Borough’s Close Encounter with Third Kind
UFO By Adrian Kajumba

After the unexplained sightings of mysterious flying objects in Wandsworth's skies nearly two weeks ago, a baffled UFO expert has urged more people to come forward to help them discover what they were.

Gobsmacked witnesses watched on in amazement as two sets of bright orange lights flew eerily in formation through the skies above Balham and Tooting on Friday, August 4.

Onlookers tried to capture the action on film and mobile phones as the UFOs lit up for a short while and flew across the sky before shooting up and disappearing into the distance just before midnight.

Experts think the help of more witness accounts may help explain what they were.

Roy Lake, who has been studying UFOs for 50 years and is the chairman of London UFO Studies, said: "This is a lot more serious than people think it is.

"We have got things flying in the skies, they could be experimental craft, military aircraft or even a terrorist threat.

"Who is to say what they are? Let's find out.

"These objects in the sky do exist and this subject has been going on for many years.

"The more people who come forward on this the greater chance we have finding out what this was."

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