here claims to have snapped photos of a UFO while trying to capture some clouds in his smartphone.

The incident reportedly happened at Shyamnagar locality on Wednesday. Santosh Gupta now wants scientists to examine the photos clicked by his son Abhijit on his smartphone.

The photos are of a stereotypical flying saucer, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when you say UFO. There are some flashy red lights too for good measure.

Australia - Toowoomba Region

Australia - 'UFO' Photographed Flying over Toowoomba Region

Photo of what is believed to be a UFO flying over Oakey taken by Greg Young

AN object the photographer believes to be a UFO was spotted flying over Oakey at 6.30 am this morning. FieldQuip employee Greg Young decided to capture the beauty of the sunrise by taking a photo and it wasn't until he zoomed in on his iphone that he noticed the strange object.

Mr Young said he looked back up at the sky and noticed the triangular object flying through the clouds followed by a dark blue trail.

"It was all a bit weird because a few moments earlier me and my co-worker saw some bright flashing lights from the East and we couldn't work out what they were," Mr Young said.

Wisconsin UFO

UFOs Move Across Wisconsin - Photo Taken

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 07-11-15 - Observed moving east to west, in a dark night sky.

A band I work with had just finished performing at a downtown outdoor festival. I was standing behind the stage area, talking with a musician, facing toward Lake Michigan, which was about 4 blocks away.

I saw 4 reddish-orange spheres, moving slowly in the night sky, as if in unison, from the lake vicinity toward land, coming our direction. I showed the musician and he was captivated, like me, as we watched. They slowly disappeared behind a tall building.

Controversial Photo of UFO Taken in Canada

I could not detect anything that stood out as a fake... (

Osnaburgh, Ontario, Canada - 08-02-15 - (Editor's Note: We need much more information on this particular photo. I suppose there is something on Facebook, but I am not going to hunt it down without a source. The photograph itself is quite compelling, but these days you never know for sure.

Obviously, the photo and related info was posted on the MUFON sighting list by UFO Stalker. If anyone else has additional information, please do let us know.)

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