UFO photographed with cellphone in Brazil

UFO in Saint Rita, Brazil photographed with cellphone.

A consultant of UFO Magazine Claudio Brazil, from Sao Paulo, was sent via email the account of a visit by a UFO on the Anhanguaera Highway. The event took place on August 3, 2004 at 15:00 hours. Three witnesses traveling on the highway saw the large object, stopping their car to see the object better.

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While watching the unusual object, one of the three grabbed his cellphone and took a picture of it. This is an extremely rare event, the taking of a UFO picture via the use of a cellphone. The UFO Casebook reported a similar incident that occurred in SouthDevon, UK on May 27th of this year.

The three witnesses were close to Rita Saint, Passa Quatro, when they first saw the object which was in the shape of a cigar. The object was flying low, even leaving dust below it. (visible in the photograph) But for a major part of the sighting, the unknown object appeared to be motionless in the sky. The UFO would make only short, brief moves as the youngsters watched. The object also made a sound, which sounded like "some machines functioning together."

A report of their encounter was made on August 4 to the Net Bandeirantes de Televisão. The report was also given to UFO Magazine's J. Gevaerd. Gevaerd says that the object was viewed for as long as 30 minutes. The case is under review, and the cellphone image is being analyzed by experts of the Brazilian Center of Research of Discos Voadores (CBPDV).

Download MPG Video file, 3.0 MB

Note: I have converted the 3gp file, (Nokia) to mpg, but the video itself only shows a little bit of the UFO at the very end, and it is very difficult to see. Thanks to A J for sending me the video file.(B J)

Case details edited and translated by B J

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