BLACK TRIANGLE SYNOPSIS (A story of alien abduction)
UFO My name is Bill Foster and I currently live in New Hampshire. This story began to unfold ten years ago in November of 1996. The tale basically has four parts. Here then, part one:


There were four of us in the car that night. We were four adults, close to 50 years of age, returning from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to a small rural town just outside of Yadkinville, North Carolina.

We saw from about seven miles away what appeared to be a large commercial jetliner flying very low and very slow. As we got within a mile of the craft we saw that it was certainly not an airplane, too large and too silent. It was headed directly toward us, 100 feet off the ground, flying level and straight. It was a massive triangle about the size of a football field, or so we thought, with three glowing, pulsing red lights on each corner. It came right to the nose of our car and then vectored off to the left and over a small knoll. We continued our journey, let our passengers off and headed home.

We kept the sighting quiet for about six months, then, through a series of mistakes the story made the front pages of over 30 newspapers in the area. We received about 50 calls at home from folks telling us how brave we were to come forward with our sighting. We were not brave-it was a mistake!

The story finally died and nothing further happened, for four years. We forgot about the whole incident.


We were then living in Maine when some relatives came to visit. Alan was a UFO buff and he asked about out sighting. We told him the story and he asked the fateful question: “What about the missing time?” It seems we had at least two hours or more of unaccounted time, during that time frame. The thought of missing time kept bothering me so I finally went to a hypnotherapist.

During the first regression session we learned that the two hours were not missing, we had been abducted during that time. Over the next two and a half years my wife and I had regression hypnotherapy sessions and discovered that all four of us, car and all, had been taken into the belly of that black triangle, examined, and returned to the road, car and all.


During the second year of hypnotherapy we discovered that I had been abducted at least 13 times over my lifetime! I knew the grays very well. I had physical examinations, lessons and even playtime with other alien kids, as a child, during abductions at age five, seven and twelve. I even got an implant!

I had learned an alien word, seen a docking station for the black triangle and even memorized some star charts. The road to this discovery was both terrifying and painful for my wife and myself.

My wife became frustrated with the information that was coming out and decided to have no more to do with the subject.


We wrote a book on the subject called: “THE BLACK TRIANGLE ABDUCTION.” That book was released a year ago yet the contact continues for me, to this day. Scars on the back of my legs, improved vision and other health quirks are an odd legacy of these contacts.

My interest in trying to help others who may be alone in their recollections and wondering what to do about it led me to construct a web site just for folks who think they may have missing time, contact or actual abduction. It is found at: and the unique feature of this web site is that it is non-profit, non-commercial and there is no identity required to visit. It has all the MUFON contacts for every State in the Union and hypnotherapists, nationwide, who are willing to help folks recover memory. If you wish to contact me you may certainly do so anytime at:

(Bill Foster)

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