Black Triangle Abduction It began on November 16, 1996 with an 11:00 p.m. sighting of a massive black triangle just outside of Yadkinville, North Carolina. There were four of us in our Camry and we saw this slow-moving, silent, triangular shadow, pass directly over the hood of our car, just 100 feet above us. Then vector off to our left, over a small knoll and out of sight. The sighting lasted only seven minutes in total.

It made no sound yet felt oddly oppressive, if only from the gigantic size of the craft. The sky was pitch black on a moonless, cloudless, starry and very cold night. We could tell it was a triangle from the red glowing/pulsing lights on all three corners and by looking down the sides and seeing stars outside the straight line and only blackness, underneath the body of the ship. It was both eerie and awesome. We could not see the top and could not clearly see the bottom – only blackness.

We kept the sighting quiet for four months. I worked for a newspaper chain and I didn't want publicity. My editor asked me if I would give a report to George Fawcett who was on the telephone an early March morning in 1997. I did so because George was the State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). To my mind, MUFON is a good, reliable source for reporting this information. (The complete report is on our book publishers’ web site.)

My newspaper ran a front page story of the sighting, along with a crude drawing by me. Worse, the Winston-Salem, North Carolina daily newspaper picked it up and printed 94,000 front page copies on May 15, 1997. Eighteen other newspapers ran the same story, before we lost count and interest.

The television magazine ”HARD COPY” even called and wanted to fly out to North Carolina to do a story but soon recanted, figuring there were not enough visuals for the story. I received dozens of phone calls from folks who had seen the same thing, on the same date. The story ended. For four years it lay dormant. That was only the beginning…

In the summer of 2000 we had an avid UFO fan / relative come to visit us. After telling him our “sighting” story he asked what happened to the missing two hours. What? It seems that even in the factual telling and re-telling of the story, along with the timeline, we were missing about two hours of time. What happened? How could we have lost two hours?

That bothered me all that summer. I wrote to John Mack at Harvard. He suggested some “abduction friendly” therapists. I rejected that idea. I didn't want to be led into believing we had been abducted.

We knew a regression hypnotherapy specialist. Nadine Wheeler had treated me to stop smoking with hypnosis and it worked. I asked her about aliens and abduction. She had no opinion. She knew little about the subject. She worked primarily with victims of incest and rape. She agreed to help us find the truth.

This began over two and a half years of video-taped sessions with my wife and me on the subject. It appears that I have been abducted throughout my whole life. My wife and our two passengers were probably only victims of opportunity. My wife, through hypnosis, was able to validate that we both experienced the same abduction process, though in different rooms!

I have been able to draw symbols, describe vehicles inside the triangle and learned an alien word. In the book I have been able to furnish dates, types and times of all my abductions and even trace, to some degree, the “why” I was chosen for abduction.

The book details a personal interview that the three authors had with John Mack and Dr. Jeff Rediger at Cambridge, a year before Dr. Mack’s untimely death.

We wrote this book in the hope that other folks who may have had missing time or strange coincidences may take solace in knowing they are not alone. We even offer a perspective on the grays, from up close and personal.

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