Strange Airplanes Appeared in the Sky of the Bohai Sea
Unexplained phenomena may be rare in our day-to-day lives, but they do sometimes occur. For example, many people in Beijing have claimed to have seen girls from ancient times dancing on the walls of the Forbidden City. A full explanation for this phenomenon has yet to be established.

Recently, China's CCTV reported that six Chinese Air Force pilots of the Flight Performance Teams witnessed a large unidentified aircraft formation flying toward them resulting in a near mid-air collision. Air traffic control radar systems were unable to observe and/or record the unidentified formation. This unexplained phenomenon has resulted in several unanswered questions.

On the CCTV program "Approaching Science", Feng Yi, deputy team lead of the Chinese Air Force Flight Performance Team, a top level pilot with 3,000 hours of flying experience, talked about this unusual experience. Feng and his team were conducting the performance training over the Bohai Sea. At 9 a.m., the flight team reached an altitude of 21,000 feet. Suddenly a large unidentified formation of planes appeared just about 30 miles left to them flying from southeast to northwest. Feng reported this observation immediately to the air traffic control center and requested them to conduct a search. Air traffic control replied that no other airplanes were flying in the area at that time.

Feng reasoned that perhaps he had imagined it all. But, all his teammates have also seen the same aircraft formations. Perhaps even more surprising to Feng was the fact, that the airplanes both he and his team have seen, all represented different countries from different periods of history. Propeller types as well as jets had been included in the formations.

After returning to the airport, Feng examined the air traffic control records. The records confirmed, that no other planes have been present in the area at the time when Feng and his teammates had reported their observations.

Some experts suggest that it all was an illusion. Others suggest that it is highly unlikely that all of the pilots had the same illusion at the same time. Some experts believe that perhaps an electromagnetic field exhibiting the recording properties similar to that of a video recorder may explain the phenomena. Still other experts suggest that perhaps it was a scene from another dimension or even another time.

Whatever the facts are, these unexplained phenomena still await answers.

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