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POLAND: UFO over Borki, 18/08/06
UFO POLAND: UFO over Borki, 18/08/06

Borki n. Okonek [woj. Wielkopolskie], August 18th 2006.

Borki is a small village located in Okonek district, located in vicinity of military training ground. In the evening of August 18th a thunderstorm swept over the area. Mrs. Agata - the witness, went outside just before the midnight and got stunned while looking at the clouds.

"Some unusual lights were glowing in the sky, high over my head. It was neither a plane nor star. After a while it disappeared. I rounded the corner of the house, that one by the road. The object was still there. It was making his curved way, moving vertically. It was a flying object resembling a huge merry-go-round."

Another one witness, Bogdan, was returning his home by scooter. At one moment he looked up noticing the object.

"There was something alike a lighting ball there, as if with pale rays. At ends of those rays there were small, pulsating lights visible. There were 9 of them according to my calculation. The vehicle was in motion and from the northern side heaps of light were coming down to the ground from it. I have never seen something like it."

The craft observed was similar to the one seen in the area in 1994.

Source & References:

Source: Tygodnik Nowy, #35

By: Piotr Cielebiaś [NPN]: "NOL - Eastern European UFO Journal"

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